June 16, 2016

Jake and Peyton meet up at school. He sees Brooke give Peyton a dirty look and pass her by. He’s all, what up? Peyton gives like a weird rundown instead of just being straightforward. Peyton, that’s why you and Brooke aren’t friends right now. Just be straight with people! Innyway, Jake says, I think you’re real mature and I need a babysitter for Jenny because I wanna go to my cousin’s wedding. Peyton’s all, when and how much? Jake’s all, Umm. Peyton’s all, sweet, I’ll do it. Jake does get to go to the wedding and Peyton does watch Jenny. Jenny cries a lot during this time and Peyton gives her some keys. Jenny puts them to her mouth and all of a sudden Peyton is concerned that the keys are dirty. Peyton, what do you think babies do with stuff? They’re teething and discovering stuff, of course it’s going straight for their mouth! Plus why is it such a problem for you now? Peyton does have a good thought and hangs the keys from Jenny’s mobile. Jenny loves it and doesn’t give Peyton a hard time anymore. Jake walks in and orders a pizza and a movie. Awww. Jenny can keep the keys because Peyton has copies. Peyton has left and Jake is cleaning up their mess when the doorbell rings. It’s a lady that says her name is Nikki, and she asks how her baby is doing. Jake gives manpain face and the credits roll.


Nathan is at the beach house and leaving for school. He says he doesn’t have time to eat because he’s been late to school everyday since he moved to the beach. Dan says not anymore and shows him a set of car keys. Nathan’s all, You’re trying to buy me. Dan’s all, You ungrateful child. Nathan’s all, I’ll keep the car but I still hate your guts. He forgets his weekend bag on the carport. That’s important! Nathan shows up at school while Haley and Peyton are walking around outside. JUST WHEN DOES SCHOOL START?! Haley’s been telling Peyton that she told Lucas something like this might happen, regarding Brooke. Peyton says, 10 points for Haley. Of course, Haley doesn’t blink or take offense because, well, she was right. So Nathan drives up, he doesn’t like Peyton’s joke about how he got the car and she skedaddles. He tells Haley his dad is trying to control him. Haley tells him to give it back but he says he won’t because he’s going to take his parents for all they’re worth. Haley’s all, Mkay. I like how she knows sometimes you’ve just got to listen to people. He asks how her night was. She says she tried to get Sheryl Crow tickets on EBay, but no luck. She says there are more auctions that night. Nathan says she can try at his house later, he has DSL. This excites Haley, as it would excite anyone back then. DSL was da bomb after suffering through dial up. Nobody will ever wax poetic about the good ol’ days of dial up because there were none, they sucked. If some ever does lament its passing it’s because they want you to punch them in the face.

Innyway, Nathan goes to see his mom after school and she still won’t tell him her dirty little secret that’s keeping him Dan’s captive. The next day Haley shows up at the the Cafe. She realizes she’s a prop, but a steady gig is a steady gig. So moments before she walked in, Karen had convinced Deb that she should tell Nathan her secret. They ask Haley how her ticket hunt went and Haley says they got sniped, she won’t be seeing Sheryl Crow this time.  That stinks. Haley says Nathan is still at Casa de Scott. Deb goes to see him. She proceeds to tell Nathan that she had an affair and lived with the man for awhile. Nathan remembers that summer and how he had called her everyday to tell her what a terror Dan was being. He thought she was working. He’s very angry with his mom and walks out in a huff, not wanting to live with either one anymore. He goes to see Haley at the Cafe. She says he has options, they’ll look them up together. Later that night he presents Deb with a petition for emancipation. His lawyer says he has a case. Deb is really very upset and Nathan leaves. He goes to see Haley at the Cafe. He’s sitting while she closes up when in walks…Sheryl Crow! Now, that was pretty cool. Haley totally geeks out and is a real spaz. However, she keeps her cool enough so that when Sheryl asks how much she owes for the coffee, Haley charges a her a song per a cup. Go Haley! Sheryl sings The First Cut is the Deepest. I really did like that song when she came out with it. It’s better than the original. Unfortunately, Sarah Machllkjsldfjl never shows up. Sad face.


