June 28, 2016

It’s that magical TV time known as a meteor shower. Yes, these happen on television from time to time as some way to get people to look up and think watching burning rock or whatever fall from the sky is romantic or cool. Well, it’s not. I’ve never understood the appeal, but TV does.

So, our gang is still reeling from Dare Night. So many things revealed. Brooke sees Felix talking to Anna outside his house. He’s telling her her skirt is too short to go to school and he wants her to put some pants on before she sends out the wrong message. Brooke thinks he’s talking to some booty call. Um, Brooke, he was telling her her skirt is too short and to put some pants on. Why do you wanna act like your stoopid? Felix informs her that she’s gross, that was his sister. He then says he wants to do the Friends with Benefits Thing…FWB…Felix with Brooke. She tells him IYFD…In Your Dreams…she does not reveal what the F stands for…SO THEN WHY DID SHE MENTION IT?! Go there or don’t, don’t sorta.

So, when we were introduced to Dan in Season 1, he was running, lifting weights, and training with Nahtan all the time. Now we’re supposed to think this is some sort of lifestyle change for him? Deb watches him run on a treadmill at the doctor’s office. Not that I’m complaining, Dan looks FINE. Almost as hot as Paul Johannson was when he was hot hot. Innyway, she’s been there for him and he’s grateful so he’d very much like to make her dinner at the beach house and watch the meteor shower with her. Will she?!

Peyton goes to the record store to hang up posters for band auditions for an all ages night at the new club. The record store guy is not impressed by her emo shirt. Whatever Chris, you’re like folk, so. See, doesn’t mean anything. Well, she finds him very rude and she hangs up her sign. She doesn’t think it’s very punk to be up in the morning counting inventory. He says he never went to sleep. Peyton been told! Oh, when I say Chris, I mean Chris Keller! He ends up being a fun character after his use as a “villain” is done.

Ugh, poor Keith, such a loser. And then to be saddled with MARIA MENOUNOS. She’s alright, but Jules is a dud.

Whitey is testing his eyes. Dear Whitey, don’t be a silly, it’s not your eyes, it’s the TUMOR pressing against your eyes! Lucas comes into his office to talk to him about the surgery. Whitey curses Keith’s name. He says his wife died in surgery so he won’t be getting any surgery. He gets mean and kicks poor Lucas out of the office. Whitey meany face. Lucas sad face. What, the kids are at school but not in class? What? It’s hallway time. Brooke is excited about the club. Peyton’s worried that it has no live music yet. Nathan sees the flyer and wants Haley to audition, but she doesn’t want to because she’s shy. Whitey walks up to Nathan and hands him an envelope. Whitey doesn’t know who it’s from so don’t ask him because he’s in meany mode. Haley and Nathan kinda laugh over his reaction when he leaves because they don’t know what’s going on with him and that was an intense reaction to an inoffensive question. They’re so cute.

OMG, someone’s in class! We see a teacher explaining what a meteor shower is, but nobody cares, least of all me! We see Lucas looking at the photobooth pics of him and Anna. A note comes from the office getting Lucas out of class. Well, so much for going to class. It’s not a real note and I don’t know where the office is located but he has to go outside to get to it. It turns out Anna had snaked a hall pass from the principal’s office when she was there to check-in at the office for her first day. Or something like that. Innyway, she just couldn’t wait to tell him that she’s Felix’s sister and she had a great time during Dare Night. Zzzzz…

Andy goes to visit Karen at the docks to get his flirt on and brings her a full empty cup of coffee. He wants her to go to his place so they can watch the meteor shower together. She’s hesitant because she doesn’t want to ruin her school experience. He says he doesn’t want her to feel that way or whatever. She caves. He says it’s short notice so if she can’t find a babysitter, she can bring her son. He, “can’t wait to meet the little guy.” Haha! Instead of saying, No worries, Lucas is 16, she just giggles as he leaves. So weird.

OMG, now Naley is having to sit through science. He tells her that the letter was about High Flyers and then tells her what that is. She’s proud of him and wants him to go. Did you hear that, Nathan?! She wants you to go! We slide on over to Brooke and Peyton. Brooke is still upset about her love life and her new economic status. Peyton gives her a pep talk. While they have a fun buddy convo, Felix is like 4 seats ahead and is turned around smiling and staring at Brooke. An obnoxious creeper if ever there was one. Brooke flips through her science book and finds a pic of her and Lucas during better days. She finally makes eye contact with her stalker and rewards him with FWB in the janitor’s closet.

