July 7, 2016

So the previouslies last episode had Brooke say, “Here’s what you need to know.” Now these have her say, “Ok, here’s the deal.” So weird. Innyway, I’m out of town and yesterday I barely got a chance to write one of these, which is why it was pretty sparse. My sisters and I had to finish watching the Jem and the Holograms movie. It was terrible, but we had to know the end. So bad. The previouslies for this episode show Brooke do her victory lap in the hallway after winning StuCo President. She talks to Erica about how nervous she is and Erica says she’s nervous about what’s out in the real world since all she’s ever been is President. Jake tells Peyton that he came back to Tree Hill mostly to be with her and they kiss which is good so she can stop wondering what their relationship is, it was getting tedious. Jules tells Dan that she really did fall in love with Keith and Dan says he didn’t pay her to do that. Andy goes to the dealership to intimidate Dan, but he’s so tiny that Dan just laughs. Never underestimate a tiny person, Dan! Andy wasn’t violent or anything, but Dan doesn’t realize he may have met someone who is just as smart as he is. Or has he? Nathan goes to Casa de Scott to yell at Lucas about how he never would’ve met Haley if it weren’t for him and that Lucas ruined his life. Lucas has feeling sorry for Nathan face.

Ok, so this episode. Be prepared for no Haley in this one. It’s the only time she won’t be in an episode at all. She is in 187 episodes and so is Sophia who wasn’t in the pilot. So, from here on out, we’ll always see those two, but not everybody else. Weird, huh? Out of a cast of 82048209348293, only two of them are in all but one episode. They were the last to sign on too. I don’t know, it’s just pretty cool to me.

We start out with Nathan talking to the camera saying that truth is a lie and you never really know anybody. Nathan’s back at school! Then we see our kids in class watching a black and white video of some dude being interviewed about life at Tree Hill High. Whitey says it’s a time capsule video and the kids are going to make one that won’t be open until 2055. But they won’t be interviewed, they’ll be alone in a room talking to camera saying whatever it is they want to say. Nathan doesn’t want to, but Whitey says it’s mandatory. At the end of class Whitey wants to talk to Nathan but Nathan declines. Whitey asks Lucas if he’s looking out for him and Lucas says he’s trying.

Jake and Peyton set a date for Friday night and flirt in the hallway. Blah blah blah. She tells the time capsule video how happy she is right now and says hi to a 5o something Jenny.

Karen and Andy are walking down a sidewalk talking about getting Lucas back. Karen says that the State requires mediation before she can get Lucas back. Ugh, how convenient that the State all of a sudden has laws! Karen insists that she’ll be calm and state her case without any hallabulloo. Andy has met Karen and tells her that just in case, he’s hired a spy to dig up dirt on Dan.

Lucas and Brooke are walking together at school. He has gotten her a gift. It’s a…book. It’s a book called Familiar Quotations that he says has some great stuff about leadership. She looks through it and says thanks. He also got her magazines and she’s excited! Ugh, Felix and Anna are back from a cruise. Didn’t even realize they were gone. He tells Brooke he’s throwing her a party to celebrate her presidency. Lucas and Anna skedaddle. For whatever reason we are shown Anna’s video entry and it’s her telling the camera that she’s bisexual.

Keith bought a house for Jules. Ugh.

Nathan and Dan are at the dealership. Dan blahs to him and says don’t shut out me and your brother, especially since they’re all working together now. Lucas walks in wearing a jumpsuit like Nathan’s and Nathan quits.

We cut to Lucas’s time capsule entry. At least part of it. He talks about how he misses his best friend. They grew up together and it used to be them against the world and now she’s gone. He’s still on the fact that she didn’t call, wishes she had. It’s kinda sweet.



He goes to see Nathan at the apartment. Nathan is painting a wall bright pink and hangs a clown picture up because they creep Haley out. Lucas says he should call her. Nathan says he did, but he just got voicemail.

Brooke and Peyton are in Gloom Town picking out an outfit for Peyton’s date. For whatever reason Brooke is really invested in Peyton and Jake having sex. We see more of Peyton’s entry and it’s about the pressure teenagers feel to have sex. Zzzzzz….

It’s mediation day! Will Karen be able to hold it together? Of course not! Dan tells the mediator that he did offer to help with support but Karen had refused. Karen calls Dan an ass and everything about him an ass and that she didn’t want any money from him because to him money is power and she wouldn’t be manipulated by it. She goes on and on about him being  an ass. She totally loses it. The mediator asks Lucas where he wants to live. We see her storm into Casa de Squints and Andy is taking care of Jenny. She says Lucas chose his father. Andy hugs her and promises to fix it. Lucas is a total jerk for putting his mother through this!

