June 4, 2016

2 important things to know about this episode. Haley wears a hideous (and hopefully one of a kind) hat. Nathan tells TERRIBLE jokes. Like, the worst.

Lucas is taking a shower and the water stops coming out of the shower head and he is unable to finish washing it. Karen looks like she’s paying the bills at the kitchen table and Lucas asks if she paid the water bill. She claims yes so it must be a broken pipe or something. She laments not having an emergency credit card or something, I’m never quite sure. Innyway, the kitchen sink doesn’t work either so she pulls her milk jug of water off the counter (what, you don’t have one on your counter?!) to finish washing Luke’s hair for him over the sink.



THEY ARE SO POOR. In case you hadn’t picked up on it.

Meanwhile, it turns out Satan has a lovely wife in the form of Deb. And our full cast of characters is complete…for now. Note the “mom” hair and proper attire. She’s just back from raising funds for worthwhile causes and immediately realizes her son’s a complete douchenozzle, so naturally Dan is ready for her to leave again. He “loves” her, but he’s chosen darkness.

So the Ravens win another game (thanks to Tim passing the ball to Lucas which Nathan and Dan hate). Dan won’t even talk to Nathan afterwards. Karen is all, you two are like, eye roll. Nathan invites Lucas to join the team and the cheerleaders for party at Dan’s beach house. Lucas is a glutton for punishment so he shows up with Haley. Nathan introduces himself to Haley and Peyton notices right away that Nathan is up to NO GOOD. Cheerleader feeling threatened by a tutor. IMPORTANT.

Lucas and Haley walk into the beach house and Haley is super impressed and tells Lucas that their plumbing probably works. Low blow for no reason. Whose side are you on? So she’s confused why they are even there and would very much like to go now but Lucas, the noble, is too busy wanting to put the moves on his estranged brother’s girlfriend. So Haley goes to the restroom to take a poop. (Thank you very much eminthesr2)

While she’s away Nathan makes a crude “joke”. Peyton runs into Haley at the restroom and tells her to be careful. Haley’s all, ooookay.  Later Lucas and Haley have a disagreement because, again, just whose side are you on, Haley? She storms off. Nathan notices Lucas talking to Peyton outside and plays a tape of Dan and Karen in HS where they talk about marriage and big houses and stuff. (Ummm, why does Dan still have that?!) Everyone is appalled when they realize what’s going on and Lucas pushes Nathan and storms away.

Nathan finds Haley on the pier. Her cab hasn’t showed up and now she finds out that Lucas totally left without her. Their friendship is unraveling…sad face. They talk and he says he’ll take her home. Idiot Peyton has left the keys to her car in the ignition (deciding at the beginning to let fate run its course…be careful what you wish for, dum dum.) So Nathan takes Haley in the car to her house. She leaves agreeing to continue to be his tutor and forgets her ridiculous hat that’s super ugly. Nathan leaves and somewhere along the line picks up some beer and then decides to drive recklessly through the town back to the beach. Lucas sees thinking it’s Peyton and finds Nathan in a crashed car instead. He is hella pissed as Nathan walks away. Lucas takes the car to Keith’s shop…it’s all just stuff to show how Nathan is a real asshole and rich and Lucas is self righteous and poor. (He even makes his mom feel bad about her life choices later. He must still be smarting from her not attending his first basketball game. I know I am.)

Fastforward through the episode, Peyton breaks up with Nathan and Lucas returns the hat to Haley to show her that he has caught her in a LIE. So we again end an episode on Haley’s  guilty face.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Nathan and Haley attend an In Crowd party and the fallout goes about as well as you expect. Oh, and Nathan has everything and Lucas has an emergency milk jug of water.

BEST PART: When Lucas puts the oogly hat on the counter and Haley’s face goes from hiding something but acting like she’s not hiding something to oh crap, I’ve been caught. There’s a reason they fade the episode out on that face. Best acting of the series so far.

LESSON LEARNED: Even though you are mad that jerks ALWAYS get away with everything, you will ALWAYS let jerks get away with everything.

BEST LINE: “I mean it, we’re done.” – Peyton Sawyer. When you hear her say it, you always wanna say it like that too.

Until next time…tooda loos!