June 8, 2016

We open on Brooke still in her party dress, hair, and makeup asleep in a bed. But whose bed? She awakens to a scream coming from a scary movie. It’s Peyton’s bed! Peyton watches scary movies in the day time. Omg, isn’t she like the edgiest?! Peyton and Brooke talk about their night. It was lame for both of them as Brooke was a jerk and Peyton rightfully walked out on Lucas. Brooke decides she needs to fix her Karma.

Meanwhile at the record store, Haley and Lucas are shopping for CDs. They mention bands I still have never heard of or bothered to look up because that’s how I roll. Innyway, Nathan wanders in to talk to Haley. He knows when she’s not at home and exactly where to find her because the CrackerJack bracelet is actually a GPS tracker. Lucas shows concern but ultimately Haley says she can handle it. Lucas hangs back and looks at CDs over in the corner. Nathan wants to apologize and tell her that he didn’t pass the note. She accepts his apology but doesn’t believe that he didn’t pass the note. She tells him their tutoring sessions are done and skedaddles. Lucas looks up and Nathan looks back all sad face.

Cut to Brooke and Peyton trying on bustiers? I’m not really sure. I think they’re underwear shirts you can wear as a shirt to parties. They plan on going to a college party and Brooke swears off drinking. She also says she’s going to work on her karma by undoing the damage she caused to Nathan and Haley’s blossoming romance.

Back in “Adult” Town, Karen and Deb are talking over coffee at the cafe. Karen opens an acceptance letter from a fancy cooking school in Florence, Italy. The fetus got too big to block and a random opportunity opened up for Karen. She decides she can’t go, but Deb says you have to because large jackets and purses will no longer do. Karen goes and pretends that she works around there and knows what to do without Haley.

Up at Casa de Scott, Nathan is having a nice outdoor workout when up walks Brooke dressed in a very prudish outfit with non threatening hair and makeup. She’s trying to cleanse herself of how awful she’s been lately so that the audience will grow to love her and not loathe her. By the by, she apologizes to Nathan and he’s all Hell must be frozen. Brooke tells him she’s going to fix things, but Nathan isn’t so sure as Haley was pretty certain she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. Brooke says that he and Haley have a date tonight and she’ll text him the details.

Back at the cafe Karen and Keith make a dinner date to put together shelves for the cafe. Haley is filling salt shakers when in walks her husky voiced nemesis. Brooke apologizes and reveals the truth of the incident in question. Haley doesn’t let up and stays pretty upset for the whole exchange. Brooke tells her that Nathan will be at the Cafe by 7 and leaves.

Over at Casa de Squints, Lucas hears a message from the cooking school. He tells Karen that she should totes go so that he can get into lots of trouble while she’s gone. But he says it in a way that sounds like he says he can take care of himself and she deserves to do something for herself for once.

Brooke and Peyton are wearing their under-outer garb at the college dorm party. The party goes something like Peyton finds the lamest guy at the party still in his room listening to dark scary music. It turns out she knows and loves all the same dark scary music that he does. He figures out she’s in high school, rufies her and then pretends like she’s drunk when Brooke finds her. Brooke finds her before anything happens to her other than being drugged after Brooke’s harrowing ordeal of picking out a high school boy pretending to be a college boy. As it turns out, Brooke isn’t into college guys, she’s very much a high school life enthusiast. Innyway, Brooke calls Lucas to come pick them up from the party.

Lucas is at the River Court hanging out with his old crew. They bust his chops for being absent and act like they don’t recognize him. He’s like, I haven’t been gone that long. And I’m like, y’all are the ones that told him to go play well with others. It’s all ribbing in good fun. Then his new cellphone rings and it’s Brooke. Sophia and The Chad were obviously not on the same call as he acts like he can’t understand her even though she’s talking pretty slowly, calmly, and precisely. It’s hysterical! He meets them on the front steps of the dorm. Then he goes in and kicks in the door of the lame guy’s room, gets all scary and gets the guy to give up his stash of the drug he gave Peyton so that the med student helping them can save her life or something. I don’t know. I do know that no one calls the cops because Peyton and Brooke were underage and Peyton may’ve been drinking. And then we gotta wonder about our TV justice system. And then I wonder if my theory that there is not yet a police force in or around the Tree Hill area except in that crazy inbetween town on the way back from the Pinkerington game. There’s just one cop car to cover like 2 counties or something. So Lucas and Brooke take Peyton to her house. They talk and get flirty and then Lucas leaves. The next day Brooke shows up at the River Court and meets his friends, including Mouth. Please don’t try and make Mouth a thing. Minkus had his day. SPOILER ALERT: We’ll be seeing a lot more of Mouth. Like more than anyone ever cared to. Then at school Petyon gives Lucas a hug and says thank you, then skips off into the sunset with Brooke. It’s all a lot more tedious than it sounds and we end the episode on Lucas watching them walk away, obviously at odds as to which one of the ones is actually The One.

