July 3, 2016

We pick up where we left off only it starts to POUR rain down on everybody. Lucas walks away from Brooke’s place and gets soaked. We see Haley on the bus with Chris Keller and the number one thing on her mind is that she doesn’t have a toothbrush. Then Chris calls her “married girl” and she snaps back into reality where she is KISSING him AGAIN! Ugh, Hales. She realizes she can’t go with him and says she’s sorry. Oh, you better be apologizing, just not to him. Chris Keller gets on the bus, Haley doesn’t. We’ll be seeing him again. Karen tells Deb to take a hike. Nathan blows out the candles that are now just nubs. He’s trashing dinner when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Taylor, Haley’s sister and Nathan is sure he knows her form somewhere.  Jake runs Pusher Man off and thus ends Peyton’s 5 minute drug problem. The actual problem being that she never could get another hit after that 1 time. Which is good because a full blown drug addiction is unnecessary. She and Jake end up in Gloom Town. He tells her that he didn’t bring Jenny, he’s just here to check on her because Lucas called his cousins all worried. He’s only in town for a couple of days and Peyton thinks things are looking up now. He says he didn’t answer her emails because he doesn’t want any way for Nikkie to track him down. Peyton tells him that she and Brooke sent her to Seattle. He decides he’s just going to keep a low profile while he’s in town and only visit her and his parents. He spends the night, but just to sleep you gutter heads. Haley finally shows up back home and Nathan asks her where she’s been. She’s about to tell him when Taylor surprises her and tells her she’ll be staying a couple of days. Haley is not happy to see Taylor. Haley pulls Nathan into the bedroom to talk. He says that he said Taylor could make herself comfortable because Haley wasn’t there. Haley looks guilty and he realizes she was with Chris Keller. She tells him it’s over, Chris left town and he didn’t mean anything. Sorry Haley, hugs aren’t going to get you out of this one. She says that they need to stick together if they’re going to survive hurricane Taylor. And thus ends…Tuesday?

It’s Wednesday? And some of our friends still show up to school and that’s where we are now. Lucas is sitting at the picnic tables staring across the way at Brooke and Felix. He’s all alone. He sees Anna pass by and runs up to talk to her to see how she’s doing. She calls him a jerk. So, yeah, that conversation doesn’t go well. He squints as she leaves. He sees Brooke walking and catches up to her. He notices her necklace and she says it’s from Felix. He’s disappointed to hear that she and Felix are actually dating now. Felix comes up for a kiss and Lucas is sad.

Karen is outside TRIC or the Cafe, I never really know anymore. She’s calling Andy who is in New York for a few days. A woman answers the phone and says Andy is in the shower. She assumes the worst. Deb drives up and wants to talk. Karen’s not that mad about the act as much as she’s upset about the lying. She can’t accept that from a business partner or a friend. She huffs away. Inside TRIC, Karen has given Jules a job as a bartender. Lucas is talking to her when her cell phone rings and it says the call is from Dan Scott. He visits Jules the next day to ask her how she knows Dan. She says she bought a car from him and he had some questions about her credit references. Lucas leaves embarrassed. Jules has guilt face.

Peyton takes Jake to see TRIC. She tells him that the biggest thing that happened since he’s been gone is that Nathan and Haley got married. Jake is all, Ooooh reaaaally? He gossips that he saw Haley kissing some guy at the bus station. Peyton’s all, Well that’s someone she shouldn’t be kissin’.

Lucas goes down to the River Court and Nathan is there shooting some hoops. He still won’t let Lucas play because he has no intention of doing mouth to mouth should Lucas keel over and need CPR. He tosses the ball into the river. They bro talk and Nathan confides that Freshman year he was moved up to Varsity and they had a rager at the beach house. Taylor was one of the seniors there and he was really drunk and they did it. Not only that but it was his first time and he thinks Taylor doesn’t remember. Lucas knows Taylor’s crazy. Lucas laughs at Nathan’s revelation because he thinks it’s hilarious. They continue with bro times.

Felix and Brooke are talking on their way to dinner. She’s bummed about things at home because all her parents do is fight. And that’s the most important thing to know because she’s with Felix. Who cares? Let’s just run through their storyline right quick. She doesn’t want to be a kept woman so she tries to return the necklace to him and says she doesn’t want him to buy her stuff and fancy dinners, etc. because she doesn’t want to end up like her mom. Her mom married her dad for money and now that’s not working out so well now that the dad is broke. Felix tells her to keep the necklace because it makes him happy to see her wear it blah blah blah.

Nathan gets home and Taylor is in a bathrobe AGAIN. She took a shower after her 10 mile run. Whatever, Taylor. She invites Nathan to run with her tomorrow. They drink beer and talk about Haley. She makes him uncomfortable and he drops his second beer.

Anna goes to see Peyton in Gloom Town. Jake has just left. Peyton says she was gonna call Anna, but she’d been going through “pile on Peyton day” which isn’t true, she was going through “pile on Peyton dayS”. Anna says no, it’s her who should be the one apologizing for not being there for Peyton when she needed a friend. She tells her that Lucas rejected her. She thinks there’s something wrong with her, but Peyton says no, Anna is great. She hugs Anna and then Anna kisses her. What?! Peyton says that’s not her thing, but it’s cool. She’s just not into girls. Anna leaves mortified before Peyton can reassure her that they can still be friends. She goes over to Anna’s the next day to tell her not to be afraid to be herself. She thinks some of Anna’s  recent behaviors make sense now. She wants to still be her friend but Anna doesn’t think they can still be friends. Peyton has sad face.

