June 16, 2016

Season 2 is just delightful. I’m glad I stuck with the show even though season 1 was lackluster. Season 2 starts off hilarious and stays that way! Too bad it doesn’t end as strong as it began.

In this season Lily returns from California with a new look. Well, he hair is different anyway. I don’t know why they went this direction since it makes her look too much like Robin. That’s odd for a TV show to do. Usually they want to keep their characters looking distinct. Well, it’s never addressed and it’s not part of the plot. I say all of this because I much preferred her redish bob. It was so super cute. Anyway, it doesn’t make the character of Lily unfunny or anything. She’s still hilarious.

So,  as it turns out, her time in California wasn’t all that great. She didn’t have any fun in her art class and it just wasn’t the place for her. When she gets back, she has to TV sitcom work at getting back in her friends’ and Marshall’s good graces. We find out in one episode that the only one who went to go visit her was Barney to let her know that she needed to come home already. Barney is a good friend, even though he doesn’t always want it to show. At one point Lily and Barney live as pretend husband and wife at his apartment because her new apartment is unlivable. She pretends to be his wife so that the women will leave once he’s done having fun with them. They’re pretty awful, but since it’s a TV sitcom, it’s ok to think it’s hysterical. Because it is. We even find out that Barney has at least two wall-sized TVs, that of course, we don’t actually get to see. In the end Lily has to move out and Barney gives her the bedspread and some other furnishings for her apartment. Eventually, Marshall and Lily get back together. It’s so sweet and I’m glad they didn’t keep them apart the whole season because they really are the best part of the show for me.

Unfortunately, Robin and Ted stay together the whole season. I just really don’t like Ted. He’s not really funny. He doesn’t bother me in this season as much as he did in the first, so maybe being with Robin did help a little. He has some nice moments and he gets to have one of his building designs go to construction. That was a pretty funny episode in general as the building design pitched by his colleague supposedly looks like a giant man part, but we never get to see for ourselves. We never see it, but their reactions and descriptions when they see the drawing and model make it an LOL episode. The best part of Robin’s story is that we get to see her music video from when she was Robin Sparkles. Yep, as it turns out, she was a pop sensation in Canada and toured the country’s malls with her big hit, Let’s Go to the Mall. The whole episode revolves around Robin’s aversion to malls and the gang trying to find out why. Marshall and Barney make a slap bet with Lily as gaming commissioner. This means whomever wins the bet gets to slap the other guy as hard as he can. Barney bets that Robin’s big secret is that she was a porn star in Canada. Marshall bets she was married at the mall. And even though Marshall isn’t right, he ends up the eventual winner of the bet and gets to slap Barney as hard as he can up to 5 times, each slap coming at a randomly chosen moment by Marshall. By the end of the season he has slapped Barney twice, leaving 3 more to go.

Barney makes this show go ’round. At one point Robin and Ted decide they want to move in together, but Barney spares us that fiasco. It’s good. I mean how can she want to live with a guy that made her give up her dogs. She sent them to live with her aunt, but still. In the last episode of the season we find out during Lily and Marshall’s wedding reception that Robin and Ted are broken up. Oh, darn. A fun tidbit is that Lily gets her job back as a kindergarten teacher. It’s never really clear why she quit that job, unless she had no intention of returning from San Francisco. Idk, but she got it back.

Season Notes:


Best Episode: S2 E7 ‘Swarley’ – Ok, so, this episode made me laugh so hard I cried. I think it’s the funniest one of the 2 seasons. Don’t know where it will rank in the series, but I can see it being #1. There’s a scene involving Lily that nearly killed me. Barney trying to convince Marshall that the barista is crazy based on her eyes is also funny. And, well, his new nickname of Swarley offers some good laughs. It’s also the episode where Marshall and Lily get back together. It’s really good, you should go watch it!

Worst Episode: S2 E21/S2 E22 ‘Something Borrowed’/’Something Blue’ – I love Lily and Marshall so much that it pains me to say that their wedding episodes are the the worst of the season. They really aren’t that funny and they border on boring. The second episode isn’t really their fault as their moments in it are good, it’s mainly a how Ted and Robin broke up story. But the first episode, it just never really clicks and I wish it did.

Rating: 3.8/5  It seems a bit harsh, I know, but those last two episodes were too Season 1 lackluster to end such a super funny season. A weak finish for a strong season. Maybe after I have seen all of the seasons my rating will be a bit higher, but right now, I think I’ll let it stand.

Until next time…tooda loos!