July 1, 2016

It’s the day of the Tree Hill formal. A day that will live in infamy. Maybe? I mean, I don’t like to judge, but it’s a pretty crappy day.

Haley is super excited about the formal. She’s never been to one and now she gets to go with her husband. Nathan acts like it’s just a dance, he’s popular so he goes to them all the time. Only, Nathan knows something Haley doesn’t…she’s going to be crowned Queen which actually has him super stoked about going to the dance.

But then Peyton enters the scene. Haley is all pure and innocent working at the Cafe. She goes over to give Peyton a free snack because Karen said to give Peyton a free snack for being such an awesome club manager. Whatever, Haley freakin’ runs the Cafe, she’s never had a greeting like that from you. Pfft. Innyway, we all know that Peyton doesn’t eat, what she’s really there to do is ask Haley to perform a set at TRIC next weekend. Haley says no because she doesn’t have a set. Enter Chris Keller who says he does. Peyton’s all, Oh, really? He says, Bygones, won’t happen again. Peyton wants to know if he has more demands. He says he only has one, for Haley to play the set with him. Haley doesn’t think she’s ready for that. Chris Keller says she isn’t, but she will be if she goes to practice with him tonight. The gig is next week, practice can start tomorrow you big ol’ troublemaker! But nobody says that. Haley just says she can’t because it’s the formal! Chris Keller says never mind, he thought she was serious about music. Haley feels shamed and says she’ll meet him and she’ll go to the formal afterwards. FOOL! Chris Keller leaves, Haley goes back to work, and Peyton sits there at the counter smiling. Peyton has no idea.

Nathan is burning the new song to a disc when Haley walks in to tell him that she needs to start rehearsing with Chris Keller tonight. Nathan says she doesn’t need that guy. Haley says he has connections that’ll see her play too and it’s important she does well. Haley tells him not to listen to the song it’s not finished, she has no idea he’s put it on a CD.

Haley goes to rehearse with Chris Keller, only they aren’t rehearsing a set he still has her recording the same song! The What? Chris Keller, up to NO GOOD! Haley’s not able to get it to where Chris Keller wants it so he wants her to do it again. She wants to pick it up again tomorrow because she really has to get to the formal. Chris Keller makes her feel bad about having plans again and Haley takes the bait. Nathan calls and she tells him to go on without her and she’ll meet him there no later than 8:30, they won’t miss anything. Nathan is bummed. What Haley doesn’t know is that he has a horse drawn carriage waiting. He’s planned a special night and she’s missed the first part! He hangs up with her. He goes to pay the carriage driver and says he won’t be needing him. Sad face Nathan.

Nathan does go to the formal. His parents are the chaperones and Haley promised just this morning that she’d be there to protect him from them. She’s not, so he has to make do. Haley’s not there so he asks his mother to dance with him. But it’s not genuine because he’s only going to dance with her until Tim finds the key to the beach house in her purse. While they dance, Deb says all the wrong things. Tim finds the key and Nathan leaves his mom on the dance floor before the song finishes. Cold.

Haley is still recording and she’s finally nailed it. Only, what? That’s not really the time?! Chris Keller had unplugged the clock or whatever and the time is actually 9:30. Ugh, what does the dance go until midnight because she’s pretty much missed the whole thing if it doesn’t. She’s not even ready! She gets angry face.

While she’s away Nathan does some drinking behind the decorations with the guys. Tim is surprised since Haley has him whipped. Nathan’s all, I don’t see Haley, do you? Tim is stoked.

Karen’s on the stage about to announce King and Queen. Nathan is calling Haley all nervous and says he’s getting freaked out, where is she? Ugh, there she is. Haley finally makes it to the formal just as they’re about to announce King and Queen. She’s apologizing up and down as he pins her flower thing on her dress (of our 3 girls, she’s best dressed for once, seriously). She catches a whiff of his breath and asks if he’s been drinking. He’s like yeah, just a little. Oops, no time to talk, they’ve been announce King and Queen. As they make their way up to the stage the song starts playing. Nathan told the DJ to play it if she won. Haley is piznastys. She told him it wasn’t finished. Well, Nathan’s never heard the song all the way through because when he hears Chris Keller, he gets piznastys. He’s upset because she recorded the song while he was in Charlotte but omitted the part where she was with Chris Keller. They quiet argue as Karen crowns them, Nathan never scrunching down. Poor Karen. Haley swears she was going to tell him. Nathan says she’s late for the second time tonight.

Now we’re at the beach house after party and everyone’s night is not turning out the way they imagined it would. Brooke is pissed because Face Part and Felix are stoopid. Peyton is aimless and alone because her best friend is MIA and Felix called her a lesbian earlier which caused Anna to distance herself. And then while she’s looking for Brooke, some guy spills red wine all over her dress, which is really her dead mom’s dress. Peyton’s had a really BAD night! Lucas is a non-entity on his own show. He went to the formal with Anna, but she ends up getting drunk and being weird at the beach house and tells Lucas to take a hike. He goes to comfort Brooke on the beach after she ends BFW with Felix. He offers her a ride home and she accepts.

Shut up, Jake!
Peyton finds her way to Gloom Town and is trying to clean the dress, but she can’t and she has a break down. She takes out the free vial of cocaine that Pusher Man left for her in a box of CDs (Yeah, she’s going to work with him behind Karen’s back. Tsk Tsk). She pours some of it onto a CD but she ends up throwing it against the mirror. Later she sits on her bed and tears her sketch of Jake and Jenny. Anna walks in and they chat. Peyton says she can stay over if she wants. Anna does.

Nathan finds Haley on the pier to go be mad at her. Haley apologizes for making him upset, but she’s upset with him for playing the song when she told him not to. Nathan wants to know if she’s into Chris Keller. She’s offended by the question. She tells Nathan that she understands it must be hard for him to see her getting to record when he didn’t get into basketball camp, but it’s not fair to take it out on her. He tells her to go look in his drawer at home, read the letter that’s in there and then talk to him about fair.

The sun is coming up and everyone is blah. Well, except for Dan and Deb who might be taking another go at it. Dan is leaving Casa de Scott with his things and Deb asks where he’s going. He comes clean and says he’s going back to the beach house because he doesn’t want to be there with her based on a lie. He tells that he lied about the results of the stress test, he passed, but he said he failed to remain close to her. He really still wants to be with her. Deb says if he means it they can try, but she doesn’t think her heart can take another hit. She MEANS it Dan!

Music Video Time! Haley is reading the letter from High Flyers. It says they’re bummed he turned them down, but if his plans change he can still register late as long as there’s still room and board available. Haley gets tears and calls Nathan. We see Nathan still on the pier looking pensive  going for thoughtful. He doesn’t answer the phone. Yeah, I’m sorry Nathan, it’s still not fair to be angry at Haley over a decision you made ON YOUR OWN! Peyton and Anna chat. Zzzz…Lucas drops Brooke off at her house. In the car she tells him they should be friends. He says they are, but she means they should actually be friends. He says he’d like that. She says but with no benefits. They chuckle. Felix sees this from his window. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!