June 14, 2016

Well, this episode is about as dumb as I remember it, which makes it still awesomely fantastic. The beauty of One Tree Hill is that it thinks of something ridiculous and then it really goes for it, even more so in the later seasons. It really gives it a high rewatch quotient/value/whathaveyou. I’m always looking forward to the next episode even now. And it’s getting really hard to watch just one a day, but I must stay strong or everything is ruined!

So they do a funny thing in the previouslies where they use an alternate take of Haley saying, Fine. Instead of her just saying, Fine. She shouts, FINE! and slams the door. This is, I believe, the first time they do something like that with the previouslies. And if I’m remembering correctly, it won’t be the last. Lesson, if a show has previouslies, watch them, you might learn something new.

Innyway, we begin our episode about where we left off on the last one. Only this is after a break so everyone’s hair, especially Haley’s, is going to do funny things throughout. The hair, always a giveaway. So, the doctors are able to get Lucas’s heart started again, which, shocking, it was a real nailbiter, I know. Then we find Keith getting patched up and he asks the doctor how long his nephew’s surgery is going to be and the doctor says as long as it takes. Keith calls Haley and she asks if he’s going to make it. They hang up. Nathan is concerned, but she’s all, Like you care. And he doesn’t get why she’s mad and everyone’s all, Nathan, you can hear yourself talk, right? She denies his offer for a ride to the hospital and kicks him out of her room.

As it turns out, Peyton and Brooke have been staring at each other for a very long time as Peyton has yet to say what she wants to say. She’s about to when her phone rings, it’s Haley. She hangs up, doesn’t say a word, and rushes to get her purse and is about to leave. Brooke’s all, what up? And Peyton’s all, Lucas was in an accident, you should go to him. She drops Brooke off at the hospital.

Karen shows up at a the hospital and hugs Keith. She doesn’t know she hates him yet. The intake doctor says his dad may have saved his life, which confuses Karen. Keith explains.

So basically, this whole episode takes place at the hospital. Karen spends her days talking to Lucas, singing to Lucas, taking care of Lucas in some capacity. She is also visited by our cast so that they can tell her how much everything has changed during her 6 week hiatus. However, no one ever brings Karen anything to change into or freshen up with while she’s waiting for Lucas to wake up from his princess sleep. I know she has her travel bags with her, but that doesn’t count because all that stuff’s been used up and she never uses them as she stays in the same outfit for days and days. Despite her new foxy appearance, I would imagine by the end of the episode that she stinks. Innyway, she finds out from the  unethical doctor that Keith’s blood/alcohol level was just a smidge below the legal limit. This upsets Karen deeply and she dismisses Keith. She’s also disappointed in her son’s choice of girlfriend. She never really says that, but it’s obvious she likes Peyton better. She gives Brooke a bit of a chance/pass though once Brooke confides that her parents don’t pay any attention to her. But in all honesty, Brooke is pretty annoying this episode. At some point a billing department lady comes in and says the insurance won’t cover all of Lucas’s damage. Sucks. But no worries, Keith secretly pays them for her because it’s all his fault and now Karen will really NEVER be into him. Seriously, it’s been like 16 years, she’s just not that into you, Keith. Now go return that ring or something because she’ll never want it. And just when you think she might, well…

Haley spends the whole episode feeling sorry for herself and refuses to go and see Lucas. Nathan pleads with her. Peyton pleads with her. Peyton tells Karen that Haley hasn’t stopped by because her and Lucas had a fight. Karen says, no worries, they BFF, they’ll work it out, they always do. Peyton takes this to mean maybe she and Brooke will still have a chance after she cuts out Brooke’s heart and shows it to her. Peyton takes Haley to see the River Court where kids are drawing chalk art of Lucas, even Tim. Jake’s there. Shut up, Jake. Haley’s not surprised Nathan isn’t there. Peyton goes to see Nathan about Haley and says he needs to work that out. Nathan’s all, no duh, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me. So, he goes to see Lucas at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Deb has told Nathan that she and Dan are getting a divorce. Nathan’s ok with that. Plus, he’s got other probs, his brother is in a level 2 princess coma and his girlfriend won’t talk to him. Dan and Deb are not getting along. Deb’s attorney goes to talk to him at the dealership. She thinks the mediation agreement is more than fair and thinks he should take it. Dan’s all, pshaw, no way. He lets her know he has some doozies about Deb should this thing go to trial (like, you know, before a judge, I guess).

Back at the hospital, Nathan is pleading with Lucas to wake up because Haley’s really upset and it’s just time to wake up and deal with that. So, Lucas wakes up and asks for water. Nathan gives him some. He wakes up Karen and leaves. Lucas sings the song she was singing to let her know he heard everything. He says he’s glad she’s back. In this instant, this is the only time The Chad comes off as a believable 15/16 year old to me.

Nathan goes to the Cafe to tell Haley that Lucas is awake. She’s all, How do you know? And he says he was there when he woke up because he went to go see him because he knew she couldn’t. A www. He won’t apologize for his sins because if he hadn’t been messing with Lucas, then he wouldn’t’ve been changed or the better by her. He really wants to giver her a ride to the hospital. Meanwhile at the River Court, Peyton is drawing a big flaming heart with the #3 in it. It’s Lucas’s jersey number. And Karen finds Dan at the dealership and shocks him with a hug and a thank you. He thought he was gonna be in trouble, but she’s not mad at him. I remember thinking I might want them to try and work things out, but it was never to be for so many reasons. Haley shows up at the hospital. Brooke moves out of the way and Haley sits with Lucas. He says hi and that he missed her. She starts to cry and he just holds her. So sweet. I really do love their friendship. And I really do love that it always stays just that, a friendship.

Karen. Sad Face.

And then we see Karen finally arriving a home. She sees the crappy ‘we missed you’ sign, sits at her table, and cries.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Lucas sleeps for days in the hospital after his accident and Karen returns to Tree Hill to finds that everything has changed.

BEST PART: When Lucas wakes up and sings to his mom and tells her he’s glad she’s back.  It’s so sweet and cute.

LESSON LEARNED: Don’t trust doctors in Tree Hill, they tell everybody ALL your business.

BEST LINE: “Honestly, I think I could probably set myself on fire and my mom wouldn’t notice, so it’s kind of hard for me to remember that some moms would.” – Brooke Davis to Karen Rowe   It’s a good line that gives us a lot of incite as to why Brooke is always looking for trouble.

Until next time…tooda loos!