June 21, 2016

Ok, so in the previouslies it looks like Nathan has a balcony area somewhere. So maybe the door was behind Lucas. Idk, it’s weird staging.

Innyway, we start out with Lucas in bed. We ar subjected to CMM’s pepperoni nipples. Nathan comes knocking on his door. Lucas tells him it’s 6AM and he doesn’t want to go running. They go running. Nathan has a whole morning planned. It will consist of conditioning and watching game tapes because Lucas needs help, Nathan is grateful for his standing up to Dan and Nathan wants to win the big game. Lucas asks him about what Dan said the other night and Nathan tells him that it’s just more of Dan’s mind games.

In Gloom Town we see Peyton has turned her webcam back on and she was changing. She didn’t realize it, but it’s important! Her dad walks in to tell her that he’s got a gig in the Florida Keys and he’ll be back in a week. He also asks if it’s ok with her he’s seeing Karen. She says he can do whatever, but what if it was a problem for her. He says she’d just have to get used to it. They laugh and he tells her to shut the camera off as he leaves. Um, does Karen know she’s seeing Larry?

Meanwhile at Casa de Squints, Lucas confronts Karen about what Dan meant. It turns out that Karen kept a secret that Dan did come back to Tree Hill after Lucas was born and asked for joint custody. She, of course, didn’t trust him. Dan’s lawyer said that since he abandoned Lucas and Karen and then got another girl pregs, things didn’t look good for him so Dan walked away from it. She tells Lucas that turning Dan down was a risk she had to take. You would think that knowing what he knows now about Dan he would tell his mom, Wow, you really dodged a bullet, great job! But no. He goes to school full of angst.

Lucas tries to talk to Peyton. She asks him if it’s to tell lies or things that aren’t true. Peyton, don’t be Nikki. She’s annoying! She refuses to talk and walks over to Brooke. They stare back at him like, Ew. He stares a meaningful stare as they walk away. Inside at basketball practice and cheer practice, Brooke goes and talks to Peyton and slut shames Lucas (hypocrite) and then asks Peyton if they’re back to ho’s over bros. Well Brooke, if that ever truly was the case, y’all wouldn’t be in this mess! Peyton’s just excited that Brooke’s talking to her again. They’re going to take baby steps in getting back together and Peyton’s all, Let’s go to the mall! Whitey calls the team in at the end of practice. He tells them that he’ll be in surgery next week for his eyes so he’ll be missing the first playoff game. The JV coach will be his stand-in. Nathan tells Lucas it’s going to be up to them because JV sucks which means the coach sucks, I guess.

Lucas goes to visit Keith to ask him if he knew about Dan. Keith says he had no idea. Dan had told him before but he had called Dan a liar. Lucas asks if he thinks it would’ve been different if Dan had been given a chance. Lucas thinks that the moment Karen denied him custody is the moment Dan became the DEVIL! He says it’s easier to hate a guy that never cared. Instead of Keith saying that Dan was always an ass it really had nothing to do with you and good for your mom saving you from a life with Dan, he instead gives a meaningful stare of consideration.

The next day at Nathan’s apartment, Haley goes over to use Nathan’s cable modem. Omg, how fast technology changes. We were just excited a few episodes back about DSL. Like I said, cable got into the Internet game because of this show. Nathan runs down what his day will be today. First he’s going to practice, then to pick up an extra shift at the mall so he can keep his woman in cable modems, and then go train with Lucas. Haley’s all, wow, what’d you do to my boyfriend? He says that she wanted him to cut Lucas some slack. She asks if it’s also to stick it to Dan. He says no, I’m going to do that by erasing him from the record books. He gives her a kiss on the forehead and leaves. What, are they married? SPOILER ALERT: Not yet. Haley is not only going to use his interwebs connection, she’s also going to use his laptop. Dun Dun Dun.

Dan goes to see Whitey after hearing that he won’t be coaching the first playoff game. Dan wants to coach, but Whitey knows better and says NO. Dan leaves in a huff. Don’t worry, later on he’ll be waiting in Whitey’s office to tell him he had an emergency meeting with the athletic board or some such. The board went against Whitey’s decision and is allowing Dan to coach. But we all saw that coming, right?

