July 5, 2016

So I was curious about the song this episode is titled after. I looked it up…it’s by a band called The Ataris. And I guess it’s significant that the song is about somebody looking back on growing up in a broken home. And well, this episode is definitely about the fracturing of homes. Of course, the title alone, without the background of the song itself, is an accurate description of events as well. It does, however, depend on who you view as the hero. Is it Lucas, Haley, Nathan, or Face Part or some combination of the 4? I choose these particular characters because they are the ones that do some pretty crappy things in this episode. FP is insignificant to me and Life in general so we’ll skip him. Nathan isn’t really a hero as he hasn’t really saved anybody so much as be saved. You get what I mean, I know you do. So that leaves us with Lucas and Haley. For me, they are the heroes of the piece and the ones that die in this story. I see them as the characters we are really following in this series as they are the ones introduced to a new way of life that they have to work through. They are the outsiders and are having a difficult time adjusting to the life they’ve found themselves in at the moment. And let’s face it, they saved Nathan, Peyton, and Brooke from a life of shallow thoughtlessness. They made these people deep thinkers that no longer live a completely shallow existence. I dig that. At the same time, it’s made two perfectly nice and thoughtful people into crazyheads! What?!

Felix is helping Brooke with her campaign posters for President. The photos they are taking do not portray the real Brooke Davis. When she finds out she is facing a tough competitor, Erica Mash (Katherine Bailess, Alexa in From Justin to Kelly), she is at a loss for what to do. Does she go negative like Erica? Lucas encourages her to campaign as herself. So the next day Brooke puts up new posters that put a positive spin on all the negative things Erica said about her. Brooke attends a meeting held by Whitey about election speeches. She gets nervous to write a speech on her home so she asks Lucas to help her write it. Lucas promises he will meet her at her house to help before heading to the club. He does show up to help her but their session is cut short when Felix walks in with a box of campaign buttons. Lucas tells Brooke that she’ll write a great speech because everything she needs to say is in her heart or some schmoopy mumbojumbo. Felix has yuck face as he knows that Lucas is a worthy competitor, and a better actor! At some point before all that, Peyton comes to school with good news that The Wreckers will be playing TRIC! Brooke thinks this is great and it will be the perfect night to host her campaign party.

Peyton’s not so happy with Haley though. She confronts Haley about kissing Chris. I don’t care what anyone says, but Joy is an awesome actress and for sure the best one on this show. This scene showcases that as she goes through a quick series of emotions expressed only with facial expressions and body language that culminates in her spitting out, “How did you know about that?” Peyton says that’s really not important, nor is it the issue at hand. Haley assures her it was a mistake and it will never happen again. Peyton remains peeved at Haley for the next year and a half like it’s any of her business. Haley finds her again on another day to further explain that she’s just going through some confusing feelings, not for Chris, but about the kind of life he can offer. She’s feeling the call of the road, the promise of playing for pizza and hostile crowds! Plus, WGwG. Peyton acts like she gets it and they walk into school together.

Meanwhile, Nathan is plotting Chris Keller’s death as he sees an IM from Chris while using the computer. He then sees all of the emails Haley and Chris have been exchanging, the one that says, “I WANNA KISS YOU!” really sticks out. What I find confusing is that that is a Sent To CK email, not From, so Haley hasn’t been very honest about her feelings AT ALL. Or it’s one she replied to that originated from Chris, idk. But either way it drives Nathan to actually show up at school. He’s angry face looking for Haley while Brooke is trying to get the gang to vote for her.

Conversations with a LIAR!

They are all confused and say that Haley is most likely in the Tutor Center. He waits for her to come out and pounces. He hands her the printed emails, she is so busted! Only, she knows that Nathan is a dum dum and manages to convince him that Taylor sent all those to stir up trouble. She points out that one of them was for sure written while she was at work! Nathan believes her partly because he’s a dum dum and partly because he wants to and decides that it’s time for Taylor to leave. Haley wants to be at negative points for Sister of the Year and says that Nathan’s right, Taylor should leave she ruins lives. Ugh, Hales.

