January 25, 2016

So the end of Season 3 snuck up on me. It was only 20 episodes. Crazy. It must’ve been super popular at the time it aired because it had a ton of great guest stars…Mandy Moore, Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears, and James Van Der Beek, just to name a few.

This season had only a couple of boring episodes. And those are usually the ones where I find our friends being the most despicable. I don’t want to watch them be despicable, I want to watch them be funny. And when they are funny, they are REALLY funny. And I know the whole show revolves around Ted, but when they really revolve around Ted, I find myself getting sleepy.

So a lot happens in this season, Marshall quits his high paying lawyer job because his boss was terrible and Marshall wasn’t happy working there on principle. Of course, he is afraid Lily will be upset because they are having to get the hardwood floors in their new apartment remodeled. As it turns out, the floors in their apartment are crooked! This discovery is made by Robin and Marshall and they have a funny bit trying to keep Lily from noticing. They decide to sell all of Lily’s designer clothes and accessories after she fails to sell a painting. However, the day is saved when it is discovered that animals love her work and she is able to sell enough paintings to a vet’s office so they can pay for the floor without having to sell her clothes. At one point Ted sells his car to help them with some debts as well. That was nice. Speaking of Ted he breaks up with Barney, he starts dating Second Becky, his doctor that removed his tramp stamp. She has a kid and is nervous about dating and all that. They of course fall in love and then he breaks up with her and then he gets in a car accident and realizes he loves her. In the finale is when he gets hit by a car. The scene where Marshall, Lily, and Robin all run to the hospital is pretty sweet until they discover that he’s actually perfectly fine which makes it kind of funny. The call Barney and they think Barney isn’t coming. Well, Ted gets a call as Barney’s emergency contact, and they are told that Barney is there in the hospital as well. He is all full of casts and he tells the gang that he was on his way to the hospital but he couldn’t get a cab so he ran all the way from his office to the hospital. He is exhausted when he finally gets there, moves to step across the street and gets hit by a bus! In what is the second time I like Ted/Josh he tells Barney, “You could have died.” The way he says it and the “gravity” of the scene and the moment brings a tiny tear to my eye. Damn show.

Ted mentioned that when he saw the car coming for him his whole life didn’t flash before his eyes, just everyone he loved. When Marshall and Lily tell this to Barney, they start thinking that all Barney saw was boobs. However, they don’t notice that when Robin walks back in the room, Barney his looking at her. I’m hoping they explore the possibility of Robin and Barney because I think they would go really well together. Well, I know they do, I just don’t know if they do it well yet because I haven’t seen it.

The episodes “Spoiler Alert” (each of the gang is made aware of a major flaw), “The Bracket”(The gang tries to help Barney figure out which of his one night stands is trolling him), and “Slapsgiving” (Barney is the recipient of Slap #3 on Thanksgiving Day) all had me rolling.

The episodes “Third Wheel”(Ted has a chance at a Tricycle.) and “No Tomorrow” made me sleepy.

The first time I like Ted/Josh and it super annoyed me to admit it to myself is in another funny episode called “How I Met Everyone Else”. At the end where they jump far into the future to Lily, Ted, and Marshall’s college reunion Ted looks REALLY handsome. There, I said it. Ugh.

Season Notes:

Best Episode: S3 E16 ‘Sandcastles in the Sand’ – OMG, this one had me rolling! The entire thing is hysterical, so stop reading and go watch it now! An old flame from Robin’s Canadian Pop Star past comes rolling into town and is played by James Van Der Beek. He’s awful, but Robin reverts back into her 16 y.o. self and thinks she’s still in love with him. The whole episode explores this habit in everyone to revert back to who they were when they fist met someone as a kid. Anyway, it’s also when we get to see another music video by Robin that is the title of the episode. Barney spends the whole time hunting it down only to come up short. When Robin is sad and heartbroken she takes Barney to her apartment to watch it. They watch it a lot. And eventually do something they both regret (but not really).

Worst Episode: S3 E12 ‘No Tomorrow’ – I really hated this episode and probably would skip it on a rewatch. The significant thing about it is that Ted tells his kids that their mother was at the same party on St. Patrick’s day, only they didn’t meet there. Ted and Barney go to a party and Ted is really drunk and acts in a way we’re supposed to believe is out of character. He’s pretty awful. I didn’t really find any of it funny. He’s upset about something and comes to the conclusion that the more bad stuff he does, the better the rewards he reaps. Only, that’s bad logic and the night comes crashing down on him. They do this weird Full House type lesson at the end where Marshall plays all of the messages that Ted’s butt dials left. Ted is then able to remember that his night wasn’t as epic as he thought and what a douche he sounded like. Um, I’m sorry, don’t try and do Full House.

Rating: 4/5 This had some of the FUNNIEST episodes of the season so far. It rarely faultered and it was really cohesive. I liked the start and the end of the season and most of the inbetween. It also had a lot of fun guest stars in roles you wouldn’t normally see them in and it all works! I also like that in the opener, Mandy Moore is in it and they play songs from her Wild Hope album. I love that album!

Until next time…tooda loos!