At the River Court Lucas and Nathan are practicing. Lucas shoots…air ball! Nathan calls him Haley. Lucas then goes on about Dan some more. He’s like obsessed with him! He asks Nathan if Dan ever mentioned him. Nathan says Dan and Deb used to argue about him all of the time so he knew Lucas existed. He decided to feel about Lucas whatever way Dan felt about Lucas so he hated him. He knows that sounds dumb, but he was just a kid. Lucas tells him that Dan wanted joint custody and this surprises Nathan. Lucas wonders what it would’ve been like if they got to grow up together, he thinks maybe they could’ve teamed up against Dan. (So Lucas, if you’re teaming up against Dan in this scenario, then the theory you proposed to Keith earlier that maybe Dan wouldn’t be the DEVIL! is moot. No?) Nathan says they could’ve killed each other too and that Lucas really didn’t miss out on anything.

Back to Haley on Nathan’s laptop. She’s writing a paper about Darwin. Zzzzz…She uses the internets to look up a publication year. I assume she’s going to type Origin of Species, but as she types Origin it auto fills as Original Sin – HOT, NASTY, GIRLS! She clicks on the link and then checks his favorites. It has more naughty sights bookmarked. She is sad faced.

Keith goes to visit Karen at Casa de Squints. He busts up in there and accosts Karen about the news he just learned from Lucas about Dan. Karen’s just trying to fold her laundry, she doesn’t need this right now. Instead of saying to Keith, Let me stop you there, I’m Lucas’s mom and I made what was obviously the best decision for him end of story…she tells him he has a right to be upset. He says he had a right to know. She asks what it would’ve changed, would he have loved Lucas any less? He says no, but he might’ve formed a different opinion of his brother. She reminds him that his opinion of his brother predates Lucas. He says that’s besides the point, there’s that one time his brother didn’t lie and now he’s mad at her. She says well she was nervous that he might take Dan’s side because that’s his brother. They were just kids and that seems like a reasonable fear to have. Keith says he can’t believe she would think that. Then he leaves. Um, Keith, you and Lucas are essentially taking Dan’s side on this. So, shut up, Loser!

At the mall, Peyton and Brooke are walking around with Jenny. They stop to look at a lingerie window and Peyton does this weird maneuver where she swings Jenny’s stroller behind her and leans back on it. Then it seems like she lets go. What? Who does that?! Nikki of course had probably been stalking them and teaches them a valuable lesson. She has taken Jenny out of the stroller without them even noticing and then they’re all mad at her. She says it’s a good thing she was there because anybody could’ve just scooped Jenny up and been gone. She tells them she’s going to take her daughter shopping. Peyton and Brooke follow her. Brooke then goes to alert security and Peyton tries to find her phone in her tiny purse but can’t. Her phone must not be in there. She sees Nikki go into what looks like a video store. Instead of going in after her, she finds a phone kiosk that has a working cell so she can call Jake at the Cafe, but he’s not there. Brooke comes back with a security guard who tells them not to worry, they’ll find her.

Lucas and Nathan go back to the apartment to sad Haley who still has the homepage of the porn site up on the screen at the ready. Nathan points out how he and Lucas got along for a whole afternoon. Lucas asks Haley what’s the matter. She says she needs to talk to Nathan alone and Lucas leaves. She goes on to tell Nathan about her traumatizing discovery. He says he just stumbled upon it. Nathan, you stumble upon garcinea cambogia pill adds, not porn! Right? Haley tells him that he has this ish bookmarked, she ain’t no dum dum. She says that this hurts her because not only does she have to compete with the girls at school but now she knows she has to compete with a fantasy. Nathan is confused. Haley only has so many ways she can explain and she’s done so she leaves.

