June 9, 2016

Ok, so in my defense, yesterday I DID post before midnight my time even if the machine doesn’t think I did. I think I fixed the calendar on this thing. I have no idea what button I pushed but it took me to this place that had the time settings. So, we’ll see. Innyway…

The action starts in the hallway of Tree Hill HS. Peyton and Lucas chat by the lockers. She asks if it’s cool they’re just friends. And he squints, yeah. Really, she gives the look of I want more than that, but he’s kinda really moved on at this point. They go their separate ways on good terms as JUST friends. Around the corner, Nathan pulls Haley into an empty classroom and kisses her. She gets all giddy and they’re all like, tutoring later. Back then, that door is wide open. Nowadays? An unattended room is lights out and door LOCKED. Today ruins Naley! ūüė¶

Cut to basketball practice. Whitey has the boys on the bleachers and he’s telling them that the sun won’t rise if they lose. The boys giggle, but he insists that it’s true and he can totally make it happen. The boys throw serious face. Lucas finds Brooke in the hallway after practice and hands her a used copy of The Winter of Our Discontent. OMG, run Brooke! Run. But she doesn’t. She promises to read the book if he does something fun with her when she is done. He’s excited.

Next we have the true beginnings of Dan’s reign of terror and the first foreshadowing glimpse of the path this show will take. Dan walks into the cafe to see if Deb needs help, he insults her coffee, Lucas sees him there and leaves. Then at Casa de Scott, Dan and Nathan are eating takeout around the counter in the kitchen. Dan spends the whole time making Nathan feel like he’ll never be good enough. Deb walks in and Dan decides that he needs to insult her too. He says they’ll eat first and then fight. Deb wants to eat, but doesn’t want to fight which makes Dan not want to eat and he leaves the room.

Nathan, now in his room, is talking to Tim on the phone. Tim’s older brother sells all kinds of drugs and Nathan needs something that will help him play an entire basketball game with great intensity. Tim is hesitant, but he complies.

Cut to Lucas and Keith eating pizza at some pizza restaurant. It looks like the hip happening place to be. Lucas is being a real kid about Deb. He thinks he knows stuff, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t know their life! Oh, look, Brooke’s there. She pops in to say she only has three chapters left. Yeah, right.

The next day in the locker room Tim hands Nathan the amphetimines he ordered. He tells Nathan to be careful. Nathan takes some right away. At practice he plays very aggressively and Whitey calls him out on it. Nathan blows up and Whitey tells him to walk away, his practice is over for the day. This is like an HBO families in crisis. The one starring Ben Affleck, only Nathan doesn’t look like Ben Affleck. SPOILER ALERT: He grows into his looks.

Oh, Haley.

The next day Haley sneaks up on Nathan at his locker. She is concerned as Lucas said practice didn’t go well yesterday. He says Lucas can mind his own business. She tells him he’s shaking and what’s up with him. He thwarts her concern by telling her that she makes his heart go pitter patter and touches her hand to his heart. Her teenage girl romanticism wins out over her keen observation skills. They part and are like, tutoring later!

Whitey walks in to Dan’s dealership and starts questioning his fitness as a parent and Dan questions Whitey’s fitness as a coach. They end in a stalemate and Whitey leaves. Lucas finds Nathan pumping iron and decides to have a heart to heart. Nathan pshaws him and leaves. Then later outside Brooke finds Lucas. She has finished the book and she’s going to show him a good time. He’s a teenage boy. He’s excited! Over in Gloom Town, Peyton has redrawn her comic with a CAN instead of a CAN’T. She decides to call Lucas, but when his phone rings it says out of area and he doesn’t answer it. I can buy that because back then, phone networks were seriously not as reliable as they are now. He and Brooke are having their fun date at a bar with fake IDs, beer, and pool. But she tells him that this is just the lead up to the actual payment for reading the book. I’m sure his mind goes one place, but it’s not that. SPOILER ALERT: It’s a tattoo to cover up his actual CMM tattoo. It looks better than just putting makeup over it all the time. Haha. The Chad.

Innyway, tutoring is going on at the exact same time as all of this other stuff. Haley is at her computer and Nathan is pacing in her room. She’s ready to get started. He just wants to make out. She’s all, woohoo! But then he tries to take her clothes off and she tells him to stop. He won’t so she gets off the bed and kicks him out. He wants to stay and study, but she stays strong and shows him the door. Go, HALEY!

