June 26, 2016

8:09 AM

Ok, so my little sister and I are about to watch Season 6 of Game of Thrones. We’re an hour behind schedule because I didn’t wake up in time. Innyway, we still have 8 episodes to watch for the season before tonight’s finale. It’s my fault because I can never get my act together. The last time we had to do something like this is when I got us tickets to go see the Season 4 finale at the IMAX. We hadn’t seen most of that season either and again, it was all my fault. However, the whole thing ended up being a blast and The Mountain squeezing Oberyn’s head still haunts me and that was seen at home, not the IMAX. All the same, watching the end of Season 4 –  “Watchers on the Wall” and “Little Children” – for the fist time on the IMAX was the coolest and I wish that was always the case, getting to see the final two episodes of every season in that format.

So we are starting today with the second episode. We watched the first episode the week it aired when I thought I was going to be better about watching it. Much to my little sister’s chagrin, I wasn’t. All the same, we enter today knowing that the Red Woman sleeps naked. J/K, she sleeps as an Old Woman, that’s naked. Most of the time if a woman removes her choker, her head falls off so turning into a thousand year old woman ain’t bad.

8:21 AM

S6 E2 ‘Home’

Ugh, previouslies that include Bran. Zzzzzzz….

OMG, it starts with Bran. Stay strong. Wow, Hodor is part giant. Cool. And he wasn’t always a Pikachu.

Haha, the giant just flung that guy around like a rag doll. It’s funny because it’s TV. Okay?

OMG, that guy’s talking trash about Cersei and Jamie. He gon’ die. Yep the raised corpse of the Mountain took care of it. No probs.

Tommen is lame. He makes me miss Joffrey and that guy was EVIL!

Ugh, just kill the High Sparrow . He’s a radical and a jerk.

OMG, depressed dragons. Only on this show! Oh, Tyrion has unchained them. Brave.

Arya’s storyline is kinda boring. Like, I don’t care.

Well, Bolton deserved that. He raised him to be awful. Ramsay is the WORST! Well, that was Fuckin’ dark. I hope his death comes soon.

Melisandre did it! She brought Jon Snow back to life! But only Ghost knows because everyone else left the room.

9:15 AM

S6 E3 ‘Oathbreaker’

Ugh, HBO Go is making us watch a dumb preview for a dumb show we have no intention of watching. And the app is acting up so we can’t fastforward.

Wow, Kit Harington works out.

Haha, I think one of those old dudes just farted when they saw Sir Gregor.

That old lady sounds like my sister saying Cersei isn’t queen. Um, once a queen ALWAYS a queen!

Oh look, Arya, I mean No One, has her eyesight back. Zzzzz…

RIP Rickon’s Dire Wolf. Sad face.

Jon hangs men and little Ollie and now his watch has ended. He says later ‘gators!

10:09 AM

Turn about the house.

10:18 AM

S6 E4 ‘Book of the Stranger’

Oh, Jon just made a dramatic exit to his room is all.

Oh, look, Sansa made it there before he took off for reals. Cool.

Sansa threatens to take back Winterfell on her own. Haha, well, she’s duh’d her way this far, why not to victory at Winterfell.

I’m glad that Sansa’s gotten tough. I was all for her biting it, but now I’m willing to give her a chance. If/when she dies, I might feel a tinge of sadness.

My favorite thing about Daenerys is that she doesn’t have council meetings and endless talks about hostile takeovers. She just gets it done and usurps power and collects armies. Even if she does discuss she always just does what she wants. Take note, Lannisters. Of course, it helps that she doesn’t burn. That never gets old.

11:20 AM

S6 E5 ‘The Door’

OMG, Arya, I mean No One, is such a dum dum. She just asked who the first faceless man was. NO ONE, you dum dum.

Haha, Ned Stark really wasn’t the brightest.

Hm, what a weird way to become King. The Ironborn are nuts! Crazier than Targaryens and meaner than Lannisters, really.

