June 17, 2016

This episode is so fun! I liked it when it aired and liked it on subsequent rewatches. This rewatch is no different. It’s great to see our kids having some genuine fun.

This episode starts off bright and sunny…and cheery. Lucas and Haley are walking together, which is rare these days. Lucas asks Haley to come to the basketball tournament. She says she will. Nathan walks up and Lucas skedaddles. She tells Nathan she’ll be going to the Classic with them this weekend. He’s excited. He shares news that he got an apartment. It drained his savings to pay for first and last month’s rent, but things are looking up. They walk to somewhere else together. I would say class, but who really knows the schedule at this school.

Our focus is drawn to Brooke and Peyton and the rest of the cheer squad. They are having an outdoor practice…before school? Again, I’m not sure if it’s before school or not. Brooke is being extra hard on the team because the Secret Cheer Classic is also happening this weekend. {Yes, this episode brought to you by Secret at the expense of repeated implications that Teresa’s underarms stink, probably because she doesn’t use Secret.} The Ravens never win or place and Brooke would like for that to change. Peyton of course thinks that Brooke is being extra harsh on the girls because of her, once again failing to realize that THEY ARE AT CHEER PRACTICE. Brooke assures her it has nothing to do with her and everything to do with winning. She recruits Mouth (ugh) to spy on other cheer teams, she’ll pay him. He of course has to be pervy and say he’ll spy on cheerleaders for free. Go away, Mouth!

Whitey pulls Lucas and Nathan into his office. He wants Lucas to help Nathan with creating space when being double teamed. He tells Nathan that Lucas is great at creating space to take open shots. {He’s telling this to the leading scorer on his team. The leading scorer before Lucas, during Lucas, and after Lucas. The leading scorer by a mile, no one else is even in the conversation. No one else will ever even be in the conversation. It would seem to me he finds plenty of ways to get the ball through the net. But whatevs.} Nathan is of course very upset by this. Later that night he goes to the River Court with Lucas, but he doesn’t want to shoot the fade away. He thinks it’s soft and he wants to take the rock to the hole. He walks off saying he’s gonna dominate the Classic without him, no problem.

Deb and Karen are at the Cafe. Deb is working behind the counter and Karen is sitting around doing nothing as per usual. Deb is sad that her son wants to divorce her too. Karen says, no worries, it’ll be ok, he’ll come around. Why is Deb even talking to Karen right now? Karen gave her the awful advice that led to Nathan not wanting anything to do with Deb. Isn’t it all Karen’s fault that this has happened? Oh, it’s not? Deb can automatically accept that it’s not Karent’s fault, that maybe Nathan makes his own decisions? How mature, Deb. I’m not entirely sure how to wrap up my point other than to say she’s more mature than Karen. Keith walks in and orders a cup of coffee. He can barely look at Karen. She tells him to come over for dinner one night like he used to. He says he’ll come over tomorrow and leaves. In walks one of the Booster moms. She says a mom pulled out and they need a replacement chaperone for the Classic. Deb has divorce proceedings so she can’t go. The mom shames Karen by asking how Italy was and reciting all of the Booster events she missed. Karen agrees to go. Even though we all know Karen does nothing all day so I would imagine she’ll do even less when there’s no money in it for her.

Let’s quickly rundown Keith’s storyline. He’s such a loser and it’s so sad. His one big win of the episode is getting to hit a cardboard cut out of Dan in the nads with a basketball. Some characters are created to lose at every turn and Keith is that character. He goes to his shop and it’s transformed even more into a state of the art facility. It’s got a team of workers, state of the art machines, and more cars in need of service than he would see in a month. Dan must be THE DEVIL! Needless to say, Keith is not happy with the changes and Dan is ubercondescending. Later the next night Karen has to call and tell him that she had to go to the Classic in Charlotte so she won’t be able to make it to dinner. He’s getting ready to go when she calls him. He had even gone to buy a new shirt as evidenced by the price tag still hanging off of it. He tells her no probs, he was going to have to cancel anyway because he got swamped at work. Poor dum dum loser Keith, he is such an afterthought to Karen that she didn’t think to call him right away the day before. She got roped into the Classic literally seconds after making the dinner date with him. She could’ve left him a message at ANYTIME the day before. Instead she calls him the next day from another town. Maybe she and Dan do belong together, they both like to make Keith feel itty bitty small. The next day Keith quits his job because he doesn’t want to work for Dan anymore. Dan’s REALLY mean to Keith. Like he sees Keith and he can only think of insulting things to say. The day after Karen gets back from the Classic he goes to the Cafe and finds Karen sitting and laughing with Peyton’s dad. They look up and tell him hi, but he just walks away. Awkward.

So, it’s time to get going to the Classic. The basketball team and the cheerleaders are arriving at school to load the buses. Karen and Peyton’s dad are introduced to each other and they quickly establish that neither one of them will be a very good chaperone. Whitey is fussing at Brooke over by a bus because he says she can’t take all of her cheer equipment. This makes no sense that they wouldn’t have an established way of transporting the cheerleaders with their stuff and the basketball team with their stuff. The Classic is supposed to happen every year! So, instead of putting it all in Karen’s car, Nathan offers to drive it and Whitey reluctantly agrees. Nathan tells Hales to go with him, but she says Lucas is saving her a spot on the bus. He’s tacky and she asks Lucas if it’s ok she rides with Nathan. Lucas is sad face, but says ok. None of this is a true story. I’m not happy with Haley’s decision here. Lucas is the one that invited her. But since I know the future, it doesn’t ruin her character for me or anything. It didn’t ruin it for me back then either. In fact, this episode will establish that Haley and Whitey are trying in their own separate ways to get Lucas and Nathan to like each other.

