June 11, 2016

The Scotts start their day in a counseling session. OMG, they got a Cusack to play the counselor. That’s when I knew this show was going places, seriously. Innyway, the session doesn’t go that well as Nathan barely gets to say anything and his parents just go on and on about who has done the worse by him. When Nathan does speak it’s to say he doesn’t know what he wants. Dan says it’s time to go and they all leave. Out by the cars they pull him in both directions, but Nathan would rather walk or take public transportation than get into a car with either one of his parents so he goes and they stare.

Meanwhile, Lucas has Brooke in some kind of a bookstore or a library. Wherever it it is, it looks dangerous. Those books are stacked REALLY high. He finds some book and gets all excited and Brooke’s all we could’ve probably gotten this faster at a Barnes and Noble, can we go now? Lucas is all, but we wouldn’t’ve gotten this musty nasty one and this is the most fun. She’s all, my turn. They end up at a pool or a jacuzzi. They undress and then Lucas finds out that they aren’t at Brooke’s house. What? They makeout as that hip happening new song Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5 plays on the soundtrack. Good times.

Cut to the next morning in “Adult” Town, Keith and Deb are convoing at the Cafe about what’s up and Keith tells Deb to have Nathan come talke to him over at the shop if he wants. Deb’s all, k. But then Dan walks in and says something crude and ruins everyone’s fun. Elsewhere, Lucas approaches Peyton’s house. The door is cracked open and he hear’s clanging. Peyton doesn’t use dishes so he grabs a rake off the porch and enters. There’s a man in the kitchen and playing in the cupboards and Lucas inquires as to who it is. It’s Peyton’s dad back from dredging! She walks in and laughs at Lucas.


Over at school Brooke finds Peyton to get some advice on how to connect with Lucas. Peyton gives her a Travis cd and says to say tracks 8 and 11 make her think of him. Brooke’s all, k. So of course Brooke blows it because she thinks Travis is a guy and not a band and says to check out songs 8 and 13. Doh! Lucas doesn’t say anything or make fun of her which is nice.


He finds Peyton in the school library or something and gives her the cd back because he already has it. Peyton’s all why do you think it’s mine and he’s all because I know it’s not Brooke’s, there’s only 12 songs and she told me to listen to number 13. He thinks of Peyton when he hears tracks 8 and 11 too. He wants to sit and read while she draws. They’re already married, so boring. The way he treats his paperbacks drives me crazy. He has The Winter of Our Discontent all rolled up like he’s going to swat a fly with it. Not cool. Also, it took Brooke like 3 days to read that book, why does he still have it?  Is he already rereading it? He has a pen like he’s going to take notes in the margin so is he reading it for school? Did he make her read a book for school before they’d reached that unit? What a jerk!

At the same time in Tutor Town, Nathan and Haley are studying. She asks about the session and Nathan tells her what happened more or less. Later Haley finds Peyton on her way to cheer practice. Haley says she can’t wrap her head around Peyton being a cheerleader. Peyton explains it’s not that complicated, her mom cheered and it’s something she does with her friend Brooke. Haley’s all, oh, that’s boring. Then she asks if she can give her any advice on Nathan and Peyton gets all, why does everyone think I can give them advice, y’all’ve met me, right? Haley says Nathan’s thinking of quitting the team, what does she do? Peyton says that Nathan never opened up to her like he does to Haley so she doesn’t really have any advice. As they part ways Haley wants to make sure Peyton understands she wasn’t trying to make fun of her mother, that the cheer comment pertained to her thoughts on Peyton. Peyton’s all, yeah, don’t worry ’bout it, I insult cheerleading like all the time.

Nathan does go and talk to Keith over at his shop. Keith is lowering a car and it uncovers Nathan standing in the doorway. Their conversation consists of Keith saying that Dan’s a jackass that likes to ruin basketball for everyone. He says he quit when Dan started playing at his level but that Nathan needs to make his own decisions independent of what anyone else thinks. Nathan’s brain hurts from all the deep thoughts.

Meanwhile at practice, Nathan hasn’t shown up and nobody knows why. Whitey is sad face. Jake shows up a tad late with a baby but nobody cares. Whitey tells everyone to run suicides. Peyton tells Jake she’ll watch the baby all goo goo eyed. Later Brooke pops into Lucas’s room while he’s trying to compose an email to his mom. Brooke is really insecure about Lucas. She proposes that they do that thing where she does something he likes and then he does something she likes which is a weird thing to say because they’ve already been doing that. They make a date for tomorrow after practice and this scene is completely pointless filler. Followed by more filler rehash at that hip happening pizza joint where Nathan and Dan are now eating dinner. Nathan’s “lost” and Dan’s a jerk and doesn’t care.

Dan shows up the next day at Keith’s shop. Keith lowers a car and there is Dan standing in the doorway. Keith’s all, freaky. Dan’s all, why you tell my boy to quit the team? And Keith’s all, I told Nathan his life is his and you’re a dick. He’s says Deb’s the best thing Nathan has right now. Their whole conversation is pointless because Haley is the best thing Nathan has going right now. Trust me.