Oh, look, another Priestess for the Lord of Light.  Just as scary as the other.

Bran is a dum dum. He just showed the White Walkers where he is AND gave them a way in, Loser. Well, kinda serves the tree children right, they did create them. Obviously, a plan they hadn’t thought through.

RIP Bran’s Dire Wolf. It just really upsets me when the wolves die. Boo!

Oh, Hodor is short for “Hold the door”. Poor Willis. Tear.

12:19 PM

S6 E6 ‘Blood of My Blood’

Uh oh, I think the fanatics got Margaery. She’s sounding a lot like them.

Aww, Gilly gets to have a proper bath, dress up, and eat a good meal. I know it won’t last for her. She’s a Wildling and the truth always comes out.

Ugh, Samwell’s still a little punk. Get that sword off the wall and show ’em what you got!

Oh, there he goes. Getting his lady and baby and his sword. Go, Sam!

Arya couldn’t do it, now she gotta get the hey outta Braavos!

Tommen’s an idiot.


1:12 PM

Time to make water and then find something to eat!

1:24 PM

S6 E7 ‘The Broken Man’

Previouslies…Tommen sounds like a stupidhead. Oh, no opening title sequence. This is gonna be a jampacked episode.

Well, The Hound is still alive. Now we get the opening title sequence. Hmm.

Oh, Ian McShane saved him. Why Ian, why?

This one was kinda boring, fell asleep a little. Oops.

2:17 PM

S6 E8 ‘No One’

Hopefully this one isn’t all whisper talk about fighting and we get some actual fighting.

Yay, Arya’s going home and she finally killed that annoying girl.

And Daenerys is back in Meereen. This should be good.

3:19 PM

S6 E9 ‘Battle of the Bastards’

This is a heavy series to watch all at once, but we must. If we don’t then we wouldn’t know.


OMG, Jon, Ramsay’s right there. Just kill him! Oooo, Sansa’s tough talkin’. I hope she gets to be the one to kill Ramsay.

Poor Rickon, we didn’t even remember you existed.

Ugh, don’t make Ramsay a Batman villain. Just kill him!

A fitting end for sadistic gross Ramsay. Sansa cold. The hounds are starving he ain’t fed them for 7 days.

4:21 PM

Off to go and do other stuff until tonight’s finale!

8:53 PM

S6 E10 ‘The Winds of Winter’

Another late start, but we’re watching it on air night. I don’t think we’ve EVER done this!

Previouslies…Ooo, that lady crazy. I still don’t get what she’s so upset about. Oberyn’s hubris is what did him in at the end…Margaery is up to something…Cersei is totes screwed!

It’s trial time. Tommen is a doodyhead.

Loras is confessing his “sins”. He’s actually the only character not guilty of anything horrible. Poor guy. Ugh, now he has that stupid carving in his forehead.

Cersei is up to something. The Mountain is visiting Tommen.

Those kids are brutal. That must be some damn good candy they get.

Cool explosion, but…No more Margaery. Boo! Sad face. Bright side, no more High Sparrow.

Tommen just threw himself out a window. I didn’t see that comin’.

Back to Sam and Gilly. A sight gag, I love it!

They just banished Melisandre. She said she was sorry and that she was mistaken. Whoops!

Sansa just announced that winter is here. This is big stuff.

Whoa, Arya just offed the Freys. It’s been awhile since she’s done something useful. Sweet.

Littlefinger is gross. Kill him Sansa, kill him, that seems to be the theme. Angry Starks! Well, he’ll get to live another day I suppose.

Bran. Zzzzzz….Oh, big reveal. Jon is Ned’s nephew! He’s a Targaryen?

The North is so dramatic.

Cersei has no more kids. She’s now officially Queen again. Well, I guess she got what she wanted. She gets to sit upon the Iron Throne. Marked for death for sure now.

OMG, it’s happening…The ships are sailing and the dragons are flying to Westeros. So EXCITING! DRAGONS!!!! That just took my breath away.

Until next year!