June 26, 2016

Ok, this one is going to be quick. My little sister and I spent the day watching Season 6 of Game of Thrones. Then I needed to watch some Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. Then I needed a nap. Then I needed to eat dinner. Then I still had to wait for my little sister to get back from wherever it is she went. And then we needed to watch the Season Finale of GoT. It’s all done. It’s been a big day. So, now I present…

The 8 Most Important Things that Happen in this Episode…In no particular order…

No, Pey Pey. NO!

1. OMG, I can’t believe I totally forgot about Peyton’s 5 minute drug addiction. It’s about to get real up in Tree Hill, y’all. I really had forgotten, but it starts in this episode!

2. The worst character ever, Felix, is introduced. It was a total mistake to introduce him and his sister in this season and he doesn’t last that long. They were unnecessary and not that well executed. It’s too bad because they were good looking, but they were always just on the obnoxious and meh side. They never really fit the group dynamic. Maybe my opinion will change during this rewatch, but it isn’t likely. Innyway, Felix is introduced in this one.

3. Dan’s true colors are starting to show again and they aren’t pretty. He gets mad at Keith for giving Nathan a job. Keith says he’s not going to fire Nathan that Dan will have to do that when he returns to work. Poor Nathan, his parents are awful!

4. Lucas and Dan hang out for the day. Lucas is cheesey easy, but he can’t be bought. Dan tells him about all of the cool music he used to listen to when he was younger. Dan almost manages to rope him in, but blows it when he offers Lucas a red Mustang they spent the day test driving. Lucas is all, NO WAY. Only later Lucas has a Guns ‘n Roses CD out and is giving meaningful stare. SUCKER!

5. Karen is already teacher’s favorite on her first day of class. Andy is introduced in this one and he is good lookin’! Best part, not a loser. And if I remember correctly, he treats Karen with nothing but respect during his time on the show. He’s only ever interested in Karen’s best interest.

6. Karen decides to use what she’s learning in class to go through with her plan of expansion. She likes Peyton’s idea of an all ages club night so she gets the space that was used for Naley’s wedding reception. She wants Peyton to help her get it up and running and Deb wants to invest.

7. Brooke is poor now and way doesn’t know how to handle it. She has no credit cards and her parents might have to sell the house. What’s going to happen to poor Brooke? She tries to steal a bra and Felix buys it for her. Yeah, he was brought on for Brooke. Too bad he’s lame. Eventually, she tells Peyton about her situation.

8. Nathan was supposed to get a car with their savings, but instead he gets Haley a keyboard. She’s upset. They argue. Haley, a car selling on the internet for $500 when you nor your husband knows anything about cars is not a car you want! Keith is going to help them out and help Nathan fix up an old car at the shop. Haley is happy because she really wanted to keep the keyboard. Oddly enough, the keyboard is IMPORTANT!

Episode Notes:
PLOT: There’s a new kid in town and he lives next door to Brooke. Nathan and Haley have money issues.

BEST PART: Sometimes I struggle to choose a “Best Part” of the episode. I think to myself, This is your blog, you don’t really have to choose one. But then I tell myself, Shut up, you dum dum. You’ve committed to this, you have to see it through. So, I choose as the “Best Part” in an otherwise uneventful episode…Anything having to do with Nathan and Haley. Because that’s how I’m going to roll.

LESSON LEARNED: Sometimes you can get what you want AND what you need.

BEST LINE: “With what, magic beans?” – Haley James Scott to Nathan Scott    Haha. This line sticks out and it even made my Mom laugh, she thought it was quick thinking, so it wins the episode.

Until next time…tooda loos!