Whitey hands out the room assignments and of course Nathan and Lucas are in the same room (they don’t get along). Brooke and Peyton also share a room (they make a cheer truce). Jake and Mouth are paired (ugh, shut up, who cares?). I think Haley sleeps in the hallway. Teresa has to go home because she ends up having a nasty case of the chicken pox. Peyton recruits Haley to replace Teresa for the competition. Haley reluctantly agrees as she isn’t very coordinated. No worries, Brooke is such a great choreographer and Haley such a good student of anything that she looks like a pro during the finished product. Back it up a bit, due to the need for a replacement, they must have an all night cheer practice. During the night time after curfew practice that Karen looks the other way on, the Warriors, their rival, are also out and about. Peyton sticks up for Brooke and the petitness of everyone makes Peyton look like a giant! So, she’s pretty intimidating. Mouth demonstrates the Warriors’s routine and tells them that they are using the same song as them. Brooke decides they need a whole new routine and music. Peyton tells her to take care of the routine and she’ll take care of the music.

The basketball team goes out to a strip club that doesn’t check IDs that Tim knows about. It turns out that it’s ladies night and it’s male strippers. This episode solidifies the new direction of Tim as clown. The guys go back to the hotel and Nathan and Lucas go check out the gym. They have a conversation about stuff. They go back to the hotel and the girls are in the hot tub. Haley has on a cheerleading uniform and the girls cheer. Brooke tells her she looks good. Nathan sees her and is excited. Tim comes and tackles him into the pool. Everyone starts having lots of fun. Nathan tries to drown Tim, but it looks like they are just playing. When Lucas sees Haley he is not impressed and says she looks ridiculous. Ouch, not nice! Haley is sad face that Lucas would make her feel bad considering his last two girlfriends were cheerleaders. She exits as Whitey enters to end all of this after curfew fun. Cut to him yelling at Karen and Peyton’s dad and it’s pretty funny.

In Lucas and Nathan’s room, it’s 4 AM and Nathan is still awake playing a handheld electronic basketball game. Lucas wakes up and they say tacky things to each her. Nathan then calls out Lucas for being such a  jerk to Haley all night. Lucas laments that she used to be a totally original Haley. Nathan says Haley is still Haley, she’s just dating him, maybe it’s Lucas that has the problem. And he’s right, for all intents and purposes, Haley is the character we were introduced to at the start of the season, she’s just dating Nathan. Is she not still dorky, embarrassing, sweet, smart, goofy, etc.? It’s Lucas that keeps having the lapses in personality that cause him to hurt everyone around him. Lucas has deep thoughts about it.

The next day at the Secret Sparkle Classic, the girls compete for a trophy. They do very well. They don’t place, but Brooke does win best original choreography. Yay! After the routine, Haley goes and jumps in Nathan’s arms, bypassing Lucas. He seems hurt. I guess he didn’t go apologize first thing that morning. He really should apologize. Telling a teenage girl she looks ridiculous really does sting.

Oh, Haley.

Later he goes to the room she’s squatting in to apologize. They have a heart to heart about what’s going on. She says she doesn’t spend any more time with him than he spent with Brooke. He says he knows, he just misses his friend. She misses him too, but it’s hard juggling the two of them. Basically, she sweetly explains that if he and Nathan would just get along they could all hangout together! Lucas is all, I’ll think about it. Then he asks if she’ll sit with him during the tournament. She’s all, But of course! She touches his bad shoulder and he winces. That’s so Haley!

Whitey gets his 500th win on a last second fade away shot by Nathan. Haley is excited because Lucas was obvy cheering for Nathan even if he doesn’t admit it. Nathan shoots Lucas a smile and a point, crediting him with a part in his ability to make that shot. It’s all so sweet. The next day they all arrive back at school. Brooke calls Haley by her name and not Tutor Girl. Lucas and Nathan have a nice chat in which they are not tacky with each other. Haley walks up and is excited. Then some rando dude they don’t know says hi to Haley. NOBODY knows what that’s about. Lucas walks away and says he’ll see them later. Haley points out to Nathan that Lucas said y’all (well, he should’ve, but he says “you guys”). Nathan tells her not to get ahead of herself. He’s heading to his apartment, but I guess he drives her home because she’s not with him when we see him at his unfurnished, completely empty apartment. As they are about to drive away Nathan looks around as all of the other guys are being met by their smiling and loving parents. Poor Nathan.

Lucas catches up with Peyton in the parking lot and they watch as their parents flirt. Then Peyton goes and talks to Brooke who lets her know that the cheer truce is over and in the real world, she still hates her. Peyton assures Brooke that she’s going to prove she’s still her friend. Brooke cries in her room later and rips pictures. She’s better off than Keith who now has no job, no business, and only one box of stuff from his former shop, and no relationship with Karen to show for all of his troubles.

I guess that hits all the big things that happen in this episode. It’s good character development with some fun stuff. They can still be teenagers with drama that still know how to have a good time!

Episode Notes:
PLOT: It’s time for the Classic cheer competition and basketball tournament in Charlotte. Wackiness ensues.

BEST PART: The reveal of Whitey yelling at Karen and Peyton’s dad. It’s genuinely a funny moment to me. Haha.

LESSON LEARNED: If your brother is only ever horrible to you, NEVER enter into a business arrangement with him.

BEST LINE: “So Karen, how was Italy? You know we really missed you at the silent auction and the pancake breakfast and the bake sale and-” – Booster Mom to Karen Rowe   HAHA

Until next time…tooda loos!