June 19, 2016

It’s Father’s Day! I didn’t plan it this way, it’s just fate, but this episode falls on a relevant day. Is Lucas going to be a father? Is Dan ever going to not be a horrible father? Is Keith’s getting to be a father figure going to be enough for him? Is Jake going to stay a single dad? I don’t know, let’s find out!

Lucas gets to spend the whole episode wondering if Brooke really is pregnant. She says she’s late. At 15, one’s cycle can be irregular, but I guess since she’s sexually active there’s cause for concern. He goes with her to buy a test, but they only buy one. Don’t they watch TV? On TV, people always buy like 5 different ones. Well, it’s positive. He takes out some anger on Nathan in the locker room. He gets in his face about making out with Peyton last night and implies that Nathan doesn’t really care about Haley after all. Nathan’s all, What’s your damage? I kissed Peyton like you kissed Haley, following the rules, that’s all it was. He asks what’s really going on and Lucas leaves.

Lucas takes Brooke to the clinic to get a blood test. Dan passes by and sees them. He pays Lucas a little visit and tells him that he should tell her to get an abortion. Dan told Karen to get one but she refused and she made a mistake. Dan is a real piece of work. Lucas goes and talks to Jake and they talk things through. Jake tells him how he and Nikki talked about an abortion as an option. Lucas says he will go along with whatever Brooke decides is best for Brooke. Brooke gets a call from the doctor with the results. She let’s Lucas think she’s pregnant. She’s not. She’s not pregnant, instead because he basically calls her a slut, she makes him squirm awhile. Days! She makes him squirm for days!

Lucas tells his mom that Brooke is pregnant and she slaps him. Whenever The Chad and Moira interact, CMM really gives his all in portraying Lucas as only being like 15. Very good. They have a heart to heart. He tells her how Dan told her to get an abortion. He wants to know how close he was to not existing. Karen said she wanted Lucas and that’s all there is to it. He goes to see Brooke and tells her that he’ll be there for her no matter what decision she makes. She tells him she’s not pregnant. Lucas gets upset. She’s actually still angry about how he cheated on her with her best friend. He looks at her like I really can’t apologize enough. I’m sure “get over it” is on the tip of his tongue. He didn’t mean to hurt her. She says it doesn’t matter because it hurts all the same. Sad face for Lucas and sad face for Brooke. I feel bad for Brooke in this episode because we spend a lot of time seeing Lucas go from person to person. He has this huge support network that he can talk to and work things out with and everything. Brooke, she has none of that. For all intents and purposes, she’s completely alone with no one to turn to that’s just for her.

Is there somebody behind me? 
OMG, someone’s watching them! No, it’s just the film crew visible in the mirror behind Brooke’s head. I think the deal here is that this show was shot to be shown in 4:3, but they transferred it to DVD in 16:9 so we are seeing parts of the film we were never supposed to see. If I’m not mistaken, Joss Whedon was faced with this dilemma, but he must have some clout because he refused to let them transfer Buffy to dvd in a non 4:3 ratio format even though everyone really wanted it. But if it was, then it would have the myriad crew visibility issues that OTH does. This issue will show up again in Season 2 for sure. You see, back when this show started, not everyone had a flat panel TV. Most people had the regular square televisions and that’s how most shows aired. This show aired in 4:3 as not everyone had access to an HD feed of the channel either. The things we take for granted now. [I could’ve just made all of that up. Or could I have?]

Lucas goes to tell his mom that Brooke isn’t preggers after all. She asks if he’s ok, he says he’s not. They hug and he thanks her for everything. Roll credits. Not gonna lie, got kinda misty.

Jake hates Nikki. Jake wants Nikki to go away. Jake will never give Nikki another chance. Dear Nikki, get a clue. Dear Jake, shut up! Seriously, when Nikki first enters the scene she’s actually pretty reasonable. Because of Jake thinking the worst of her, she’s going to go ahead and try and prove him right. Everything that happens is Jake’s fault. Nikki visits Peyton at school and tells her she can go away now because Jenny already has a mom. Peyton’s all, Um, first, I don’t want to be a mom. Second, you’re  acting crazy. Peyton walks away. A couple nights later Nikki goes to visit Lucas to reveal herself as Jenny’s mom. She asks that he not tell Jake about what happened between them. She had no idea he knew Jake at the time. Which is true. She thinks she still has a chance at not being seen as a Dan in Jenny’s life. Dear Nikki, you have no chance. At the end of the episode Jake and Peyton are sitting  on his couch watching a movie. She’s holding Jenny and puts a pillow behind his head so he can get some shut eye. Nikki sees them in the window. Babies raisin’ babies, babies raisin’ babies. Nothing else to say.

Keith gets a solid rejection from Karen. She realized in Italy that she’s been living in a small world and she needs to find out more about herself or some such. She basically finally says, it hasn’t happened in 15 years dude, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. She does say that he’s been a great father figure for Lucas, he means the world to her and he’s her best friend. Keith grunts audibly from the pain of being officially Friendzoned. Loser. He leaves all heartbroken. He tells Deb about it and she asks what Lucas thinks. Um, Deb, who cares? Like Karen can make her own decisions, ok? He doesn’t know what Lucas thinks. He talks to Lucas about things when Lucas goes to see him to ask about why he stayed and helped Karen out when she had him. And Lucas apologizes for being a jerk while his mom was in Italy. As Lucas leaves, Keith gets all cryptic and tells him how much he loves him and that he’ll always be there for him even though he may not be around as much. Then Keith goes to see Karen to tell her that he’s heading out of Tree Hill. She thinks it’s because of her but he’s says it’s because of him. She did him a favor by soundly rejecting him at every turn. He never meant to live in Tree Hill forever. Keith leaves to go pawn the engagement ring. He’s going to leave Tree Hill to go find a shaman that can cure him of being a Loser.

