July 4, 2016

It’s the 4th of July! On IMDB, they made a list of the most popular shows made in each state. It’s based on IMDB searches or something. I’m sure it wasn’t that scientific. Innyway, One Tree Hill is #1 for North Carolina! Pretty cool, huh? For Texas it’s Friday Night Lights. Flove!

The most dangerous thing about this rewatch is it’s taking me back to that original time and place. I tend to become OBSESSED with this show. Not only am I rewatching the show but I’m also rewatching various clips on YouTube. I mean, watch this fanvid and tell me you didn’t just get sucked into hours of watching more! My favorite fanvids to watch are Naley (duh), Daley (Dean Winchester and Haley crossover vids), and Baley (Brooke and Haley, sometimes slash vids, but mostly friendship vids). Daley ones are usually the best quality because it takes some serious skill and dedication to piece together footage from 2 different shows. Seriously. Also, these vids are a gateway to Clois vids, Richard/Khalan vids, and Top 10 Moments vids. This all inevitably leads to watching Manny clips. Yes, Michelle and Danny Santos from Guiding Light. Joy has been playing characters that reform bad boys and marry them within weeks of meeting them since 1998! As an added bonus Danny’s mom hated Michelle and actually plotted her death several times. Although, Michelle, while still super smart, is way more unhinged than Haley. And the Manny relationship is way more unhealthy than the Naley one. However, it’s obvious that both are epic and wildly outlandish enough to keep people entertained for years and years. YouTube is a dangerous place. Be careful out there.

I also broke out my old iPod 5th Gen with Video. It still works! It’s also full of music from when this show was on, a lot of the music I heard on the show or on fanvids ,or you know, American Idol. I used to be like Peyton in a way, I spent a lot of time buying, cataloging, and listening to music. The sound of the iPod is still top notch and the music really takes me back. It was good times.

So, at this point in the series, The Chad and Sophia are engaged. Their love affair and marriage, while brief, may have influenced the storyline of Lucas being super in love with Brooke all of a sudden. And then not even halfway through Season 4 she’ll tell him that he loves Peyton and be totally cool with it and that will be that. That’s how quickly things crumble in Hollywoodland! Oh, SPOILER ALERT!

Oh, yes, the episode. This episode can best be summed up as a calm before the storm. Here’s what happened to our Core 5…

Peyton: She’s not in this one…didn’t miss her!

Brooke: She gets a job so she can pay for her car insurance. Her resume is the best!

Objective: To obtain a job in the food service industry. Education: Junior at Tree Hill High School Interests and Activities: Cheerleading, Animals, Retail Therapy Work Experience: Summer Life Guard at City Pool

She ends up getting a job at a place called Carl’s Crab Shack.


He has her dress up as a crab and stand on the sidewalk. He also pays them unfairly and she decides to do something about it when on her first day she only makes $15. The other crabs don’t want to rock the boat because some of them have kids and really need the job. Um, how does a job that pays $15 for 6+ hours of work help to put food on the table for your kids? That won’t even cover formula. Maybe it will, but still, it doesn’t make any sense! Innyway, Brooke finds a way to legally get Carl to pay the crabs fair wages and have proper breaks. She helps the crabs but ultimately she quits that job because working just wasn’t for her. Brooke is crazy. This inspires her to run for Student Council President.

Lucas: Karen takes everything and I mean EVERYTHINGout of his room and refuses to feed him until he agrees to take the HCM test. Everyone tries to get him to take it. Eventually, he goes with Keith and they get tested together. Also, he confronts Dan about Jules. Dan tells him what Keith did in order to make what he’s done sound justified. He lies and says he told Jules to take a hike ages ago and doesn’t know why she is still around. Lucas is all serious face. He goes and gets all up in Keith’s business. Keith has sad face. He then goes and sees Lucas and Lucas apologizes for overreacting. Keith’s all, bygones and tells him that he’s going to take the HCM test and they can go together. Lucas still doesn’t tell Keith what he knows. Later he goes to talk to Keith again, but again, Jules is there and this time Lucas is met with the news that Keith has proposed to Jules and she has accepted. Ugh, Keith, this isn’t even necessarily loser behavior as it is nutso behavior. Dude, you’ve known her for like a month, you’re a mess! Eventually, Karen does put all of his stuff back in his room. She blahs and Lucas says that he did end up getting the test and will know the results in a couple of days. They hug and cry. At the end Dan comes to see Lucas at the River Court and wants to work out a deal with him about the Keith situation. Dan shoots and makes a basket which is not shocking because Dan NEVER misses a shot. NEVER! I mean, have you seen him miss one, I don’t think I have. Roll Credits.

Nathan & Haley: OMG, their little chalkboard on the fridge says “Gym 3:30”, what does that mean?! Innyway, Taylor upsets Haley. Taylor points out the “23” tramp stamp and calls Haley out for being a hypocrite. Haley defends herself by saying that at least her tattoo means something and it’s not something random like Taylor’s. Blah. Nathan comes in the room and Taylor is tacky. Later, Nathan walks into his room to find Taylor going through the closet. Taylor doesn’t own a full shirt! She starts to change in front of Nathan and he tells her she better behave or he’ll throw her out of the apartment. She reminds him that it would be a shame if Haley found out about their secret. He then decides to go and tell Haley himself while she’s at work and she doesn’t take it well. It’s really all about the timing and I’m sure running a cafe is stressful enough without your husband coming to tell you that he slept with your sister before he met you. It was before you, but it’s still not an image you want taking up space in your head. While Nathan and Haley are at work, Taylor is playing on the computer when an IM from Chris Keller pops up. She learns that Chris kissed Haley.


Oh look, it’s Haley, home after a long day of running a cafe. She comes in upset with Taylor and gets all violent. See, she and Nathan are made for each other! Innyway, Taylor says she knows about Chris from the IM. Haley says not to say anything to Nathan. Taylor says sure, but I get to stay here until I’m ready to stop being a bum. The next day at the River Court, Nathan talks to Lucas and tells him he doesn’t want to go home because he told Haley. Lucas thinks this is funny. I’m confused because later that night he goes home and he and Haley have a heart to heart. She says she overreacted and she’s sorry. So, did he not come home lastnight?! He says he doesn’t want to lie to her because of how honest she is with him. They hug and Haley gives guilt face. Later Taylor and Haley have a heart to heart on the balcony. Haley is super confused over all of the things she’s feeling right now. She’s jealous over what Chris has and doesn’t know what to do. Taylor then tells her why she got the scorpion tattoo. Basically, she got it because scorpions are life ruiners. She tells Haley Bob that she feels like the little sister and that Haley will eventually do the right thing as usual. They hug and we see their tramp stamps side by side because neither one of them can pick out a shirt that fits. Later on during the Music Video portion of the episode, we see Naley walking on the boardwalk and having a lovely time while Taylor is at the apartment intercepting another IM from Chris and again posing as Haley, only this time to tell him to back off!

We must always remember folks, these people look like adults, but they are really teenagers. And we all know teenagers ain’t got no sense!

Until next time…tooda loos!