June 29, 2016

Ok, so I really finished S4 yesterday, but I didn’t get a chance to blog about it. Innyway, I found this season to be pretty hysterical, but I also found it to be intricately rich in story. It all just clicked. Also noticeable was the lack of guest starts in this season, especially after the onslaught of notable guest stars in S3. This season really focused on the Core 5. Heh, OTH is 9 seasons and has a Core 5, only their group has 3 girls and 2 guys.

Innyway, it looks like Cobie and Alyson are pregs for most of the season. Alyson was farther along than Cobie though as she actually left for a few episodes. I really like how they wrote in her maternity leave, I don’t think I’ve seen a show take this route. At the beginning of episode 4.20 ‘Mosbius Designs’, the guys are at MacLaren’s and they are laughing. Lily goes to sit next to Barney and she wants to hear the joke they are telling. Marshall and Ted advise against it. Barney tells her anyway and she looks at him and says she can’t be his friend anymore. Bob Sagett tells us that Lily didn’t speak to Barney for the next 4 weeks. So, Lily’s not in like 3 of the episodes. I thought that was pretty creative. She comes back for he finale for sure though. Other than that, the episode is a dud.

So basically the whole season Lily and Robin wear loose flowy shirts, large coats, large bags, etc. However they are not as committed to Block That Fetus as other shows. Especially, Robin towards the end. It’s like she was, Yeah, no, I’m done.

So last season Ted proposed to Stella. At the beginning of this season, Stella accepts and we spend the first half on their impending nuptials. She ends up leaving Ted for her ex and the father of her daughter. He encounters Stella a few more times throughout the season and is able to get closure and come to an understanding. I actually like the conclusion of the storyline. It allows for both parties to come out better than either one of them did initially. It’s like we can feel bad for Ted and find Stella despicable, but in episode 4.23 ‘As Fast as She Can’ we’re reminded that Stella had a whole life before Ted that led to the decisions she made and the actions she took. We just don’t follow her life. It’s like Barney going for all the villains in movies. He sees things from the other side and they don’t seem so bad. However, unlike movie villains, Stella was never really a villain, just another person out in the world being a person.

The season ends with a hospital situation again as we find out the story of the goat. Barney  and Robin might be taking their relationship to the next level, or not, you never know with those two. At the end everyone makes a great leap. And Ted has given up on being an architect and is now a professor of architecture. The mother supposedly takes his class. And the kids are closer to finding out how their dad met their mother.

Season Notes:

Best Episode: S4 E17 ‘The Front Porch’ – So many episodes this season were in the running for the best (4.14 ‘Possimpible’ I’m looking at you!), but there can be only one best! I chose ‘The Front Porch’ as the best of the season because there’s something inherently cool about it. Really, it’s a dramatic episode, but in the long run what they’re fighting about is pretty silly. But establishing Lily’s character as like this diabolical mastermind that just wants the best for Ted (and for her future front porch fantasy) is sweet. And the fact that it’s all happening while in their pajamas lightens the intensity of the revelation of Lily’s intentional and unintentional role in many of Ted’s breakups. Then there’s the backdrop of Robin on the muted TV during her morning show as everything goes wrong for her. Everyone is doing dramady as she is doing a generous amount of physical comedy and doing it well. It’s a really well done episode that has elements that make it the best of the season!

Worst Episode: S4 E20 ‘Mosbius Designs’ – Because it sucks.

Rating: 4.5/5 As a whole, this season is the most cohesive yet. It builds on itself and its world in oftentimes creative ways. Several episodes just had such a great style and flow to them that it all just clicked together. And I liked the way it ended, no real cliffhanger. This season could really be taken as its own self contained show.

Until next time…tooda loos!