What, it’s just a little blood and a lot of infection. No bigs.

It’s finally game day (this episode covers a massive amount of days), Dan belittles Nathan, AGAIN! Keith does not approve of Lucas’s recent behavior and expresses his disappointment. Lucas and Haley talk at school over lunch about their relationship statuses. We know what they are. Neither really approves of the other, but they understand and they have a good laugh. Brooke and Peyton talk about their evenings. Peyton is not amused to find out that Brooke and Lucas made out, but she’s not going to tell Brooke that. Nope, she’s going to make her pay later. We leave school to find Dan and Deb in some dilapidated building. He says that it can be her new diner and she tells the dummy that she doesn’t want a diner, she’s just helping a friend and he needs to stop being such a jerk all the time. Then we’re back at school to talk with Haley and Peyton. Haley says she doesn’t know what Nathan wants but she’s a virgin right now and she plans to keep it that way until further notice so if all Nathan wants to do is take that from her, he can take a hike. Peyton says good for you. Peyton says stuff about herself but Peyton’s boring…that’s why…Brooke.

Lucas and Nathan both go back home before the game. Lucas gets a high dose of concern thrown his way by Keith. Nathan is thrown a high dose of belittling his way by Dan. Both boys have sad face. Nathan is now back at school. Haley wants to talk but he is like I don’t have time. She’s like, well, maybe after the game. And he’s like, woman. She’s all, why you so mean. He’s all go away. She like bleh.

So it’s game time and Nathan is playing awesome. He’s two points away from breaking Dan’s record. But just as he’s about to, he timbers…but not before he sees Lucas’s face, Dan’s face and then Haley’s face. He wakes up at the hospital to Dan’s face. The doctor starts grilling him on what he’s taking. Dan’s like shut up, doc. The doc pulls him aside and says the tests indicate drugs. Dan threatens the doc. Nathan hears everything and is sad. Haley goes to the Cafe to tell Deb. Then we go back to the hospital where Dan has gotten off the phone with Keith. Nathan is gone. Deb shows up and is all, why no call? Dan is all, why no at game? Later at the house she kicks him out. She says if he doesn’t leave she’ll stab him in his sleep. SPOILER ALERT: She prefers fire. Keith and Whitey have a convo and Whitey thinks he may’ve played a role in the night’s tragic events. He cancels basketball until further notice. THANKS A LOT, NATHAN! Real smooth. How is this show supposed to go on now that a MAJOR part of the premise has been deactivated? Eh, it’s probably a bye week anyway.

OMG, Nathan shows up at Haley’s. Her parents are out of town. He’s all weak and husky voiced. They hug and then sit on the bed. He tells her that all he wanted to do as he timbered was get up and walk over to her to tell her that he needs her and wants her and nothing else matters. Her teenage heart goes all pitter patter. They kiss. She gets up and closes the door. Don’t do it, Haley. It’s important to note that Sarah Machloachoandklfnk new song at the time, Fallen, was playing over this sequence of events. I LOVED THAT SONG. Actually, I LOVE THAT SONG! I also discussed with my sisters for days and days that hopefully Haley stayed strong and didn’t do it. Because that was my life back then.

Meanwhile the song has changed at Casa de Squints, there’s been this epic stare down occurring. Peyton has walked into the house and starts to tell Lucas she made a mistake and she wants to be with him. But then Brooke walks in the room wearing his sweatshirt and is all like, WTF with her eyes. They all just stare at each other. And then Lucas starts to think of some quote in his mind. WHO WILL HE CHOOSE? Yeah, you better believe I tuned in the next week to find out, suckahs!

Episode Notes:
PLOT:¬†It’s game time and Nathan takes amphetamines. Things don’t go well for anybody.

BEST PART:¬†When Haley tells Nathan to get out of her room and sticks to her guns about it. I think that’s a good thing for young girls to see.

LESSON LEARNED: Taking performance enhancing drugs is bad.

BEST LINE: “By ruining her business?¬†That’s the worst cup of coffee I ever paid for.” – Dan Scott to Deb.¬†You have to watch the scene for the delivery and then you’ll understand.

Until next time…tooda loos!