June 12, 2016

Ok so this episode has 2 storylines and is more of a, we’ll call it a, character study. We’ll start with the boringest storyline.

We open on Peyton getting a webcam call from her dad. She thinks he’s going with the Unabomber look just because he’s a bit scruffy even though to me the most striking image of what we know as the Unabomber is the sketch that shows a guy with a hoodie, mustache, and sunglasses. What she shoulda said was Ted Kaczynski. Just sayin’. Innyway, I guess this is the first time she and her dad have used the webcam to communicate, so the answer to my previous question from last episode is, no. Or it could be that she’s never seen him scruffy during a job because the last webcam was so crappy, but even then, that usually has more to do with the connection than the camera.

Oh, where’s my head, Lucas and Brooke come in and the dad says he sees no one uses the doorbell still. Which I really think he needs to shut up about the damn doorbell. I mean, when we first met him Lucas was only alarmed that there may’ve been an intruder because the dad had LEFT THE DOOR OPEN. So, shut up, Mr. Sawyer. Get over the f’in doorbell. After the convo, Peyton takes Lucas and Brooke to see a rusty old car of her dad’s. She wants Lucas to help her get it running again so that her dad can use it when he’s back in town more often. Lucas agrees to help. As they’re working on the car it’s revealed that the hideous necklace he’s wearing was a gift from Brooke which is established now because it’s like totes important later. Jewelry plays a big role in this storyline.

Later that night Peyton goes out Brooke and Lucas, who now has the car shiny and working,  to say she’s worried because there was a hurricane and her dad’s dinghy or whatever is missing. He hasn’t checked in and she’s worried he’s dead. Lucas, forgetting he’s in Gloom Town, says it doesn’t mean that he’s dead, just means he hasn’t checked in yet. Peyton says, seriously, Lucas? This is Gloom Town. She gets a call to go identify a body. A huge storm just came through and they’ll have to cross a bridge. Brooke says it’s crazy to travel towards where the storm just was. Plus, she can’t go because she’d be the one needing comfort and that won’t help Peyton. She knows who she is and she communicates it. Take notes blondies! So Lucas and Peyton will go and Brooke will stay behind in case someone calls with any news about Mr. Sawyer.

We know Brooke. Sad face.

Long story short, the bridge is closed, of course so Lucas and Peyton spend the night in a motel. Peyton shows Lucas a bracelet her dad gave her. The next day they go see the body, it’s not her dad. Lucas calls Brooke who was about to call them to say she just got off the phone with the Coast Guard and Mr. Sawyer is fine. Peyton realizes she doesn’t have her bracelet and they go back to the motel. It’s under the covers. They start to do it, but then Peyton’s hair gets caught in his necklace and they remember their friend and go back home. The episode ends on Lucas and Peyton arriving back at Gloom Town and being sad that they know Brooke.

Rewind back to the beginning to the not so boring, but still a little bit boring storyline. Dan’s parents show up at the house because surprise, it’s Dan’s birthday. His parents are played by Gerald McRaney and Tess Harper so we know we’ll never see them again after this, which makes their introduction a plot device of pretty cool guest star proportions. They don’t disappoint and leave having caused some original 16-bit Mortal Kombat level damage. Well, really they’re in town for a car show, but the mom wants to cook her son a birthday dinner. Nathan and Deb are oh no’s, Dan doesn’t live here anymore. Deb hustles to the dealership to tell Dan that his parents are at the house to cook him a bday dinner. Dan’s all, didn’t you tell them? And she’s all, they’re your parents, you tell them. But then Dan decides to use this as a way to get back in his house and maybe win back Deb.

Gerald goes to see Karen at the Cafe. He talks to Haley and asks about Lucas. She tells the stranger that everyone’s great did he want to leave a message. He says to say an old friend stopped by and doesn’t leave a name. Deb sees him leave. Nathan asks Haley to the dinner and she accepts the invite.

It’s dinner time! Everybody looks really nice, even Keith tried. Keith has invited Whitey, so he’s there too. As it turns out, Dan is just like his father. Tess says no sports talk, but Gerald persists. When it’s time for dessert, Haley says she’ll go get the cake from the kitchen. She and Nathan talk and she tells him that his grandpa is the dude she saw earlier asking about Karen and Lucas. Nathan’s all, typical. And after evading the subject all night it finally comes out that Nathan has quit the team so Gerald should stop asking him about it. Gerald is incensed. Deb gives the rundown of what led to Nathan’s decision. Tess is really very up because she’s disappointed Dan would treat Nathan that way after she helped Dan quit basketball in college. The whole thing is that Dan didn’t become a basketball legend because he had a career ending knee injury Freshman year of college. With the revelation that the injury wasn’t career ending, everybody gets upset and dinner is over. Way to go, Tess.

Nathan drops Haley off at home and tells her that this news changes things for him. He goes and talks to Dan and is told the whole rest of the story. As it turns out, in Tree Hill, Dan was just a big fish in a small pond. Once he hit college, he was just another guy with skills. When he hurt himself he decided not to rehab the knee. Once he realized he was playing for himself and not for Gerald, it was too late to make the knee better. But wouldn’t he have had to rehab the knee anyway? So that it would heal properly and he could like, oh, I don’t know, walk and stuff? He tells Nathan that he’s hard on him because he doesn’t want him to live a life of regret. Yes, that’s a strong theory. Treat Nathan the exact way that drove you to live a life of regret so that he won’t end up the same way. SPOILER ALERT: It actually kinda works.

As Dan is setting up the couch to sleep on, Deb tells him that their relationship is a lie. When he quit, she left college too. He says they both left to care for Nathan. Stalemate.

The next morning Nathan goes to visit Haley. She’s up and dressed and writing an essay or something. Nathan invites her to breakfast, which starts at 9. She says no thanks. Wait a minute, what time is it?! They are up and doing stuff and having deep thoughts way too freaking early. Later at breakfast, Dan’s mom gives him a blanket that’s made of all of his high school basketball memorabilia. Dan and the whole world are all, WTF? After breakfast, Gerald and Tess leave. This storyline ends with everybody sad and Haley watching Nathan go to basketball practice.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Peyton’s dad could be dead and it’s Dan’s birthday.

BEST PART: The Scott family dinner. I love backstory, it creates show mythology and I love mythology.

LESSON LEARNED: Secrets always reveal themselves. Doesn’t mean people won’t stop trying to keep secrets.

BEST LINE: “You answer the door in your underwear?” – Royal Scott to Nathan

Until next time…tooda loos!