So we start on Day 1 of 188 Days of OTH. A glorious 9 season television series that all began because The WB was trying to make Chad Michael Murray happen. And in many ways, they did. So good for you The WB. Good for you and thank you for The Chad.

For some reason the post says June 2, but it’s really June 1. Just for keeping accurate records and all. Innyway….

The Pilot is just that, a pilot. It’s the first episode and it sets the stage for some pretty epic adventures. I have watched this particular episode more times than I can count. It makes me happy to watch. It’s an entire 42ish minutes of getting two brothers that didn’t grow up together but go to the same public high school to both play on the same basketball team. That’s it, this show started out that simple and innocent. It’s jam packed with incites and deep thoughts, but in essence, it all boils down to getting them on the same basketball team and somehow that’s supposed to sustain an entire series for television.

So in this episode we are introduced to the bulk of our major players and side players. Because it’s a pilot some stuff seems really odd, like in the library scene where the original Haley is sitting next to Lucas and it’s kinda creepy because they’ve already established the actual Haley in earlier scenes. It’s like that ghost boy in Three Men and a Baby. Later on she’s at the River Court scene where they had actual Haley do some insert shots but on the wide shots you see the originally cast Haley on the sidelines wearing the exact same outfit as actual insert shot Haley. Then when Lucas wins she jumps in his arms and friend punches his shoulder and your all like, WTF? Who dat? Creepy.


This episode also establishes Lucas, the one that grew up “poor” as the smart one and Nathan, the one that grew up “Tree Hill rich” as the dumb and rude one. Both are super awesome at basketball. Just go with it. They both like the same girl, Peyton. SPOILER ALERT: Peyton is super special.

Episode Notes: 

PLOT: 2 brothers from another mother, one father, one basketball team. They hate each other because they don’t know each  other.

BEST PART: All of it. J/k j/k…I like that they establish Haley and Lucas as strictly BFF and nothing more than that. And they really do stick with that through the entire series, so believe it! That part where they are walking down the sidewalk and Lucas tells Haley the different groups of birds and it ends on what Ravens are…an unkindness…dun dun dun. Because Ravens are their school mascot. This show, when it was originally being marketed was called Ravens. This scene is a BIG DEAL!

LESSON LEARNED: We all learn the valuable lesson that as long as you are a main character or are closely associated with a main character, then you will not be kicked off the team for an offense that you actually committed.

BEST LINE: “I say those people who pray here are wasting their time.” Earnest Pause “God doesn’t watch sports.” – Lucas Scott….He says that to the basketball coach. And the coach just stands there all sad shock faced as Lucas walks away. I swear, this show is like, the best!

Until next time…tooda loos!