Jake and Peyton are walking around at school and she says she quieted Jenny with the keys that Jake hands back to her. Instead of being all that’s really not sanitary Peyton and it’s dangerous as these are tiny keys with pointy ends and edges and stuff, he tells her thanks. Then later on he will quiet her down with the same things because by the looks of things, Jenny has no baby toys. Sad face for Jenny. Anyway, as they part ways we move onto Lucas walking up to Nathan to tell him they missed him at practice. Nathan is all why are you talking to me, please go away. Lucas is all, cool. Haley walks up and is shocked they were talking. Nathan’s all, yeah, he was trying to talk to me, but I hate him. Haley shrugs and says she’s going to class now. Nathan’s all, I’m going to go do something away form this place. Haley doesn’t want to go, but then she does. They go to the dealership and scam a car then they go to the beach house and get wasted on the beach. Dan shows up and is really very upset. He is dragging Haley by the arm to the car and throws her in the front seat. She wants to say something but he won’t listen. When they are all settled in the car, Haley throws up on Dan’s leg. Good thing the windows are open!

Later that night at the Cafe, Haley is working hungover. She does not call in sick. So Lucas asks her what’s wrong with you and then is all he has you skipping school and getting drunk now? Haley’s all, tattoo, shut up. Lucas is like, fair enough. Over at one of the tables is Peyton and her daddy. They are talking about how he got an amazing job offer to dredge for a major company that pays a lot more. The catch is that it’s in New Zealand for a bunch of months. He says that he’d be able to pay for her to go to a fancy art school and stuff. Peyton’s all, I already know how to make fancy art, I’d like to see you again at some point. I mean, she’s all, yay, in her Peyton way because Peyton doesn’t communicate very well. Lucas comes over to talk to them and he and the dad start talking about books. Brooke sees this riveting conversation taking place through the window. Instead of going in and joining her friends she decides to be jealous and see it as Lucas being on a date with Peyton and Peyton’s dad.

The next day at school, Brooke goes up to Lucas and communicates she thinks he was on a date with Peyton. He’s all, nope. She’s upset and he’s all, k. He walks over to Peyton at her locker because that’s a good decision and says that Brooke thinks they were on a date. Peyton says she’ll talk to Brooke. Cut to Tutor Town, Haley is about to pack up when Nathan finally shows. He doesn’t feel like studying today, he wants to go to a concert in another town so they’ll have to get on a train. Haley’s all, k, let’s go. He sees a paper with an F on it and thinks it’s his. She says it’s hers, that she missed a pop quiz in some class and the teacher said she could make it up, no probs. Nathan has concerned face but they go anyway. Meanwhile, his parents are at a counseling session not making any progress.

Over at Peyton’s house, she and her dad are talking. He gives her a fancy webcam and fancy paints. She’s all, you can’t afford this. And he’s all, I took the job. Sad face Peyton. Brat. And I’m all, wait, does he exist now to give us a reason for her to have a webcam? If he was watching her feed, you’d think he would’ve shown up sooner because, um…So, to make their long story short, Lucas comes over while Peyton’s not home and tells her dad that Peyton’s not happy about him being gone all of the time. He shows him her latest anonymous submission to Thud. Later when Peyton gets home the dad has packed his things and he’s headed back out to the job he super loves. He really does love it, which to each his own, I guess. Innyway, Peyton’s all upset because she thought she had another couple of days with him. He says he turned down the fancy job and is taking a 3 week job instead and then after that he’ll only dredge locally so he won’t be gone so much. Peyton is happy and he leaves. We will see him again so this wasn’t totally pointless, for the most part, more or less.

Nathan stops by the gym to talk to Whitey and quits the team. Later the next day at school Brooke and Peyton talk. Brooke is really insecure about Lucas and Peyton tells her to stop it. She reminds her that Brooke Davis is not this person and that she just needs to be herself. Elswhere on campus Nathan tells Haley that they won’t be having anymore adventures. He doesn’t want her changing for him he likes the girl he crushed on to begin with. He likes that a girl like her likes a guy like him. Awww, they’re so adorable.

After Lucas gets back from meddling in Sawyer affairs, he finds Brooke waiting on his porch. Keith told her he was at Peyton’s. Lucas is like, well I was visiting her dad. Brooke’s not buying what he’s selling. She communicates that she really likes Lucas and he’s a great guy and she’s going crazy trying please him to connect with him but that he needs to accept that she’s who she is. He says he does. SPOILER ALERT: He’s really not that into her, he’s into Peyton. Then we cut to this weird and uncomfortable heart to heart between Nathan and Dan. It’s just all kinds of awkward. And then an awkward scene of him missing like all of his shots at the River Court and then he tells Lucas that he has come quit the team.

Then there’s a montage of sad face and Nathan cleaning out his locker and sad face Whitey and a Lucas voiceover of a quote from the Little Prince (the book Nathan is reading for French Class!): And the Little Prince said to the man, ‘Grownups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to always be explaining things to them.’

But the burning question is, does this mean Nathan will have to start wearing like jeans and tshirts? Maybe some khakis? It’s not going to make sense wearing warmup suits all the time anymore!

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Brooke is insecure in her relationship with Lucas and Nathan decides to quit the team. Everybody’s sad.

BEST PART: When Haley barfs on Dan. He deserved it.

LESSON LEARNED: If you have to change who you are in a relationship, then maybe you’re in the wrong relationship.

BEST LINE: “I know you like my women Keith, but come on, Deb’s still my wife.” – Dan Scott   Ooo, burn.

Until next time…tooda loos!