Karen must’ve passed along the message to Jake to go to the mall because he’s there now. Security is talking to them and Jake’s upset. Peyton tells him that she just looked away for a second and he gets all on her case and says she can’t do that. The cop guy tells him to calm down. Haha, even strangers are all like, Shut up, Jake. Nikki walks up to them with Jenny. They ask where she’s been and she says she took her daughter shopping and took her for a ride on the carousel. Ew, I hope she remembered the Clorox wipes. The security guy is all, She’s the mother? Who has custody? Jake doesn’t have an answer as to who, but he starts to explain and again, rejected. The cop guy says if it’s not a custody matter then they need to take this argument home. He calls off the search and walks away.  Nikki says she wouldn’t have to go to these lengths if he would let her see Jenny once in awhile. Jake’s all, no way not after today. Jake, shut up! I mean, she really hasn’t done anything wrong, she’s not wrong in that Peyton is a crappy babysitter, and she did return her to you, so.  She tells him that she will get custody, it’s not like he’s made all the right decisions. She puts Jenny back in the stroller and walks away. Jake walks away too, but he doesn’t buckle Jenny into the stroller. Babies raisin’ babies, babies raisin’ babies. Brooke and Peyton are sad face.

Meanwhile at the Cafe, Dan shows up and is tacky to Deb. She gives him the watch he left behind. He calls her a whore. Jerk! Karen pulls Dan to the side to confront him about what he told Lucas. He says he’s not the Devil and is tired of being blamed for everything. Um, Dan, you are the DEVIL! And you get blamed for everything because in the end it’s your fault! Unless it’s Jake’s fault, I won’t blame you for his messes. Karen/Moira is totally awesome in this scene. She tells him straight and doesn’t back down. She’s all, You told me to abort him  and then you come wanting to help raise him and you want a medal. Yeah, I’m not easy. Then she’s all you’re just a sore loser. A lawyer said you had no case and now you want to stick it to me by taking it out on Lucas. Well, I don’t scare that easy. He says she needs to let Lucas fight his own battles. She says, “Is that why Nathan left you?” Dan gives you got me face. Karen gives and you can suck it face.

Back at Gloom Town Peton is sketching. Haley comes to visit and discuss her valid porn concerns. Haley asks if she’s right to be bothered by this. Peyton said she wouldn’t be, but at the same time she was never in love with Nathan so Haley can be bothered by it if that’s her way. Hilarie Burton wants to bust out laughing during this whole convo. She tells Haley that there’s nothing to worry about because those girls don’t have what Haley has and that’s Nathan’s heart. It takes everything in them not to get lost in a fit of giggles.


Lucas and Nathan are in the workout room getting a workout. Lucas asks what’s the deal with Hales. Nathan tells him that she discovered his porn habit. He says that they ain’t doing it and he doesn’t want to pressure her. Lucas jokingly calls him a porn freak and to stay away from the sex with farm animals. It’s cute. They continue their bro convo and we see Dan on the outside looking in. Whitey walks up behind him and says most dads would be proud, but he knows this must be Dan’s worst nightmare. He laughs at him and Dan gives meaningful stare.

Later that night at Casa de Squints Karen apologizes to Lucas about lying to him about Dan. What? She understands if he’s upset. He doesn’t think she does. He says he can’t turn it off. Basically he waxes poetic about how his whole life is a lie because of this one omission of truth by Karen. Get a grip, Lucas. Now he’s mad at her because he has to question if he should hate him or not. He tells her she loved him once, was there ever something good there? She says at one point but not for awhile.

Abrubtly cut to the next day at basketball practice. Dan has them doing intense conditioning  drills. Lucas is still way out of shape. Dan plans on changing the whole game plan. Tim’s confused since they’re undefeated. He benches Tim. During the suicides Lucas hurls and Dan tells Nathan to clean it up. Ew. Lucas goes to visit Haley and tells her that he’s concerned about Nathan. He says Nathan needs her and that maybe she should cut him a break. She’s all, Y’all talked about this? She’s offended that he’s defending Nathan. He tells her he’s not defending him or trying to deny Haley her feelings, just that he saw some things in the gym today and Nathan could use a little support.

