June 24, 2016

DOC: The Phoenix Effect isn’t uncommon in cardiac patients. They grow remorseful, introspective, sometimes even joyous. 

DEB: Really? Is it permanent? 

DOC: Time will tell. The important thing is to keep him calm. Don’t upset him.

Dan looks over and smiles.

That’s the big question of the episode. Is it permanent? Not just Dan’s situation, but everyone’s. And that’s the big question of life, which, in a generally unreal sense, is what this show is about. Will the effects of a life altering event lead us down a road to permanent change? Will it be for good? Right now in Tree Hill everyone is experiencing the Phoenix Effect. A popular mythology of the Phoenix is that it combusts in a fiery fit and is reborn from its ashes. The thing about it though is being reborn can be all well and good, but it’s not something different that comes out of those ashes. It’s always another Phoenix. And that Phoenix will eventually grow up and do what it is a Phoenix always does.

Lucas decides he wants to throw a wedding reception for Naley. He thinks everyone’s just been poo pooing all over the happy union of his best bud and his brother so he wants to show them love and support rather than disdain. He enlists the help of Brooke and Peyton, as well as the guys at the River Court.

Deb is weirded out by Dan and is not happy about Naley. Brooke creates a profile for Peyton on an Internet site called Lust Factor. She also thinks Haley’s pregnant. Peyton doesn’t want a profile on Lust Factor, she really doesn’t want to deal with guys right now. As it turns out, Brooke really does care about what Lucas wrote in that letter and I think Peyton does too. Karen is glad that Lucas and Keith are back in town. Keith doesn’t know how long he is going to stay. At one point Karen gets a fake ID made from Brooke’s party setup. It’s supposed to be for a $20 donation that goes to Naley, but um, I NEVER see her give up the cash the whole episode. Tsk.Tsk. Nathan defends Haley against his mother and also tells Dan that he married Haley. Dan thinks Nathan is making mistakes like he made mistakes. Then Dan asks for him to get Lucas to drop by.

The middle one, it haunts me.

Nathan goes and tells Lucas that Dan wants to see him but Nathan recommends Lucas stay away. I say Lucas better go see Dan since he guilted Keith into coming back for that very reason! Haley gets a valuable lesson from her parents about in-laws after her run in with Deb. Oh and Whitey didn’t get his surgery! Keith goes to visit him at his office. Whitey turns it aroud and shames Keith for not seeing Dan at the hospital…since he woke up, I guess. Keith reveals to him that he slept with Deb and Whitey decides his cheesey sage advice is no longer relevant and doesn’t know what to say. Peyton gets a lot of hits on Lust Factor.

It’s party time! The couple enters the party to cheers and spray string. Mouth was supposed to get extra spray string, but they were out so he got a can of cheese. He sprays it anyway all over Skills. You can see that even Tim is appalled. TIM! And with that I will have to seriously consider ever mentioning Mouth again. If I ever do, it will be to report on how awful this guy gets away with being. Seriously, take his parts out of ANY episode and the episode will still work, be better even. Yes, even that episode that I know you are thinking about right now. Innyway, the party is a hit. Everyone is there. Even our resident Loser makes an appearance! Deb sees Nathan hugging Haley’s parents and the green pit of jealousy inside her grows 5 sizes. The guys from Lust Factor start showing up to meet Peyton. There’s a good bit when Karen and Deb are talking and Karen asks Deb if she wants to dance. Deb looks at the dance floor and the kids are “dirty” dancing and she says no. Then Karen looks up and Haley’s parents are on the dance floor goofy “dirty” dancing. You know, having fun! She then moves Deb to a different part of the room. Haha.

Deb asks Karen how she can be so calm about Naley getting married. Karen says Haley’s like a daughter to her. Awww. Deb’s not having it. She starts to say but then sort of stops herself but not really from saying that Karen doesn’t know what they’re up against as she wasn’t married at their age. And I say to Deb that she, herself, doesn’t know what they’re up against either since she wasn’t married at their age. She was married at around, what 19 and in college. They’re sophomores in high school! But only I tell her that and she can’t hear me. Haley and Nathan finally find Deb and Haley tells her how happy they are she came and wonders if she wants to meet Huey and Bess. Deb pretends Dan is calling, but we know he’s not because he’s at the hospital talking to Keith! Now Keith gets weirded out by Dan’s new serene outlook on life. Dan’s happy to see Keith and doesn’t insult him at all. In fact, he admits he hasn’t been much of a brother, a husband, or a father. He says all he cared about was success and work or whatever. Keith offers to take over things at the dealership in the interim and Dan eagerly accepts the offer.