Nathan and Lucas are working on a car and having some bro talk. Lucas informs Nathan that High Flyers is 3 months. This news upsets Nathan. He doesn’t think they can make it on just Haley’s paycheck and he doesn’t want to be away from her that long. This is all IMPORTANT! Later Lucas happens upon Whitey at the pier. He tells him about Nathan getting into High Flyers. He thinks Whitey might care to know since he’s a big reason why Nathan got into the program. Whitey gets in meany mode again and tells him that he doesn’t care about anything or any of them. NOT TRUE, WHITEY! Lucas doesn’t buy it either, so he tells Whitey about how they need him in their lives and the picture of his 200th win paints a different picture than Whitey is painting right now. He tells Whitey to get the surgery and walks away.

Haley starts brain storming ways for Nathan to be able to go to Florida. She really wants him to be able to go and have it set so he won’t worry about how things are going in Tree Hill. She has some good ideas. REMEMBER THAT NATHAN. SHE WAS ALL GUNG HO FOR YOU TO GO!!!!

They happen upon a fancy yard sale and then feel bad when they realize it’s Brooke’s house. Brooke tells them not feel bad and that Haley can have the good friend discount. Ugh, I have to mention that Face Part bought a “frame”. Really he’s buying a pic of Brooke. CREEPER! Speaking of creepers, here’s Felix. She’s like, Ew, what you want? He says he sent her a hook up text. She amends her rules to add that she initiates hook ups. Then a lady buys her elaborate dollhouse and she takes Felix to her room. I really like Brooke’s hair in this episode!

Meanwhile at the River Court Anna challenges Lucas to a game of HOG. It turns out she plays basketball. The prize for either person winning is watching the meteor shower together. And everytime one of them makes a shot the other person has to confess something about themselves. She ends up winning because Lucas can’t make a granny shot. That is always a clever way to go when spelling words with basketball shots.

Keith is at Jules’s. He’s having to suffer through a dinner with Jules only he’s not suffering, he likes it! Loser.

Over at the band auditions Peyton and Haley aren’t having much luck. Not to mention, the club doesn’t have a name yet. After the last audition Peyton gets an MP3 from Nathan. It’s Haley singing a Joy Lenz song. Not my favorite one. Peyton’s all, Why didn’t you say you were awesome, we could’ve skipped listening to all those crappy auditions. In walks Chris Keller with some CDs from the store I guess Peyton ordered. Peyton insists Haley will be the opener. Haley refuses because of stage fright. Peyton reminds her of the Sparkle Classic. While they “argue” Chris Keller starts playing a Tyler Hilton song. Flove. Haley is way into it and Peyton hates him already and won’t budge on that stance. SPOILER ALERT: It’s a huge misdirect because normally when a character on TV has such harsh feelings for another character it means they gon’ do it. But that is not what happens. Chris Keller is not for Peyton. So Chris Keller knows that Chris Keller is great and wants to know when his performance is. Haley tries to tell him, but Peyton is like we’ll call you, we have other acts to consider. He’s all, whatevs. Then he tells Hales that he liked her song, she really pulled off the crappy key of A. He leaves. Haley is confused why Peyton hates him. Peyton describes Chris Keller. Peyton says she doesn’t need him, she’s got her and to please think about it. Haley blinks at her.

We are now taken to an enchanted green wonderland. Karen’s all, I thought we were going out to your place. Andy’s all, this land is my land, my house is about a 1/2 mile from this spot. Say what? He says he bought it a year ago. Karen inquires as to how a Kiwi finds their way to Tree Hill. He tells her how his dad died and his mom wanted to get out of dodge. There’s a volcano named Tree Hill in Auckland and when she saw Tree Hill on a map of the states she knew that was the place to go. Yeah, right. There’s no Tree Hill, NC on any map until you get to NC. Bet! Yes, even in fictional land. Karen is impressed about his mom raising him in a foreign country. He says some strange thing about how he wishes his mom could’ve done something like go back to school instead of have to sacrifice for him all of the time. Um, did she want to go back to school? Maybe she didn’t want to and that’s why she didn’t. Whatevs. They finally make it to their destination. He’s set up a table for two on the dock overlooking the lake. How romantic.

Felix is getting dressed. He asks Brooke if she’s ok with FWB because a lot of times girls can’t handle it. She starts opening up but then stops and says he doesn’t need to talk to her. He emphasizes the Friends part. Brooke tells him to forget about that part, he just lives in a convenient proximity. He seems hurt by this. Who can’t handle it now? She tells him to take a hike.

Oh, Whitey again. Lucas has left the picture of the 50oth win.