Karen and Keith have their shelf building dinner date. They talk about…stuff. Lucas walks into Casa de Squints super late and Karen is all upset because he didn’t call or write and how can she trust him. He tells her what happened and she lets up on him but she doesn’t recommend calling any authorities either. Karen decides to go to Italy and leaves Lucas in the charge of Keith and her Cafe in the charge of Deb. The reason for her exit at this time is revealed at the airport. She gives Keith a promise kiss and as she turns to walk away we see that she is actually going to go live with her aunt for nine months because the schools are better there. Off Karen goes to “cooking” school to take care of that “bun” in the oven. Somewhere in all of that is a scene with Dan and Deb in which Dan says Haley’s just white trash from the wrong side of the tracks and Deb is all, well my parents said you weren’t nothing but a hayseed plow boy and I could do better. They giggle and move along. Or at least I do…

Ok, we got all that fussy business out of the way…rewind back to 7pm. Haley is finally released from her indentured servitude at Karen’s Cafe. Only she is greeted outside by Nathan and she is annoyed. He tells her that he’s sorry and Brooke made this serial date for them and he’d like to give it a try. She says ok, what does the first card say? It says to convince Haley to go. She says it depends on the second card. It says to walk to some address and say nice things about each other on the way. They do. They say lots of nice things about each other. The address was to a lingerie shop. They each have to go in and find the next task. They each have to buy something for the other. She gets him socks, he gets her a…slip? I’m not really sure, but she says it’s really nice. They are off to the next place. The next place being a restaurant on the docks that apparently only appears at night on the 15th Tuesday of May or some such. I don’t know, but it looks awfully familiar. Innyway, they must order their favorite dish for the other. She orders him a plate of Mac and cheese and he orders her an actual plate of food. The next card says to reveal a secret no one else knows about them. She tells him that she cheated on a geometry quiz because she didn’t get to study because she was taking care of her sick mom. She’s so smart, she didn’t even get caught! She felt so bad she became a tutor, but she really likes tutoring so she has never had to pay for her sins. Nathan is about to tell his secret when up walks Tim and some of the bball crew. They make fun and Nathan tells them it’s not a date. They walk away laughing. Haley gets up and wonders why he’s only nice to her when no one is around. He’s struck dumb and she leaves in a huff. Sad face. I like to imagine that he wallowed in his sorrows while eating her uneaten actual plate of food.

The next morning he’s throwing rocks at a window on her house. She walks up the sidewalk behind him and says that window is to her parents’ room. I guess she’s not wearing her bracelet. He tells her that he’s sorry and he’s really dumb and she’s really smart and he wants to be someone that deserves to be seen with her. Haley isn’t going to let down her guard that easy so she goes off on a tangent saying that she keeps giving him a chance and all he does is what he says he always does which is to say and do all the wrong things and that there’s nothing that he can do that will surprise her. To shut her up from repeating what he JUST said about himself, he kisses her as Switchfoot’s ‘Dare you to Move’ plays on the soundtrack and…OMG…SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! She says now that surprised her and he shouldn’t have done that. But he WANTED to and then she jumps up and kisses him back. Smiles.


Later they are leaving school. They see each other outside. Haley is about to walk away as the bball crew walks up to Nathan. But he tells them later sausages and yells for Haley to wait up. The crew watches as he runs up to her and then moves some hair out of her face to behind her ear and smiles. OMG, only the most adorably romantic thing on any show EVER! The Nathan and Haley epicness begins now. I could be mis-stating, but I’m not sure how, that this episode is what starts the ‘shipper vid movement. Future MTV video directors gained inspiration the night this episode aired. The Internet and the reason to use the Internet changed forever that night. Bennifer has NOTHING on Naley. SPOILER ALERT: Always and…FOREVER.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Brooke tries to change her karma by getting Nathan and Haley together. Lucas finds a way to get rid of his style crampin’ mom.

BEST PART: Every. Single. Thing. Naley.

LESSON LEARNED: When at a party, NEVER accept a drink that you didn’t pour or open yourself. (Also, don’t go to the creeper’s room when said creeper is obviously not attending the party you’re attending. HE’S IN HIS CREEPY CREEPER ROOM you dum dum!)

BEST LINE: “I wanna be somebody who’s good enough to be seen with you.” – Nathan Scott to Haley. You’ll most likely only hear this line uttered on television. But it’s a sweet line all the same.

Until next time…tooda loos!