This is The TV Binge Blog. Like many, I watch a lot of television shows all in one fell swoop. It’s fun for me, it’s fun for millions. I decided to start this blog to start documenting what I’ve watched. That way, when I’m 100 and the Internet is some chip that’s implanted in our head, I will be able to call up this blog and be endlessly amused by all of my insights. Plus, I don’t think anyone but my family will actually read this and I am mainly starting it so that I can have documented proof for my older sister that I did rewatch all 188 episodes of One Tree Hill. That’s right, that gem of a WB/CW show that was full of “storytelling gold”.

I plan on watching 1 episode of OTH a day for the next 188 days. It just seems like it’s time to go back and remember so that I’ll never forget that time that Nathan and Haley realized they’d be together forever…or that one time Nathan got kidnapped and Dan’s heart got eaten by a dog…or how about that time Peyton refused to stop at red lights…and Lucas was all like, “she’s one of the ones” or some such nonsense…and Brooke’s varying degrees of husky voice. From High School to the NBA, this show had it all. It changes lives. Maybe you’ll accidentally find this blog, discover the show and the show will then change your life.

Maybe I’ll branch off into other shows. Maybe I won’t. But I’m committed to 188 days of OTH, if only to prove a point. Even if I don’t know what that point is.