Back a the party Huey and Bess are having a grand time. Naley catches up to them and they tell her that they’ve sold the house and bought an RV so that they can travel around to wherever. Haley is devastated by this news. Her mother assures her that having an RV means they can visit anywhere at anytime. Haley and Lydia hug. Whitey gives Haley a baby blanket his late wife stitched a long time ago. They never had kids. Haley’s grateful but says she’s not pregnant. Whitey makes a Scotts are baby makers joke. Haley goes to find Brooke to show her a birth control patch. Brooke’s mind is blown that the marriage is just about love.

Skills finds Lucas and tries his hand at getting sagey. He tells Lucas that he’s been thinking and that he remembers the guy Lucas used to be. He tells Lucas to just be that guy again. Skills tells Lucas, “I mean you so lucky, you surrounded by so many people you love. But see, now you gotta make yourself one of those people.” That’s actually great advice! Lucas sees Brooke and Peyton and reveals that he knows they didn’t read it. He tells them that it doesn’t matter anymore what it said. He tells them all that matters now is that they’re all going to be ok. Keith tells Karen that he’s going to stay in town and work at the dealership. Nathan ambushes Deb with Haley’s parents. First it’s awkward and then she rips into them. She tells them that they had the power to stop the marriage and didn’t. Haley walks up and comes to the defense of her parents. She says Deb can say whatever to her, but not to her parents! Haley tells her unless she wants to celebrate she can take a hike. Nathan stands with Haley and Deb leaves. I wish Lucas was there to see that, see someone DEFEND their parents instead of get on their case too.

Nathan finds Haley outside. She’s sitting at the bottom of the stairs. She feels bad about yelling at Deb like that because she doesn’t want to make things worse between Nathan and his mom. He assures her she had every right and she can’t make anything worse. She says she feels safe with him. They’re so cute.

Deb is back in Dan’s room at the hospital. Deb is upset that Nathan has a new family now. Dan gets up and hugs her. He promises that together they’ll get their son back.

Back at the party, Haley’s parents give a sweet toast. Joy gives good single tear. Then Lucas gives a good toast too. He says Haley taught him to see the good in anybody and listen to what’s in their hearts. She did that for Nathan and found out he’s a pretty great guy. He toasts to his brother and his sister in law and in love. Awww. He pretty much establishes Haley as the Piper Halliwell of this show. You know, the ❤️, the one that brings them and essentially keeps them all together and connected. That’s what I think anyway.

Music video portion. I love this song! It’s new back then Keane song, Everybody’s Changing. I bought their album back then because of this show. Seriously, if you wanted me to buy your album way back Wednesday, you had to have at least one song featured on OTH. For serious. Innway, Deb is holding a little kid pic of Nathan, Brooke is hanging up friend pics form the evening on her mirror to replace the ones she tore apart, Peyton deletes her Lust Factor profile, Karen is highlighting classes in a course catalog, Keith is clean shaven and in a suit for his first day at the dealership, Dan is reading the paper and Lucas goes to visit him. He says, “I’m glad you came son.” Roll credits.

Sorry, I tried to make it shorter, but EVERYTHING is so IMPORTANT!

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Lucas throws a wedding reception for Nathan and Haley.

BEST PART: When our kids are hanging out by Peyton’s car in the parking lot at school. They have fun easy banter and all seem like friends and teenagers. It’s an authentic moment.

LESSON LEARNED: Changing doesn’t make you different.

BEST LINE: “You can look at the menu all you want, but from now on you eat at home.” – Brooke Davis to Haley James Scott     Such a crude, yet eloquent way of putting it, no? Ha.

Until next time…tooda loos!