June 15, 2016

We open in the hospital to Lucas burning his mother about Keith. He’s all, Dan does one nice thing and you think he’s a golden god, Keith makes one mistake and you banish him to Hades. Karen’s about to tell him that he’s a tooty face when in walks the doctor to discharge him. He no longer has a spleen and the recovery will take some time. His shoulder may never heal enough to play basketball at the same level. She just made that up because she likes messing with kids. There’s no way a dislocated shoulder will end the hoop dreams of a 15 year old boy. SPOILER ALERT: He plays basketball again. No worries.

At Casa de Scott, Nathan and Deb are discussing the divorce. Deb says Dan is being a real turd so the case might be taken before a judge. Dan calls, but nobody pick it up so the machine gets it. Throughout the scene Dan is getting more and more upset that no one is picking up the phone. Nathan goes and stops it, relieved he can now turn his father off. He tells his mom that she’s doing the right thing and that the divorce will be good for her.

Karen and Lucas arrive at Casa de Squints. She tells him that the nurse says he had a lot of visitors despite his unconscious status. She starts listing off his visitors, but he only wants to know if Peyton visited because she never came when he reached conscious status. His mom says Petyon did visit. They open the door to his room and out pops Brooke. She has feng shuied his room. She has put a bunch of giant plants in his room. You should really ask somebody fist before you gift them with a living thing. Just sayin’. Lucas assures her it’s not a bad idea even though he obvy totes hates it. Karen leaves her teenaged son with his girlfriend in his room and tells him he needs to be in bed. Lucas sits Brooke down on the bed and breaks it to her gently that he’s breaking up with her. Brooke is devastated.

Dan and Deb are talking to her lawyer. He’s not ready to give in and just divorce Deb. He wants it all. He says that Deb doesn’t want to just divorce him, she wants to kill him. He brings up that time she threatened to stab him in his sleep and that’s why he left the house instead of staying. He was afraid for his life. Deb says it was a figure of speech. Um, yeah, I keep that one in my back pocket all the time. He threatens to bring out all the stuff from her past. She’s all, think of Nathan. He’s all, well, you started it. So mature those two.

In Lucas’s room at Casa de Squints he has a trippyish daydream about Peyton. No, I don’t know how he knows about the River Court chalk drawings when he has yet to visit the River Court. Haley wakes him up to tell viewers that just got back from their bathroom break that he broke up with Brooke to be with Peyton. Then she says he needs some rest and leaves as Peyton walks into the room. Peyton dramatically kisses him and talks about how his accident ruined telling Brooke. He says don’t tell her yet until he heals up and they can tell her together. She ignores a call from Brooke.

Down at the River Court, Karen finds Lucas. She’s all, you should really be in bed, what up? They sit at the picnic table so that he can brief her on how come he was with Brooke and not Peyton. Then he tells her they broke up yesterday, but offers nothing else of substance. At the mall, Peyton and Haley are walking together and happen upon Brooke. It’s been a whole 24 hours and her best friend hasn’t called her back. Peyton is the WORST. Brooke tells her that Lucas broke up with her and she doesn’t know how to be his friend. Haley tells her you do all the same stuff, but without the sex.

Later that night, Nathan and Haley are in her room talking and he notices she has on a new outfit. She’s excited that he noticed and is going for a different look than pajamas 24/7. Nathan’s all, You have issues with yourself? And she’s all, Nah, nothing like that, just wanted to make a change. I also wanna snowboard and sing. He can teach her how to snowboard and would like to hear her sing sometime. He goes on to tell her how without her, he doesn’t know how he’d be getting through his parents’ divorce. He feels like he’s just going to end up with whomever has the better lawyer and that he has no rights. Hales is all like, yeah, I’m pretty sure you do. So they internets it and Haley takes her first step in becoming the bane of his parents’ existence.

Over at Casa de Squints, Jake is delivering the PlayStation 2 the team bought Lucas. They talk and he asks Lucas if he can get him a job at the Cafe. Lucas says he’ll see what he can do. Keith sneaks in while Karen isn’t there and gives Lucas a hug. They have a conversation about how sorry Keith is, but Lucas knows it was just an accident and that Keith wasn’t really drunk. And Keith knows Karen don’t want him anymore and Lucas says he’s working on her. And they both agree that they should just be grateful Dan did something decent for once in his life and just leave it at that. Then Karen walks in and stares Keith all, Seriously, WTF? He leaves and she tells Lucas to go to bed!

The next day at Keith’s shop, Karen brings him a bag of his stuff from the house. Ouch. She tells him that she’s going to pay him back all of the money. He says, no it wasn’t a loan (even though he should take it since he can’t even pay for a part he needs to fix a car). She insists that it was. He says he made a mistake. She says it almost killed Lucas. Moira’s accent is so posh I have a hard time believing that she’s not “high” society. Toe pick. Keith wishes he could take back his mistake, but he can’t.

