June 3, 2016

Previously on One Tree Hill…Lucas started his second game…without his last name on the jersey. It’s important to appreciate that that’s how the previous episode ended. That was the big thing to leave you with so that you would tune in to this episode. And I did…I watched this next episode, I watched it hard.

So Lucas scores the game winning shot and now the whole town is in love with him and Brooke takes her shirt off in his back seat. Have some self respect, Brooke! Don’t worry, it’s part of her arc.

Meanwhile, Nathan still HATES him so he decides to haze him so hard that it hurts Lucas’s feelings real real bad. Poor Wookas. Not only that, thanks to Dan, he gets it in his mind that he needs to use Haley to stick it to Lucas even harder. The plot thickens, right?

On the adult side of things (this show had storylines for parents, heretofore unheard of before this show…sort of…yeah…um, it’s rare) Karen is having some bad memories of Sherry who is a the head of the Boosters. Sherry was a real B in HS and she is a Super B Jerkface now! She lies about the time of the meeting so Karen shows up late and then the moms insult a teenage boy and his mother…it’s like, totally true because adults can be…THE WORST. It hurts Karen’s feelings real real bad. (Well, she should’ve gone to his first game, so no sympathy from me!)

SPOILER ALERT: Shove it, Jake!

During the Haley chronicles, we learn that she is smart and like the best tutor ever. She now has what is commonly known as Character Development. This is all really important because Nathan notices her with Lucas during a hallway locker scene.



It’s important to remember that this is the episode in which Lucas’s clothes are stolen while he’s in the locker room shower. So he sneaks down the hall with one basketball covering his junk in the front and another covering his crack in the back. He musta totes worked out for this scene because he lookin’ fine!

It’s also important to remember that this is the first episode without Mouth and it goes on just fine without him…I wish they would’ve kept that in mind during subsequent seasons!

So, Lucas gets kidnapped by the guys and thrown into a puddle of some kind. He gets all muddy and wet. He’s wearing a big sweatshirt and he keeps it on. ūüė¶ Nathan tells Lucas to quit the team because…reasons…duh!

Well, he gets home and he has a nice talk with his mom during which they share their war stories of their horrible week and decide to take the high road even though it sucks that they have to be moral compass of the show…at this point anyway…yeah, now you’re curious.

So, Haley hears about all of Lucas’s harrowing ordeals and decides that she’ll tutor Nathan. Oh, yeah, Nathan’s a real dumb dumb and gets and F on a paper and needs a tutor. Of course he gets assigned Haley and she’s all, PshaW! Git! So she spends the entire episode agonizing over whether or not she should tutor him. So in the end she decides she will as long as he LEAVES. LUCAS. ALONE! He agrees because he thinks he’s got the ultimate thing to really send Lucas over the edge!

So she tutors him. Later on Lucas and Haley are at the Burning Boat Festival and watching the town’s memories burn. At this time they start catching up and Haley tells Lucas she ¬†was absent in the morning at the cafe because she was tutoring someone new. He asks if it’s anybody he knows. She says, NO. OMG. She LIES. And that’s how the episode ends. Whatever will happen next week? I hope they stay BFF, but who knows, it might be hard to come back from this, even if it was all for HIM. (Trust me, you’ll appreciate this level of drama in due time.)

[Oh, and in case you actually care about Peyton in any capacity: Thud magazine calls her. She talks to them and they tell her they like her stuff but they need it to be cheerier. She vomits on him. Later on she goes back there and says she’s like 95% sad and 5% happy so if they pass on her they’ll miss out on that 5%. At least I think that’s what happened because I forgot to pay attention…again. So will they publish her comic? We’ll have to wait and see].

Episode Notes:
PLOT: The Burning Boat Festival brings out the worst in people so that they can let it out and watch it burn.

BEST PART:¬†When Haley is tutoring Nathan at the docks. He gives her a bracelet out of his Cracker Jacks box and says, “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” And it’s like really sweet and SQUEEEEEEE! Seriously, this is THE MOST significant scene of the entire series. It will be referenced multiple times, even waaaay down the line. I’m pretty sure this scene is why cable got into the Internet game.

LESSON LEARNED: People will always be who they were in High School. ALWAYS. Jerks.

BEST LINE: “But happiness doesn’t come cheap; Hell, if it did, we’d all be smiling.” – Dan Scott. He gets it. Peyton thinks she gets it. But Dan actually gets it.

Until next time…tooda loos!