July 6, 2016

According to Lucas’s voiceover quote, this episode is about feeling lonely.

Nathan is lonely because he told his wife to never come back and she left anyway. I think deep down they both know he didn’t mean it.

Deb is back! Apparently she’s been out of town for a few days and she’s surprised to find out that Lucas is living at Casa de Scott. Dan surprises her with what he thinks is the good news about Haley leaving Nathan. She actually doesn’t feel as giddy as she thought she’d feel about it. She gives concerned for Nathan face. Lucas goes to visit Nathan who is just playing video games and looks like he has not kept up with personal hygiene. Lucas says that he misses Haley and she didn’t even call him so he can imagine how Nathan is feeling. Nathan says that they’ll work it out when she gets back and shuts the door.

Nathan does show up to school because his PlayStation broke. I don’t think he changed his clothes though. He opens up a beer and is wildly inappropriate to his teacher. Instead of a counselor, he gets suspended. Later Lucas leaves Haley another message because he’s worried about Nathan. It’s implied she has yet to answer one of his calls or messages.

The big things that happen in this episode…

1. Andy and Karen decide to do something about their Dan problem. They are going to try the court route first, although Andy has other ideas in case that doesn’t go their way.


2. Brooke wins Student Council President! The StuCo Pres gets their own office at school! She and Erica Marsh have a heart to heart about role reversals. It’s Zzzzzz….

3. Dan and Lucas bond over literature which is IMPORTANT!

4. Haley finally calls Lucas back at 1 AM. He opens with how much he misses her and he’s miffed she didn’t call to tell him she was leaving! Haley feels really bad, ok? No she doesn’t. She’s a LIAR. Haley’s my fave, but right now a spade is a spade. Innyway, she asks about Nathan and he tells her that Nathan misses his wife. She says not to start in on her like that. She tells him Nathan said they were over. He starts to tell her other stuff when a stage manager tells her that Michelle wants to see her in the dressing room. Haley says she’s gotta go, sorry, and hangs up. Lucas is sad face.

5. Lucas goes to visit Nathan at the apartment and Dan and Deb show up to stage an intervention. Lucas didn’t know that was going to happen. Nathan doesn’t care. Dan says something tacky about Haley and Nathan punches him. Dan says he’s glad to see there’s still a man in there which prompts Nathan to leave. They invade his home and insult him. How rude! His apartment is a total sty though so Deb cleans it up a bit for him. She finds a picture from the reception of Nathan looking really happy with Haley and she puts it with his wedding picture on the little table stand thingy.

6. Karen goes looking for Lucas at the River Court but happens upon Nathan instead. Nathan says Lucas has his own net at Casa de Scott. They sit down on the bleachers and talk. He tells her that he told Haley they were done even though he didn’t mean it, but she left anyway. Karen has poor Nathan face and says that she knows Haley will do the right thing. She hugs him. It’s a sweet scene. Later Nathan calls Haley and it goes to voicemail. She changed her outgoing message. Boo! He doesn’t leave a message and has sad face. Roll credits.

That’s it. Those are the most significant things. Whatever to FP, Jake and Peyton, whoever else. Blah.

Until next time…tooda loos!