You had to send him to school.

Dan arrives at Casa de Scott, to changed locks. Nathan walks up while Dan and Deb are fighting through the door. Dan tries to make Nathan leave with him, but Deb’s all he stays with me. Nathan schools both of them and informs them that he gets to take his case to the judge and decide where he wants to live. He’s not feeling either one of them right now. He goes inside and Dan leaves on his way to find whoever taught Nathan how to read.

Over at the Cafe, Jake is starting his first day of work, but it is short lived because his dad has to go into work and can no longer watch Jenny. Karen is surprised to find out he has a kid and let’s him go do what he’s gotta do. Lucas is in his room at his computer. He is watching Peyton on her webcam and harassing her on Chat. He really wants her to come over. She tells him she can’t because she has to finish her next Thud submission. He says he likes to watch her draw (which is what he’s currently doing) so she can go over to his house and draw in front of him. She says, No, I don’t want to and signs out of Chat. Lucas is of the sads. Peyton’s drawing is of a girl that looks a lot like Brooke saying that her boyfriend broke up with her. And the seeds for the idea of Gossip Girl are planted.

At the same time, Brooke walks in the kitchen door to bring Lucas some no-more-spleen tea and sits with Karen while she scrapbooks. This seems like a great project for Brooke. They have a good talk. Karen thinks Lucas is resting, but he’s not. He has snuck out to go be with Peyton. When he gets to Peyton’s he is feverish and faint. I guess he walked there? Brooke goes to check on him and when she comes out of the room you can tell she’s seen them in the webcam window. Peyton calls Karen and is instructed to take Lucas to the ER. Brooke goes with Karen to look these lying liars who lie in the face. And boy do they lie! Lucas tells them that he was at the River Court and Peyton found him. Brooke leaves. I guess she’s going to walk?

Meanwhile, Nathan is hearing his parents’ cases for custody. At the house, Deb says, I love you, stay with me. At the beach house Dan says, I have dirt on your mother and if you don’t want it to come out, stay with me. Back over at Casa de Squints, Karen and Lucas are having it out about his not taking a rest. Lucas then goes on to say she needs to take a look at what she’s doing. He’s upset that she’s cutting Keith out of her life even though Keith really cares about her. She comes back that Lucas is doing the same thing with Brooke. Stalemate.

The next day, Keith is unable to get a loan from the bank. Sad Keith. Now he has to sell his business. Over at the Cafe, Jake has brought Jenny. He intends on quitting because his parents keep coming up with excuses not to watch Jenny. Karen has put a crib in the back for Jenny to stay when Jake can’t find a ‘sitter. She remembers when she was a teen mom and it’s OK to accept a little help now and then. Meanwhile, Nathan talks to his mom about what Dan said at the beach house. Deb won’t tell him what the mistakes she made are so now he has to go live with Dan. She wants to keep her secrets so to do that he has to go live with Dan and he’ll be back for the rest of his stuff. Karen shows up at Keith’s shop to dump on him some more. Seriously, Karen.

Later that night, Peyton shows up at Lucas’s door to tell him that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. She realizes that Brooke was there for her when her mom died and that Brooke’s her best friend. Being with him is giving her a bad case of the guilts and they can’t build a relationship on that.

Nathan shows up to the Cafe at closing and is excited to see Haley is still there. She says she’s always there, which is kinda true. She’s all, what up? He say that he wants to live in the moment with her. Awww…He decides to take her up on her offer to do something for him, whatever will help him. He asks her to sing and points to the magically appearing piano. She sings a Sarah Mcalkdjaljf song and it’s really good. The song plays while we montage Karen looking at an old scrapbook that includes Keith, Nathan moving into the beach house with his smug faced father, Keith putting up a For Sale sign at the shop, and a conversation between Brooke and Peyton. Brooke shows up at Peyton’s to tell her that she saw them on the computer screen and she can’t believe that Peyton’s done nothing but lie. She says Lucas meant everything to her and she wanted to be Lucas’s friend and now she never ever wants to see them ever again. As she leaves Peyton looks at the webcam and shakes her head, knowing that Lucas is watching. We end on Lucas’s pained face of douchery.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Lucas comes home and breaks Brooke’s heart. Nathan’s parents are going through a bitter divorce.

BEST PART: Haley singing for Nathan at the end. I remember we were really excited when that happened. It brings back memories.

LESSON LEARNED: If you want your kid to stay with you, don’t tell them you love them, tell them you have dirt on the other parent. Plus, she can sing like that and we’ve been subjected to Jake 3 times! Shut up, Jake!

BEST LINE: “Well I just realized that if I’m gonna live in the moment, I just wanna live in it with you” – Nathan Scott to Haley James     Haley plays it cool, but you know inside she’s all, SQEEEEEEEE!

Until next time…tooda loos!