June 6, 2016

Ok, so I did a binge watch of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. I have never seen a single episode of this show. And since it’s only like 2o minutes an episode, I think I can get through them in 18 days. That’s 2 days per season. I could go faster, but I have A LOT of other TV to watch…and a job.

Innyway, the first season is up and down. Nothing really made me LOL to the max, but I did laugh. However, some episodes put me to sleep and I had to restart them.

So the show has a thin premise of a guy telling his kids how he met their mother. I mean, the fact that we know they call her Aunt Robin and not Mom should surely be uncomfortable for the kids right off the bat. I mean, he pretty much starts off with the idea that there’s no way he could’ve loved their mother as much as he loves their Aunt Robin. It’s crazy! Also crazy is that it takes place now, but really we’re 30 years in the past as the storytelling takes place 30 years in the future from our perspective. So, there is no present.

The opening title sequence is lame.

So he meets Robin in a bar and he’s pretty much instantly in love wit her. She’s pretty much instantly in love with him. So now we have to spend nine seasons wondering why she’s not their mother. Lame. But thanks to the fact that his friends Marshall, Lilly, and Barney are fun and endearing, we won’t be bored…most of the time, anyway. I also really like Robin. I HATE Ted. I get that he’s the main character and we should root for him and all, but I can’t stand him half the time. (As it turns out he’s also the actor in ‘Liberal Arts’, couldn’t stand that character either!) Plus, his friends are WAY more interesting.

The worst part of the season is that it ends on Ted having a good night and Marshall having a bad one as Lilly has returned her engagement ring. I didn’t watch as it aired and I didn’t keep up with any news feeds on it, but I can only assume that the audience was much more invested in the adorable that is Marshall and Lilly than any crisis of coupling that Ted was go through so the show people had to split them up.

Everything Ted goes through is dumb. I mean, Robin has to go fill in at the desk and anchor the news. This is huge for her, she has to take the opportunity and go with it. So she doesn’t go to the wedding they’re all going to. So, it’s like Ted knows EXACTLY why Robin isn’t there and that she REALLY wanted to go, but she couldn’t pass up career advancement. But he’s so desperate for a relationship that he meets a woman and instantly falls for her basically. Robin shows up to the reception only to find that he’s moved on to someone else. I mean, it really makes you question our hero’s sincerity. And then a few episodes later he breaks up with the woman because he wants to be with Robin. He’s tired of pretending to be in love with someone else that’s not Robin. What a big dummy. He would’ve already been with her except that he couldn’t wait ONE night. I can’t even describe how annoying the whole scenario/storyline was.

Doogie is funny as Barney. NPH is effortlessly iconic. I said it.

Season Notes:

Best Episode: S1 E11 ‘The Limo’ – It’s New Year’s Eve and the gang has a limo to party hop. It’s a sweet AND funny episode. I was delighted when they ended up not at a party but all together in the limo. I can’t imagine any party was as much fun as the fun they were having.

Worst Episode:  S1 E7 ‘Matchmaker’ – Despite the somewhat amusing cacamouse sidestory, this was a deadly dull episode. I fell asleep on first viewing and almost did the second. Zoned out for quite a bit of it. And it paints Ted as pretty despicable and selfish.

Rating: 2.5/5 Ted almost ruins it, but in the end it’s Delightfully Average. Maybe season two will prove to me why it warranted 9 seasons.

Until next time…tooda loos!