January 27, 2016

This is a heavy on kids and light on adults episode…no previouslies as it’s jampacked with revelations!

The premise is that Felix invites our Core Five, Fergie, Skills, and Face Part to participate in a Dare Night. A perfect game to play in a Lawless town if ever there was one. Haley is the fist to say she’s in because obvy she’s down for anything! (Like getting married at 16.) Tim invites himself. I’m still not clear on what the prize is other than bragging rights, but that’s all I need as a prize for any game so we’ll go with that. The teams are boys against girls, well, except Felix is on the team with the three girls. From there they split off into separate groups: Haley & Peyton, Nathan & Tim, Felix & Brooke, Skills, Fergie, and Face Part, and then Lucas goes off by himself. Unfortunately, whenever Face Part is on the screen goes blank, which makes me feel bad for Skills and Fergie! In the end Dare Night is just an elaborate setup for Felix to get Brooke to unwittingly go on a date with him and to introduce Anna.


1. Peyton and Haley find themselves in a Catholic Church for one of the dares. Haley doesn’t want to go to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, so she has Peyton complete the dare. Peyton goes into a confessional and talks to a priest. If she was going by what it says on the card, she was supposed to tell the priest she’s having impure thoughts about her neighbor’s dog…but instead she has a real confession and tells the priest about how she’s been really lost since her mom died and she DID A LINE OF COKE LAST WEEK. So she did do the drugs because the guy told her to do it. Oh, Peyton.

2. During the same church scene, Haley gives more incite into her wedding day. Before going to the beach she got ready in her dress at her parent’s house (her house too at the time) and THREW UP! EW!

3. Skills hates animals! Well, he’s AFRAID of them.

4. Felix introduces the idea of Friends with Benefits to Brooke.

5. Nathan doesn’t like Felix AT ALL.

6. Tim misses hanging out with Nathan. This whole concept doesn’t really go anywhere, so don’t invest. The best part of their night is when their dare consists of them dressing up like girls scouts to sell cookies. Tim’s thinking he’s supposed to poop in the second hole of a putt putt course would be funny if it wasn’t so obviously not supposed to be the case that he should be doing that. That’s just super gross and not sanitary, Tim.

7. Product placements in this episode are Cingular Wireless, Pepsi, and The Constantines.

Before It Was Cool Part 1

8. Lucas gets the dare to put on some women’s clothing (including a bra, haha har har) and then return the clothing piece by piece to each store the item comes from. Once he gets down to his unders, the security guard tries to detain him but some rando girl helps him out of that jam. She ends up helping him complete some other dares, one of them being to make out with a stranger in a photobooth. As they go their separate ways, Switchfoot’s Dare You to Move starts up, which is super controversial because that’s Naley’s song and this moment is nowhere near as significant as Naley’s first kiss. NOWHERE NEAR!!!! Innyway, the big revelation at the end…This girl is Anna, FELIX’S SISTER! OMG! ::eye roll:: So what, who care?

9. The girls/Felix get the most points. The boys end up losing because Lucas doesn’t reveal that he did indeed kiss a stranger in a photobooth. Ooo, he must like this girl! SPOILER ALERT: Nobody cares!

10. The last major revelation, ummmm…I always feel like this episode could’ve been way better and way more fun than it is. I just always feel like this episode just comes up short for some reason. Not to mention the extended periods where the screen just goes blank. That’s too bad. It also reminds me how much the girls are gonna get slagged on this season. Seriously, they make them do some dum dum stuff and act in ways they normally wouldn’t. It’s all very strange. Already really looking forward to Season 3 just to know we’re passed Season 2. Like Brooke, she was introduced as the most fun character who would totally come up with a night like this and then they make her act way no fun and just be in a bad mood and bitter the whole time. I just don’t get it!


Karen and Keith are the only two main adults that we follow in this episode.

KEITH: Keith is at the dealership at night. A woman walks in…it’s MARIA MENUNOUS. I type like that because for like the first six years of this woman’s career as an entertainment news corespondent, no one told her she was mic’d. That really had to be the case. Innyway, she comes in saying she has a certain amount of money to buy a specific car. Keith says she better test drive the car before she overpays for it. They spend the whole night test driving it. At one point they pass by Tim and Nathan dressed as girl scouts. Keith looks all weirded out and confused. It’s funny. Then at one point MARIA as JULES sorta crashes the car. It’s really weird. He wants to drive but she says no, she just gets nervous because car salesmen are not the best people. Keith admits that he’s just a mechanic helping out his car salesman brother. This is a relief to her as she digs mechanics. At the end of the night he says she’s offered $1000 over the asking price. She says she’s going to need some time to think about it because then he’ll have to call her, he has her number. So she’s totes into Keith. Hmmm….

KAREN: She goes to visit Professor Andy in his office. She sees him moving some sort of wall hanging. She tells him to move whatever it is to the left or right, some sort of direction. He asks if she’s a fan of The Constantines. Instead of saying that she doesn’t have to be or not be a fan of something in order to be able to see that a picture needs to go a little to the left, she instead says as much as she can be without ever hearing of the band. It’s all very weird. Innyway, she’s there to tell him that she thinks it’s inapropro for him to go buy coffee from the Cafe. He says that a person can go get a cup of coffee without expecting to do it with the proprietor. She’s embarrassed and realizes she’s made a wrong assumption. But technically she hasn’t and he asks her out to dinner. She has confused face. They end up going to dinner by walking around Tree Hill. They talk and she tells him that she has a son and she and her business partner are going to expand her business like they’ve been talking about in class. He wants to invest but she tells him no. He thinks she’s younger than she his. He is hitting on her hard…although, Moira does look good…and so does he. They get hot dogs from a hot dog stand and she says she’s going to get hers with chili, but she totes doesn’t. There’s just no way there’s chili on that dog based on the way she holds it and the fact there just isn’t any on it. Then she says she wants ice cream and he thinks that means she wants to do it, but she turns what he said earlier back on him. Later on back at his office she says she was mistaken about the Cafe visits earlier. He nods his head as he says no way. Ooo, looks like Karen’s gonna get herself a hottie millionaire boyfriend. She must be livin’ in Tree Hill (ON TV). When she gets home she sees Lucas and asks if he has a CD by The Constantines. Of course he does! He says the Constantines are hip. She says she thought she’d try something daring. DARING! OMG, she has no idea how apropos of his evening that is! Oh, Karen.

P.S. I still have never heard of The Constantines.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: Felix invites the gang to take part in a Dare Night. Keith and Karen may be finding love…with other people.

BEST PART: Haley and Peyton at the batting cage. It really is the funniest part and it’s just a blip. I like when things are funny, especially in an episode that should’ve been jampacked with laughs!

LESSON LEARNED: The Constantines are very hip.


BEST LINE: No lines really stuck out as the best…so here’s a bonus pic of The Chad.

Bonus Pic: Before It Was Cool Part 2

Until next time…tooda loos!