Other stuff happens, like Lucas telling Karen that he’s HCM free! And then he talks to Dan and Dan wants him to come live at Casa de Scott. Dan throws a congrats on the engagement party for Keith at work. Karen is on her way over to yell at Dan for Lucas wanting to live with Dan, she just knows Dan is manipulating her son! He totally is and we all know that Lucas is cheesey easy. She walks in on the party and that’s how she finds out Keith is engaged. Blargh! Karen mentions it to Andy at the Café. He thinks it’s good news, but she’s concerned that Keith popped the question too fast because they just met like a month ago, there’s no way Keith knows Jules well enough to marry her! Karen’s right, but Andy has sad suspicious face that Karen is mostly upset because she actually wants Keith. Poor Andy. Oh and Jake’s back at school and everyone’s happy to see him. He goes and asks Whitey for help in getting back in the principal’s good graces. Um, why didn’t his parents come reregister him? Who cares what the principal thinks about you, it’s public school and you were in another city so it’s really none of his business. Ugh. Shut up, Jake. Innyway, Whitey wise sages him and all will be well enough for awhile. Oh, and by the end of the episode he and Peyton are playing house in Gloom Town.

So let’s cut to showtime at TRIC!

Keith talks to Karen about the engagement. Karen says that she’s just depended on him since high school and it’s going to be a hard adjustment. He assures her that their friendship will stay intact and that he’ll always be there for her. He just knows that after his experience with being soundly rejected by her that Jules is The One. Well, he’s certainly singing a different tune, not only that, he may want to check with his fiancée that she’s ok with him remaining friends with a lady he proposed too and still plays surrogate dad to said woman’s son. Jules just might have a problem with that, in theory. Really, that chick shouldn’t have a problem with anything seeing as she’s perpetrating a grossness.

Haley goes backstage with Peyton to meet Michelle Branch. She’s one member of the duo, The Wreckers, Jessica Harpe being the other. Michelle and Jessica tell her how they’ve heard her demo and it’s great. They think she should sing it with Chris Keller tonight. Haley and Peyton are WTF? Yep, there’s Chris, he’s their opening act. Haley is all, I’m outskis. Peyton blahs at Chris. It’s time for the show to start and Haley is sitting with Nathan. She does not tell him that Chris is there because when he walks out, Nathan is surprised. Seriously, what LaLa Land is Hales living in at the moment?! Taylor walks in and finds them. She’s all packed up, but her ride’s going to be late so she has time for TRIC after all. Chris is actually performing this time. She thinks he’s a hottie and asks who it is. Once she learns it’s Chris, she gets the plot’s thickened face. Up to no good…the whole lot of them! Nathan walks away and the girls look around like, where’d he go. Haley is so guilty that she probably hopes he’s on his way to kill Chris so she doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. As it turns out he did go backstage to lie in wait for Chris to get off the stage. Chris walks in the dressing room and about pees his pants. Haley really needs to witness these moments. Nathan says that he did come to beat him up but instead he’s just going to say haha I win, Haley doesn’t want you. Chris isn’t so sure and blahs at Nathan, but he avoids making any sudden movements that may cause his life to be cut short.

Brooke and others are passing out campaign buttons. When it’s time for The Wreckers someone hands Michelle a note and she reads it, “Vote for Brooke.” Haha. So they start to perform and it’s a good song and Haley stays for some of it before making her way backstage to have a chat with Chris. She asks him how he’s been and then is about to leave when Chris turns around to tell her that she needs to go on the road with him. That Michelle wants her on tour and it’s once in a lifetime opportunity. Haley says no with I’m considering it face.

Yay, another successful club night rife with behind the scenes drama.