Lucas and Anna are talking on the River Court. Nobody cares because it really doesn’t matter in the short term, let alone the long term. Moving along…to Keith and Jules. Ugh. They are sitting in a display car outside. It’s a convertible and it’s on a stand that has it angled toward the sky. Convenient location to watch a meteor shower…except for the fact that every motor mile is lit up like a frickin’ Christmas tree which means it would be pretty hard to see a star, so forget about seeing a proper meteor shower! Keith tells her about how he wanted to start a dealership, but Dan beat him to the punch by using Deb’s money to open his own. Being such a great guy, Keith taught Dan everything he knew about cars because he knew his little brother had a family to take care of and thought maybe Dan might do right by Lucas as well. He says if he’d known what an ass Dan would turn out to be maybe he wouldn’t  have helped out like that. You know, they really need to get Dan’s story straight. They kiss. Zzzzz…

Haley gets home from the auditions and meets Nathan on their balcony. She’s “mad” at him for sending Peyton the song. He says sweet things to her and she’s no longer mad. He really wants her to sing at the club. She says maybe she will when he gets back from camp in the Fall. He tells her he didn’t get into High Flyers and she is confused because he basically already got the acceptance letter. He makes up some bogus lie. She believes him and feels bad. He says that means she can start playing her music now and makes her promise to. She says she’ll try. He looks down and she looks up and sees a meteor I guess. She says blink and you’ll miss it. This whole bit is rife with foreshadowing or symbolism or whatever. Innyway, notice that as soon as he lies and she buys it, they are no longer in sync. And Nathan, let’s remember that she didn’t ask you to give up High Flyers, ok?

Music video time! Karen holds Andy’s hand! Deb and Dan are watching the meteor shower at the beach house. Whitey is looking up. Peyton is sitting on the steps of the club looking up. Anna and Lucas are laying down on the River Court side by side looking up. We see stars. Brooke walks out of her house and looks up. Felix walks out of his house and looks up. She looks his way and then he looks her way and she looks away. They both look up.

Now Dan is telling Deb about the stars. She’s ready to go, but he says they’ve been drinking. He brought their overnight bags and he’ll sleep on the couch or the guest room, whichever. Will she stay? Lucas drops Anna off at home. He tells her some mumbojumbo and she tells him he’s a good guy. Really, he is. I wish he would shut up about it. She kisses him. Her creeper brother sees. Felix tries to confront her about it. He doesn’t like Lucas being a two timer. She tells him Lucas is a good guy. Felix blahs…and really, who cares…they aren’t core and they won’t be missed a couple of seasons from now…moving along…

Karen walks in and is startled by Lucas sitting at the kitchen table. He pretends to be upset with her for being so late. It’s funny, they laugh, I laugh, you laugh, we all laugh! She tells him she had a good time.

Well, I’ll stay for pancakes!

The next day at the beach house Dan is up and lookin’ like a fox. He’s making pancakes and Deb totes rejects that. WHAT?! Those pancakes look really good. Who in their right mind walks away from a fresh pancake?! She’s about to leave when Dan’s phone rings. It’s the doc. The doc says Dan is doing great and he can schedule an appointment to lighten his rehab load. Dan hangs up and lies to Deb about what the doctor said. Run, Deb, run!

Lucas goes over to the apartment to talk to Nathan. They talk about High Flyers and he knows Nathan is lying. Lucas says, What the what? Nathan says something cheesetastic. He puts his lie all on Haley. He makes it all sound so romantic. Well, it’s not completely selfless, don’t be fooled!

Over at the club that has no name, Peyton plugs in a giant old sign. The only thing that lights up on it is TRIC in ELECTRIC and the club TRIC is born. She’s all happy and then her pusher that doubles as a band manager or whatever shows up. Get a life pusher man!

Ugh, Face Part is back. He tells Brooke he got her dollhouse back for her from the address on the check. Brooke believes this creeper. All I can think is, Where’s the rest of it?! She hugs him. Speaking of creepers, Dan is watching Nathan practice at the River Court. He’s in his car and he gets a phone call. Some guy from High Flyers calls and says Nathan turned down the offer because he didn’t want to be away from his wife. Dan is piznastys. I’m upset too because Nathan is not so noble. I am sad for Nathan though that it’s really Dan that got him into High Flyers. Nathan really has worked really hard at being a top level basketball player and to think that he was only considered because Dan pulled some strings is super annoying. Seriously, how does Dan have any friends?! Dan is lookin’ smokin’ though!

Karen and Lucas are sitting on their front porch swing. She tells Lucas she’s seeing someone younger than her. He says he’s seeing someone too. She hands him a letter from the mail. It’s a note that simply says, Thank you. We see Whitey going to the treatment clinic. We go back to the porch and fade to stars and…a shooting star? a meteor? Are they the same thing? Idk, but Roll credits.

Episode Notes:
PLOT: There’s a meteor shower!

BEST PART: Lucas and Karen at the end of the night at home. That’s a funny part and it’s good to see them getting along.

LESSON LEARNED: Trust your instincts.



Until next time…tooda loos!