Nathan and Taylor are running on the beach. She tricks him into going into the water with her. Nathan’s so easy! They go to the beach house to dry off and she knows where the towels are. Now he knows that she remembers. She tells him that of course she remembers, she was just enjoying watching him squirm. She asks if that makes her bad. Yes, Taylor, among other things. Seriously, everytime we see Taylor she brings trouble. They sit down by the fireplace, I guess, and Taylor tells him that she quit school because she was having an affair with a married professor and they got caught by his wife. He was supporting her so when the affair ended she had no money and no place to stay, hence, she’s back in Tree Hill. She says she’ll keep his secret about their previous encounter, if he keeps hers. He agrees. Nathan says it’s time to go home to Haley. She implies that maybe next time they’ll do it. Keep dreaming, Taylor, he will forever be faithful to Haley.

Lucas is at the River Court minding his own business when Felix comes up getting all on his case. Felix says that Anna is at home crying because of Lucas. Um, no she’s not, she’s got other problems. Felix punches Lucas. Which is a dum dum move seeing as Lucas took him down at TRIC already. Lucas takes the punch easily and then punches Felix who falls to the ground. He acts like his jaw is super hurt and Lucas goes to finish him off but walks away instead. Felix crawls over and pulls Lucas’s feet out from under him and Lucas falls and hits his head on the bench, then Felix kicks him in the gut. It actually scared me when his head hit the table. Don’t worry, he’s ok, he just gets a little scratch on his forehead. Phew. Basically, Felix stabbed him from behind because Felix is a terrible fighter, has no honor, and is just an all around despicable human being!

Peyton and Jake are talking on her bed. There’s a lot of blah blah blah. The rest of their storyline…Jake stays over in Gloom Town his last night in Tree Hill and then talks to Peyton in the morning. He tells Peyton how he printed out her emails and would keep them where he could read them. They helped him through tough times and if that can, then the real thing will be better. Shut up, Jake! They decide to leave to go get Jenny. He’s tired of running. Later they do leave in Peyton’s car. Road trip!

Andy is back in town and goes to see Karen at the Cafe. She’s been avoiding his calls and he’s sad face. She says a woman answered the phone and she didn’t have an accent so it wasn’t his mother and she knows he only has a brother. Andy wants to explain but Karen’s all, Blargh and huffs away. Andy stays sad face. Later the next day at his first class back he gives a quick lesson on greed. He tells the class about how he used to be really greedy. A few years ago he was driving along on the phone with his broker trying to make his $31 Million a quarter million more. He says he didn’t even see the woman and when he got out of the car there was so much blood he thought he’d killer her. He changed that woman’s life that day and now he takes care of her and her son. He may do it because he feels guilty, but he also does it so he can remember that there’s a point where enough’s enough. If you’re so blinded while trying to haggle over money that you don’t need then enough’s enough. The whole story and the moral is actually well delivered and makes me a tad teary. He says he’s ready to start his lecture if they’ll still have him. Really we know he’s talking straight to Karen. She looks on with serious remorseful face.

Taylor and Nathan go back to the apartment. Haley is upset. Nathan says he left a note at least she knew where he was. She says that they can’t keep doing this and she feels like he’s avoiding her. He says he’s not. She wants to make it work. She wants to know why he’s spending so much time with Taylor. He asks if she’s threatened by her. She says she doesn’t trust her. Um, Nathan, you basically went on a date with Taylor that lasted from morning to night. Yeah, I think Haley has a right to feel a bit like something is on the sketchy side.

Lucas goes to visit Jules to tell her that she’s busted! He checked her record at the dealership and she bought the car with cash so there was no credit check. She comes clean and tells him that she was in an abusive relationship that put her in the hospital. When she got out she had a hospital bill she couldn’t afford and she was over $100,000 in debt so she put her information on some website that said she would do anything legal for money. Dan answered the add and started paying her medical bills. He told her to make Keith fall in love with her and then break his heart. She did fall in love with Keith and tried to get out of the deal, but Dan wouldn’t let her. Lucas has shocked face. That’s some pretty shady stuff, poor Lucas is being introduced to some gross stuff going on in the world.

Nathan is dead now.

The next morning Haley is kicking Taylor out of the house. She wants to work on her marriage and she thinks Taylor is in the way of that happening. Taylor says she’s not in school anymore and needs to stay a little longer so she can get her life together. Haley’s not hearing it. Nathan walks in and says they have to let her stay because she’s family and tells Taylor she can stay as long as she needs. Haley gives if looks could kill face.

Deb goes to see Karen to ask for forgiveness. She says their friendship is important to her and she’ll have her lawyer draw up papers to dissolve the partnership. Karen says she doesn’t want all that, she just doesn’t want Deb to lie to her again. Deb agrees.

Anna goes to the River Court and apologizes for what her brother did. She tells him about the rumors at her other school and it led them to move and that upset Felix. She says the rumors were about her liking girls and the rumors were true. She says she likes girls and Lucas is like, ooookay. She says that she’s also into guys and put all her hopes on him and that wasn’t fair. She says she’s never told anybody about her liking girls, not even Felix. She says if he keeps her secret, she’ll keep his about Brooke. He’s all, I thought I was playing it cool. She says, nope. They smile and hug.

Music Video Time! It’s Matthew Ryan’s Return to Me. I like it! The next day Karen goes to see Andy at his office to bring him lunch and apologize. They have happy face. Lucas goes to see Keith to tell him what he found out, but Jules is there so he makes up a story about looking for his MP3 player and leaves. He and Anna are at school feeling alone, but then they walk together and they have happy face. Later that night, Nathan is working on his laptop at the apartment. Taylor has the bathroom door open after yet ANOTHER shower. He’s angled just right so that he can see the mirror and she can see him. She gives an up to no good smile. It would seem they moved the restroom farther up the hallway. Hmmm…He closes the laptop and goes to help Haley with dinner. Roll Credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!