Dan is the worst father ever! I don’t care what small good stuff he does here and there, he always ruins it by being EVIL! He tells Lucas that Karen should’ve aborted him. He goes to visit Deb to try and get Nathan’s address. She refuses to give it up. She says she’s already been over to give him food. He asks if Nathan asked her for money. She says he didn’t but she left him some anyway. Dan is really very upset and says if she helps him he’s never coming back home. Dan eventually finds out where Nathan lives by running a credit check. Dan tells him he’s going to hit rock bottom because he won’t be able to hack it in the real world and keep up with his game. Nathan tells him to go away. Dan leaves. A couple days later Lucas pays Dan a visit at the dealership. Lucas wants to let him know that he gets how Dan could’ve been so selfish now. Dan’s excited! But then Lucas turns it on him and basically tells him that he has no intention of being anything like him. Dan tells him that’s what he thought, but then he grew up and Lucas will too. Lucas looks at him and grins, like, yeah right Dan, you grew up big man. Dan’s the biggest baby on the show and Lucas knows it. Everyone but Dan knows it actually. Later that same night Dan is in his office at the dealership. He pulls out a lockbox and opens it. Inside is a bday card from Nathan and an envelope of pictures. OMG, it’s Lucas, he has pictures and newspaper clippings of Lucas as a little boy. Yeah, no, sorry Dan, I know the future. Means nothing. Can’t fool me!

So that takes care of all the fathers out there. SPOILER ALERT: Nathan’s going to be father in a couple seasons which means technically, right now, he is a dad. So, here goes.

Haley goes into Nathan’s apartment first thing in the morning. He is still asleep. He says he didn’t hear her come in and they kiss. Ew. Morning breath. Ew. He tells her that not everyone gets up at 6 AM. Well, if she didn’t, Nathan, then no one would open the Cafe for breakfast. Who would make the coffee?! Karen? That bum? Anyway, he’s happy to see her. The alarm goes off and she reaches over to turn it off. Nathan sees the tattoo. He has shocked face. She says she’ll turn his shower on for him and he says thanks. He doesn’t mention what he just saw. He goes to school and gets accosted by Lucas and sets him straight. Later that night he and Haley are getting back from the pool. He asks if she’s hungry and she implies she just wants to make out. He says he doesn’t want to. She asks what up, since when doesn’t he want to make out?  Nathan tells her since this morning when he saw that she got a tattoo of his number. He can’t believe she’ll do something so permanent but won’t have sex with him. She says tattoos can be removed, sex is a big deal and she doesn’t want to feel pressure about it. He says he’s not pressuring her. She’s all, you just did, Jerkface. He goes to heat up some food.

The next day Hales is in Peyton’s room and they’re talking. Haley thinks Nathan might start looking elsewhere for sex. Peyton thinks maybe Nathan’s not the one. Haley tells her that’s not it, she’s a complete idiot for him, she’s in love with him. Peyton says that’s farther than she ever went with him. Haley doesn’t find that helpful I don’t think. Meanwhile, Nathan is getting accosted by his dad. He tells Dan to go away. Haley comes by to visit later and sees that he’s making a For Sale sign for his car. He doesn’t care what Dan thinks because it’s his car. She says if he needs extra money, she can give him some. He’s cool towards her. She asks what the problem is now. He says he doesn’t want her to feel pressured. She apologizes and says it’s not fair to him. He says it’s not fair to her and not to apologize. He walks away and Haley is confused. Haley talks to Lucas at the Cafe. She makes them a burger and fries. She cooks too? He tells her he can’t tell her how to live her life, but he wishes he had waited. He does not tell her that Brooke’s pregs. Nathan goes to get the title for the car at Casa de Scott. Deb tells him he can come back home anytime he wants. He says he doesn’t want to come back. He asks why she cheated on Dan. She says because…reasons. But whatever the reasons they weren’t worth losing Nathan over now. Nathan leaves his mother to sit in a giant house all by herself. Deb just sits there and so begins her descent into madness which will be symbolized by the length of her hair. It’s getting longer…it’ll get longer. [And her boobs. I wish I was kidding, but the “crazier” she gets, the more prominent her boobs.]

Later that night Nathan and Haley are sitting on a bench…at the bus stop? Neither of them has a car now so that must be where they are. Innyway, Haley asks if he thinks she’s a tease. He says no way, she’s his girlfriend and he likes spending time with her. Haley is not satisfied by this answer. He says he doesn’t want to pressure her. She says he isn’t. He says he is because she went and got a tattoo and obvy this whole relationship is a big deal to her. He says he doesn’t want to pressure her and drive her away but sometimes he can’t help it. He says that he’s in love with her and it scares him, but there it is. She’s bowled over by this answer. Everyone all over the world does a collective SQUEEEEEEEE! She gives him a kiss and says she loves him too. Nathan is excited. They kiss some more. Seriously, when this aired. OMG.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Brooke thinks she’s pregnant and Lucas reacts.

BEST PART: Duh, Naley on the bench. What makes this the best part is not just that it is but that it’s a big moment that sticks. I mean like everything that goes on in this episode is not really going to matter all that much later. But all of Nathan and Haley’s relationship talk culminating in them saying, “I love you”, is a declaration of love as a relationship solidifier that’s a series long commitment. That’s very rare on soaps, daytime and nighttime. In retrospect, even today, it’s a breath of fresh air for TV land.

LESSON LEARNED: All kinds of parents exist, it’s up to you what kind you want to be.

BEST LINE: “That doesn’t really matter, Lucas, ’cause in the end it all hurts just the same.” – Brooke Davis to Lucas Scott     Agreed!

Until next time…tooda loos!