June 7, 2016

So we start at school where Brooke is trying to get the scoop from Peyton about the events of the last episode. Brooke makes it clear AGAIN that she is totes into Lucas, but if Peyton has dibs, just let her know. Peyton acts like she don’t want him. They run into Lucas sitting at a picnic table. Brooke does a little flirty thing and walks off while Peyton stays behind to talk to him. She HEAVILY implies that she totes wants to hook up with him at the boosters shindig for the basketball team being hosted by Dan and Deb at their house. This gets Lucas to put Gatsby down and be all yay, I wanna go!

Meanwhile, Haley and Nathan are having a tutoring session in the school library. He tells her about the shindig and he’d invite her but it’s a basketball thing. She’s all, um, ok. She gives him this metal tin that has a bunch of stuff to ace his test at some point. IMPORTANT. Then she leaves and as she leaves he turns to watch. And as Clint told us in In the Line of Fire if the person turns around, it means they care. So, Nathan cares! SQUEEEEE!

Over in “Adult” Town at Karen’s Cafe, Keith and Karen are talking when in walks Deb to make sure they are going to the party. She tries to convince them that Dan feels really bad about how he acted the other night. NOBODY will EVER believer her. In any case, Karen and Keith decide to go.

At school, during class, Brooke tries to convince Nathan that Peyton still wants him. Nathan has hopeful eyes. In the lockeroom Lucas gets all nosy wanting to know why Jake gets to show up late to practice and leave early. Jake tells him Whitey is just helping him out and then gives him leave me alone eyes. Lucas gets all butt hurt but doesn’t push. SPOILER ALERT: Shut up, Jake! Peyton almost backs over Haley at the end of the day in the parking lot. She then gives her a ride home. They talk about Nathan and Lucas and Haley says they both like Peyton. And then Peyton tells Haley to be careful.

Lucas busts up in the cafe saying that he needs to go buy a new suit because the only one he has is from kindergarten graduation. At least that what it looks like. Karen and Keith get all, ooo he wants to go to the party now, he likes a gir-rl. Cut to the next night and Brooke and Peyton are getting ready for the party. Once again, Brooke is all, I like Lucas and Peyton is all, well, I plan on banging him tonight but imma tell you I’m not really into him. SPOILER ALERT: She is! Meanwhile, Haley shows up at Lucas’s house to pick a better tie for him but mostly to tell him that she likes Nathan. Lucas squints and fits but ultimately just tells Haley to be careful. She’s all, yeah, I’ve heard that like every freaking episode.

Ok, so the party goes like this…Dan is forced to be on his best behavior and he hates it. In fact, it makes him feel empty inside. Brooke spends the whole time trying to get Peyton and Nathan back together because she wants to make sure she has Lucas all to herself. Lucas and Peyton try to hook up in the master bedroom after having a pretty nice time and Lucas goes and ruins it by basically proposing. So Petyton bails on that, she’s just a sophomore and Lucas is too cheesy intense at the moment. Karen and Deb have a heart to heart and decide to be friends much to Dan’s chagrin. Haley has to show up because there was some mix up with cakes from the caterer so she brings some from the cafe. They force her to stay even though she’s barely dressed for bed, let alone being at work! So she stays and Nathan talks to her. She wants Nathan and Peyton together and now Haley seems to be a monkey wrench in that plan. She’d found the metal tin which contained a note and she acts like Nathan passed it around. Nathan is stunned speechless that someone could be so cruel to such a nice person and Haley leaves taking his silence as admission of guilt. Everybody leaves Brooke alone because she’s been a real jerk all night since the bartender gave her alcohol.

Lucas finds Haley crying at the cafe and they have a chat about how horrible teenagers are and isn’t it great that they got to skip that. So they say let the teenagers be horrible. She says what she thinks Nathan did and he confesses that he blew things with Peyton. They are both sad. He leaves as she says she’ll be fine and she needs to finish closing up.  Nathan finds the note in the tin and reads it. He goes to see Haley at the cafe because why would she be home? An awful nasal voiced song starts to play over the soundtrack. She locks the door on him and turns out the lights and walks to the back. I guess there’s a back entrance we never see…We end on sad face Nathan…only we don’t…

We cut to Jake for the big reveal NOBODY cared about because NOBODY cares about Jake. BIG REVEAL: Jake plays guitar and sings stupid…oh, and he’s doing all of this for a baby…HIS baby! OMG. Yeah, right. Shut up, Jake!


Nathan gets home and finds Brooke passed out on his bedroom floor. Dan is tacky to Deb in the kitchen and then goes outside to look pensive. We end on Lucas stalking Peyton on her webcam. She is sitting there being lame as usual and drawing a lame comic strip. It’s stupid, I hate it. She has a pretty good idea that he’s watching so she gets up and puts a shirt over it. He gets squinty upset/disappointed and we fade to black.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: A party for team sponsors at the Scott house turns into a not so fun party when Brooke proves to be a lousy drunk.

BEST PART: When Brooke decided to play Truth or Dare (but really just Dare) at the party. When she holds up her red solo cup just right, it catches the flame of a tiki torch a few feet behind her. It looks really cool and makes her look super evil mean in her red dress. That stuff doesn’t happen on accident. Good job show.

LESSON LEARNED: Don’t get drunk if all you wanna do is be mean to people. That’s NO FUN!

BEST LINE: : “Did I? ‘Cause I can’t ever remember feeling more off balance.” – Dan Scott in response to his wife thinking him for stepping up and being a good person for once in his life.  What a jerk.

Until next time…tooda loos!