Dan has just given Nathan a car and he is dumbfounded that Nathan isn’t more grateful. He decides to spend the rest of his day upsetting people. He starts by going to basketball practice to give Nathan back his bag. He encounters Lucas and tries to hold the door open for him. Lucas is all, I can get my own door. Well, yeah, Lucas, we all can. Lucas turns back around when Dan says, You’re welcome. Lucas is all, What? You want me to be grateful to you for saving my life? You do one decent thing and I’m supposed to be grateful? Well, yeah, Lucas, it was a nice thing to do and he hasn’t asked for anything in return. Dan is all, You’re right, I only saved you so that I could see you suffer as my real son excelled, is that what you want to hear? Lucas obviously takes him seriously and huffs out all butthurt. See, this is why Dan doesn’t do nice things. He waits for Nathan outside to give him his bag, but Nathan is all, Buzz off! Dan is so confused why he even thought of being partly decent today so he heads over to see his brother. He sees that Keith has his shop up for sale and offers to buy it, hire Keith on as an employee and then Keith can buy it back when the show turns a profit. Keith is skeptical, he doesn’t know. Dan assures Keith that he can be his own boss, Dan will just be a silent owner. He tells Keith to think about it. Later the next night Deb goes over to the beach house to show him the emancipation petition Nathan just handed her. Dan looks at it and starts to plot Haley’s death.


Keith is a loser. He can’t help his loser ways. His brother comes to see him and he considers the offer. Karen walks in later that night and asks why he’s selling. He says as it turns out, he’s just restructuring and he’s found a financial backer. Karen says she’ll take a loan out against the Cafe and write him a check. He says no, the backer is legit. Karen says don’t do anything stupid, knowing full well that being stupid is breathing to Keith. He goes to see Dan the next day to finalize the deal. Dan hands him a contract that Dan’s lawyer has gone over and found to be fair. Keith doesn’t read it or say he’ll have a lawyer look at it. He signs it. The next day he goes to his shop and it’s now Dan Scott Motors Repair Annex. A strange man introduces himself as Keith’s boss. He goes up to Dan is all, What the hey? Keith wants out. Dan says they made a business deal, if he’s out, then Dan owns the shop fair and square. Keith hates Dan.


Brooke sees Peyton at school and gives her a dirty look. Later she sees her at cheer practice and scowls at her some more. Then she passes by Lucas and gives him a dirty look. He says he’s sorry. She doesn’t want his sorry and just wants Peyton and Lucas to git. After practice Peyton tries to reason with her, but Brooke is not having it.  Later that night, Peyton is in her room working on her comic of 2 girls and a guy shooting a bandaged heart with the number three on it. Deep. She stares at her webcam and unplugs it. Yay! Karen calls her on Lucas’s phone to ask if she’s seen Lucas. He left in a huff and he just got out of the hospital so she’s a bit worried. Peyton says she doesn’t know where he is. Karen says she tried calling Brooke but got no answer. She asks if Peyton will call Brooke to see if he’s with her. Woman, don’t you listen? Lucas just told you that Brooke HATES him. Sheesh. Peyton says she’ll help. Peyton walks into Brooke’s room, interrupting a night in of take out and channels surfing, one of our nation’s greatest ways to pass the time. I personally love channel surfing. I also love the new fangled channel surfing of scrolling through all of the little boxes on Netflix to see all of the shows/movies I could be watching if scrolling through the boxes wasn’t so mesmerizing. It’s really the best. Innyway, Brooke is all, Yuck. But then she comes through and knows where he would be. She takes Peyton to the bar where she took Lucas on their first date. He’s not there. She finds his sling and the bartender says that guy left with someone. He asks if they want a drink. They each order a beer. They sit and talk and rehash their old arguments. Brooke let’s Peyton know that she understand that Lucas could be so cold, but to be betrayed by her best friend is just the ultimate betrayal that she doesn’t intend on forgiving. Peyton’s had enough for the evening and leaves because she has to watch Jenny in the morning. Brooke’s all, You move fast. Peyton’s all, It’s a favor for a friend. Peyton leaves and a guy takes her spot. Brooke’s all, Yeah, not happening.


