[Actually, it’s June 2, 2016. Still don’t know why the site’s calendar is off by a day.]

Ok, two important things to remember. When this show first started airing, nobody had ever heard of it and nobody had ever heard of Gavin DeGraw. The show was just a poor man’s Dawson’s Creek. Gavin’s debut album was a certifiable flop. Together they put each other on the map of pop culture. The show gave the Internet a reason to exist and Gavin’s album went platinum. Pretty cool, huh?

So Lucas plays in his first game, but then develops a bad case of the yips and gets benched. It bears mentioning that his mother skipped the game for…reasons. Anyway, he sucks. So the whole rest of the episode is Lucas having to sit or stand through speeches from like EVERYONE, even Nathan. And then he discovers Peyton’s portfolio of dumb artwork comic strips and thinks it’s like the best thing he has ever seen. He turns them over to this magazine in town called Thud. Remember this.

Meanwhile, Peyton is like the worst and really no better than Nathan. She lashes out and says horrible things to people. She and Nathan deserve each other…at least for now. At this point, Haley is just a sidekick that helps rehash backstory for viewers who are just tuning in…smart.

But no one is worse than Karen in this episode. I still can’t believe she doesn’t go to his first game. She shows up to his second game though and he plays much better. Unfortunately, he credits his return to the court to Peyton’s stupid art. But that’s ok, we all know the real reason is that his mom showed up and believes in him. Why else would they be playing a song that says belief over and over? Love that song!


Other things to mention of import…It’s the start of the age old TV game of Block That Fetus as Moira Kelley is starts to show! And it is the introductory episode of one BROOKE DAVIS. Right now, she’s basically on par with Tim as far as sidekicks go, not quite Haley status, but give it time.

And because it has to be mentioned…Peyton’s hair is workin’ it in this episode. Fantab to the max. 

::Peyton Voice:: You just called him a bastard, now tell me you like my hair or we’re dun. I mean it. ::Peyton Voice::

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Lucas has the yips. All of the pep talks in the world don’t hold a candle to a mother’s love and some crappy art by your douchey brother’s girlfriend.

BEST PART: When Nathan raises his hand in ELA class, the goober teacher calls on him, and then Nathan calls Lucas a bastard.  He didn’t want to speak out of turn. HAHAHAHA!

LESSON LEARNED: We all learn the valuable lesson that as long as you have a constant constipated pensive look of overthoughtfulness, you can get in a fist fight DURING class, skip practice, and then still start in the game.

BEST LINE: “I mean I think about the future sometimes and it scares me. But then I think, I’ll go to college, I’ll join the right sorority, I’ll marry a rich guy.” Straight Face “Unless I get fat.” – Brooke Davis. Trust me, it’s a genuinely LOL moment. For serious. Welcome to the show B. Davis. Welcome to the show.

Until next time…tooda loos!