June 5, 2016

We begin on  Peyton running ALL of the red lights in town. Meanwhile on the sidewalk Haley tells Lucas that she’s tutoring Nathan so that Nathan will leave him alone. She stomps off and he sees Peyton run the red light. He has concerned face. Haley probably saw it and rolled her eyes.

It turns out that Peyton’s mom died getting in a wreck when she ran a red light because she was late getting Peyton from school. Peyton is upset because she runs the red light all the time and nothing ever happens. They need tell her how her mom really died because there’s no way that’s what happened. Plus, Peyton is really selfish to let her grief play out this way. Isn’t she at all concerned that even if she did get in a wreck, it may be the innocent car that suffers the deadly consequences? Jerk! Also, we are to believe that no one she talks to knows that her mom died seven years ago around the time of this episode. In a small town like Tree Hill in which the Scott basketball dynasty is front page news, one would suspect that a traffic death on Main Street would’ve rocked the town to it’s core. EVERYONE would know. EVERYONE!

Speaking of the slow news day article, it’s published because of the upcoming charity father-son basketball game between the Varsity and their dads. Dan of course is super stuck in the past and takes the whole thing way too far. It’s like just when you think he’s going to be lighthearted and fun about it, he decides to be a meany. Meanwhile Lucas tells Keith he wants to be free of Dan once and for all. Keith gets big scared eyes and is all what’re you gonna do which a valid reaction in subsequent seasons, but in this one…he wants to change his last name. Dun dun dun.

During basketball and cheer practice Peyton gets upset with Brooke because Brook corrects her arms. She thinks it’s the stupid cheer is the most important thing in Brooke’s life. It may be but at the same time, THEY ARE AT CHEER PRACTICE. Shut up, Peyton. Let’s just finish this storyline up…Peyton gets sage talks from Whitey. Whitey in training, Lucas, gets in the car with her while she runs red lights and she tells him the story of her mother and the red light. Later on at night she runs her last red light as someone almost hits her but she chickens out and stops almost in the middle of the intersection. Then we end the episode on her driving on green lights, not stopping at them (which is also really dangerous).

The most significant thing that happens in the episode. Seriously.

So Haley continues to tutor Nathan much to Lucas’s chagrin, but Haley gets a high off of tutoring like he gets off of basketball and there’s no shame in that. She wears an ugly poncho at one point which is important so remember. They have deep conversations while  she teaches him grammar. She is totally crushing on him, but he still misses Peyton and he still thinks he’s doing this to get at Lucas. When they get to the game Lucas sees them hug because he made a good grade on math quiz and he stares at Lucas the whole time. Lucas is SO easy to upset. Like, so easy. So Lucas doesn’t talk to Haley the rest of the night and when he does it’s to basically pick on her for having a crush on Nathan. But like come on Luke, Nathan’s a jock and Haley’s a nerd and Nathan’s high school cute and nice to her. He should just be happy that he’s being nice to her.

The Dad’s end up winning the game because Dan is an ass. Lucas decides not to change his name. Karen and Deb play pep talkers to their sons the whole episode. Oh and there’s backstory that Dan was going to marry Karen after all, so at the hospital she gave Lucas the last name of Scott, but Dan never showed; however, Keith was there and he held Lucas and cried. OMG, in a lot of ways this episode is kind of lame. But that’s ok, because the next one is one of the best!

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Two boys have the same douchey father and they face him head to head at a charity basketball game. Meanwhile, Peyton’s grief could have deadly consequences.

BEST PART: When during the basketball game Nathan bounces the ball under his jersey, pushes it around his back and then makes a layup. It really is a cool move! Actually, it’s just when all of the boys do their trick moves. It’s fun!

LESSON LEARNED: It’s not your name that matters, it’s what you do with it (an actual stated lesson)…and running red lights is dangerous.

BEST LINE: “What makes you think we’re not just as ashamed of you?” – Keith Scott to Dan. There really isn’t a best line. I just like it when in shows people aren’t afraid to tell jerks how they really feel about them. Jerks often forget that people think they’re jerks!

Until next time…tooda loos!