Lucas has not had the best week. Much of it because of deciding to be a jerk. Skills finds him lifting little weights in the lockeroom. He’s all, Luke, why you doing that? Lucas is all, The physical therapist just makes me stretch, I need to build muscle to get back to the game because I don’t wanna lose my spot. Skills is all, You’re gonna mess yourself up and then you won’t even get to play street ball. Tim walks in to let Lucas know coach wants to see him at practice. Lucas runs into Brooke. She hates him. Whitey tells Lucas to quit working on his shoulder. He wants him in the gym on the sidelines, not in the weight room. Lucas is all, I do what I want and runs into Dan who ruins his huffy exit. He leaves the gym after Dan embarrasses him.

Almost like Episode 1. 

Later that night he has dinner with Haley and his mom at the Cafe, like old times! But not really because he’s turned into a real baby brat. Haley makes a spleen joke, he’s not amused. I feel that. He still can’t use his slinged arm, his mom asked how PT went. He says it was a waste of time. She asks how school went. He says Brooke hates him and Peyton won’t talk to him. Haley says it is just like old times. He’s still not amused. I get it. He then tells Karen what Dan said and she’s all he didn’t mean it. Lucas is all, don’t defend him. Well, in this instance it’s actually ok to defend Dan because it’s obvious to everybody that HE DIDN’T MEAN IT. Karen says that Dan did save his life. Lucas says, Whatever that’s worth. Haley tells him to snap out of it. Instead he just snaps and decides it’s time for a change and leaves the cafe in a huff. Karen and Haley are all, Not impressed with his behavior, no funsville.

He goes to the bar Brooke took him to because they don’t mind fake IDs. He removes his sling and orders a beer and the bartender tells him the lady over there paid for it. Lucas goes and sits with her. She seems older, she doesn’t seem like she’s an adult pretending to be a sophomore in high school pretending to be an adult. She seems straight up full fledged adult. He tells her his name, but she won’t tell him hers.  She shows him some cool tricks involving fire. They flirt and then she’s ready to get out of there. She says, “I’m Nikki”. It’s weird she said that because earlier in the scene she got all on Lucas’s case for saying, “I’m Lucas”. She told him that his name is Lucas and he said he is Lucas like he’s the only one. I don’t get it. This is all Jake’s fault. Shut up, Jake and Shut up, Nikki! They leave. She takes him to the mall where she used to work. The mall is closed, but they got in because she still has a key. What? Well, there is a HUGE carousel in the middle of the lobby, she turns it on. She seduces Lucas on the ride. It’s tedious. She removes clothing, we fade out of this, pretty sure they did it.

We cut to them at the Cafe. She tells him she knows he’s in high school, but that’s ok because she likes ’em young. OMG…What? She has eaten her whole banana split and then starts in on Lucas’s leftover eggs. He food shames her. But she doesn’t care because she gonna eat it. She starts being wise sagey with him and he’s really into it. He then turns the tables on her and asks her her darkest secret. She sends him for Tabasco and disappears. Lucas goes back to his room where his mom is waiting. He smooth talks her so that she doesn’t make him pay for being a real jerk. He smooth talks her good! He’s back to being nice Lucas. Apparently, he just needed to get laid.

The next morning Skills comes over a and brings him an old basketball they signed when they were little kids. They promised to make those signatures worth something one day. SPOILER ALERT: Nope. He says it’s Lucas’s turn to hold onto it so that he can focus and do what he’s supposed to do to get his shoulder better. He tells him that no matter what he’s always got the guys down at the River Court. Or something like that. It’s cute. Later he goes to see Whitey to let him know that if he needs to be replaced on the team so the team can stay undefeated, then he will support that decision. He’s come a long way since yesterday. Later that night he decides he wants to hear from Brooke again about how much she hates him. He goes to her door to upset her. He says he’s sorry. She says save it. He’s just a liar and cheater like all the other guys. She gives him his sling back and lets him know that  he doesn’t owe her any explanations because she’s not his girlfriend or even his friend. Lucas is sad face. He’s even more sad face when he goes back home to discover that Peyton has unplugged her webcam.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Lucas has a case of the mopes. Brooke hates everybody. Nathan can’t stand his parents anymore.

BEST PART: Sheryl Crow stopping by the Cafe for some coffee and singing for Haley. Duh!

LESSON LEARNED: Life is hard.

BEST LINE: “Look, Luke, being a teenager is hard; honestly, it’s all hard.” – Karen Rowe to Lucas Scott    So true Karen. So true.

Until next time…tooda loos!