Peyton goes to see Jake to tell him how horrible she feels. He says he’s mad at Nikki. He talked to a lawyer and they said Jenny is fair game, that Nikki may actually have the upper hand. Peyton’s all, But Nikki’s horrible. Actually, in the grand scheme of all their alleged teenageryness, Nikki’s not that bad, they just don’t like her. Jake says Nikki will just play the judge like she did the cop so his only option is to get out of town. Yeah, that’s a great idea. Kidnap Jenny, that will go over well when they find you. Peyton keeps apologizing, but it’s not her fault. EVERYTHING IS JAKE’S FAULT!

Haley is back at Nathan’s using his laptop. Dum dum Nathan. This time she stumbles upon a folder containing pictures of Peyton in a towel. This hurts the most. And it looks like recent screenshots from her webcam. That’s why they made such a big deal about it being back on earlier! Haley has sad face. Nathan walks in and she tells him he said they weren’t real people. He’s all, What are you doing? Nathan, lock your door and password protect your computer. It’s really that simple. She goes on about how she’s real with feelings and insecurities. Nathan says, Yeah. She explains that these girls are always at the ready and that’s just not real life. Nathan explains it’s just a fantasy. He comes around to see what she’s looking at and she says, “Is Peyton just a fantasy, too?” Nathan closes the computer and questions if a guy could get some privacy around here. Haley says she can’t be those girls or Peyton. He says he doesn’t want her to be. She’s not so sure. She tells him that she gave him her heart and that’s all she can give and if that’s not enough for him then she’s not enough for him. Nathan doesn’t know how to respond. But that’s to be expected. Haley leaves. They both sad face.

Peyton is at Jake’s. She asks if he’s serious about leaving. Her dad’s boat will dock near Savannah on the way to the Keys. Jake had mentioned that he had a cousin in Savannah. She says if he can be ready to go tomorrow morning, her dad will help. She’ll be there to see him off either way. Back at the Cafe, Deb signs for her divorce papers. She feels sadness. Yeah, that’s understandable. At the gym, Nathan and Lucas are running suicides together. Dan walks up to them. They stop running and the three of them share a meaningful stare. Back at Casa de Scott, Deb signs the divorce papers.

The next morning Jake shows up to the docks and Peyton sees him and her father off. Don’t worry, this will not be the last we see of Jake. It may be the last we see of that actor as Larry though. Lucas shows up at Gloom Town to tell Peyton that he’s sorry for everything and he doesn’t know what to say. She says it’s not what you say it’s what you do. You don’t like who you are, then change it. He’s like, Yeah, I know. He says he’s going to be making a few changes and just wanted see her before he does. He leaves.

Karen goes to see Keith at his apartment to tell him that she didn’t want for him to leave and be upset with her. She asks if she led him on and tricked him into loving Lucas. Did she trap him? Keith says no and she didn’t trick him into loving her. Dear Keith, That is really of no concern to Karen. He says that her lying about Dan’s intentions colors their past differently. She can’t seem to make anybody understand that nothing she did made Dan the DEVIL!, he was ALWAYS THE DEVIL! She says Keith would’ve still been there for them. Of course, it ends up that Keith’s intenions were never pure. He goes on about how he stood by Karen and Lucas and he doesn’t know what he got out of it. What a jerk. He can’t be mad at her because of choices he made and because she doesn’t love him in the same way he loves her. I hate that about shows, where somehow the woman is the bad guy because she doesn’t reciprocate feelings. Ugh. Karen is all, Lucas loves you, that’s what you get. Lucas enters the scene and says he knows she did her best. How patronizing. He tells her other jerky things. He says that he wants to start over. He wants to get away form his mistakes and Dan and Tree Hill. He wants to go with Keith. Ugh. You know what, Karen, you should just shake these losers. Roll credits.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Lucas and Nathan train together. Haley finds Nathan’s porn stash.

BEST PART: Nathan and Lucas in the weight room. It’s adorable!

LESSON LEARNED: Lock your door and password protect.

BEST LINE: “I gave you my heart, that’s all that I can give to you. And if that’s not enough for you, then I’m not enough for you.” – Haley James to Nathan Scott    I know some people may take issue when I choose the best line based on delivery, but seriously, this one is based on delivery. It’s tempered with the right amount of sadness, understanding, and acceptance. It’s calm and understated. Good job.

Until next time…tooda loos!