Brooke is home practicing her speech. FP comes in to tell her that he’s the one that broke her windshield. She’s all, Why would you do that? He tells her that he was just drunk and angry about being everyone’s little brother when he wants to be more. Go away, FP! Brooke says, Yeah, now we’re not friends so leave. He does. Nobody cares and hopes he stays away forever. SPOILER ALERT: He doesn’t. She starts to read her speech and it’s about not really knowing someone by just looking at them and as such you don’t know what they have to offer. It’s about how everyone has layers. Thanks Shrek! It’s the end voiceover for the Music Video Time!

Meanwhile, Karen is devastated that Lucas actually left! She pleaded with him while he was packing, but he just wouldn’t come out with the truth. She goes to Andy’s house and cries and he holds her, not sure of what else he can do. And I guess unsure if he’s really the one she wants to be with right now. We see Lucas in Nathan’s old room. By the way, Nathan is not happy about this turn of events! We see him putting medication and pamphlets about living with HCM on the bed. Dan comes in and asks how he convinced Karen he was fine. Lucas says he showed her Keith’s test results. Dan says he’s more like him that he realized. Lucas has I’m living with the DEVIL! face.

Haley talks to Nathan at the apartment. She hops up on the counter so they can see eye to eye. She hugs him, full well knowing she can’t hug her way out of this one. It’s a more wholesome tactic than Michelle’s with Danny, which was to distract him with sex. So, there’s that. Innyway, she starts telling him that because of him she’s able to want things and want to pursue things and blah blah blah. She says that she’s ahead in classes, and will be back in time for finals. She says this is about finding out if she’s good a good enough singer or if nights at TRIC is all she gets. He says then why haven’t you asked me to go with you. Well, lets’ see, maybe because you’re a dum dum who wouldn’t be able to make up all the missed work! As it is, you’re already working at a deficit since you didn’t show up to school for a week! She doesn’t say any of that though. She just guilt stares and he asks again if she kissed him. She says yes, but that’s not what this is about. He doesn’t agree, he says she can go if she wants and then gives her the ultimatum smackdown of it’s either the tour or him, she can’t have both. He leaves in a huff. Haley is devastated! The next time we see her she’s thrown on her bed in a comatose state. Taylor says she needs to follow her heart or something. That she wanders around aimlessly because she doesn’t know where she’s going and she doesn’t have a Nathan to go home to, but Haley does and it’ll all be ok. Or some such, it sounded good and I’m not really sure what outcome she was hoping for but Haley goes on tour even though she’s upset about it. Nathan is walking and walking while a She Has No Time by Keane plays as our music video song and happens upon their spot where he gave her the Crackerjack bracelet. He has a flashback and has regret face. He hauls it back to the apartment. He sees movement but it’s just Taylor heading out, she tells him he’s too late, Haley is gone. He sees the bracelet on a table and is devastated. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad! He gets really angry. He hulks out and throws the keyboard against their wedding wall, breaking both things in a smasheriffic way. He sits and has really angry sad face. Poor Nathan. It’s a really good sequence of events, really well done and just as effective as the first time you watched it. Roll Credits.

And that’s ‘The Hero Dies in this One’. Lucas spends the whole episode telling Brooke to live her truth while all he does is lie. And we find out that Haley has been deceiving EVERYONE this whole time and she falls off the pedestal she’s been put on by the characters and the audience.

I will come to Haley’s defense in that it’s not entirely fair to slag on her since the popularity of the show in key demographics and music’s important role in the show allowed for them to ACTUALLY go on tour. Yep, a real life tour happened headlined by The Wreckers, some other acts, Tyler Hilton, and well, Bethany Joy Lenz. I’m not sure why they would want to show the tour as what causes a huge rift between Nathan and Haley, but that’s what they did. I didn’t attend any of the dates and I’m not sure how well it did, but it probably did pretty well. Other members of the cast would also show up at certain stops. So, in order to send Joy on tour they had to completely decimate her character. But in a way it’s ok. Growing pains and all. Plus, the actress has enough range and likeableness to pull through. I guess that was the theory. Idk.

Yeah, I take this episode seriously. So what?

Until next time…tooda loos!