Brooke goes to the party Felix has thrown her. He seems to have only invited burn outs and people she doesn’t know, and Face Part. Nathan walks in and Brooke is excited but he says he’s only there for the free beer. Oh, look there are her friends sitting on the couch. Why didn’t Felix walk her into that room? Jerk! They are talking about the time capsule. Tim says he told the truth. We see his entry and he’s lying. It’s him bragging about being with all the girls and that he’s currently dating Brooke Davis. Tim’s annoying. Brooke finds them and sits down. Brooke thinks the time capsule is dumb because when it gets opened they’ll be old. FP says maybe not because sometimes they get opened early and lists reasons. Anna is disturbed by this news. Lucas sees Nathan and goes to talk to him but Nathan leaves. Anna tells Lucas that Nathan probably stole his keys from his jacket. Lucas goes after him. She asks FP if he’ll help her break into the school and erase her time capsule entry. He agrees to help her.

Nathan won’t get out of the car so Lucas jumps into the passenger seat. Lucas says Nathan shouldn’t drink and drive so Nathan throws his beer out the window and it hits a cop car. This sudden influx in cops is crazy! They get pulled over but when we see them next Lucas and Nathan have switched places. For some reason we cut to Jake’s entry to the time capsule. He says a bunch of stuff that makes him sound like loser. Shut up, Jake. Oh, look, it’s their date. Nobody cares. Back to Lucas and Nathan in the clink. They’re tacky to each other. Ugh, now we’re watching Anna and FP. Look, they successfully break in and she gets to change her entry. Blah. We get to see some of Brooke’s entry, but it’s stupid and I don’t believe she would’ve said any of it and that’s that. Plus, it’s such a  violation! Jerks.

Karen and Andy are discussing. The phone rings and it’s Lucas. She makes sure that he’s ok and then tells him to call the father he loves so much. You go, Karen! Lucas tells Nathan Karen isn’t coming. He says that even Lucas’s own mom can’t stand him. Haha!

Back at the party, Erica Marsh, who now wants to be called Marsh, is super wasted! Brooke decides to take her home. Back at the clink, Nathan and Lucas are being tacky with each other. Nathan says he figured the best way to hurt Lucas was to take Haley away from him and now she’s gone. Lucas isn’t surprised she left a stroke like Nathan. He calls him a stroke! What? No one talks like that. It actually hurts Nathan’s feelings though. Lucas also calls him pathetic which Nathan understands so he takes serious issue with it. Nathan thinks Lucas is the pathetic one for chasing after a father that doesn’t want him. Lucas says to let that go. Lucas is so weird. He wonders if Nathan is just afraid Dan is gonna like him better. Nathan is all like, He likes my mom better than yours. And Lucas is all like, No, it’s more like how Haley likes Chris better than you. Nathan punches him and they start to rumble!

They are now on opposite sides cuffed to the cell. Lucas tells Nathan why he is staying with Dan. Everything, about Keith and Deb and how Dan hired Jules as revenge. Lucas says if he stays with Dan, Keith and Jules get to be happy. Lucas is so freaking backwards. I can’t believe Lucas somehow thinks it’s ok to let his uncle live a lie he doesn’t know he’s living! Ugh, TELL YOUR UNCLE YOU DUMB JERK!  Nathan isn’t surprised by how awful people are anymore. The subject of course turns back to Haley and Lucas says she has a dream she should get to see if it can come true or something. Nathan says she left to be with Chris, that she kissed him before she left. Lucas says he’s sorry. Nathan says that’s what Haley said on the phone. He lied earlier, he had gotten in touch with her recently and she said she was sorry, it’s not about Chris, and she needs to figure some stuff out. Nathan gets philosophical and wonders why if they both love each other what is it she needs to figure out?

Jake and Peyton. Zzzzzz…..Jules is praying in a church. Dan finds her there. She says she’s going to tell the truth. Dan talks her out of it saying he’s going to let it go, as a wedding gift. Keith will never have to know. He is super committed to making his brother pay. Dan is the DEVIL!

Erica is passed out on Brooke’s bed. She wakes up and they chat. The most important part, DWnotI is born! It’s a safe rides program.

Dan has bailed the boys out and he greets them by asking Nathan if he was given the same cell as before. Nathan says he doesn’t know because they’ve redecorated. Dan is all, Great, make jokes. Um, Dan, isn’t that basically what you just did? Whatever. Innyway, he says it’s going to cost a lot to get them out of this mess. Nathan says not to, he doesn’t want him to cut any deals like he has with Lucas. Dan’s face is all, Whaaa? Lucas’s face is all, You Jerkface. Nathan’s face is all, Oh yeah, causing trouble. He tells Dan to tell Deb that Keith says hi. Haha. Dan is says he understands that he told him, they’re brothers. He tells Lcuas to go on because Nathan could use a friend. Lucas says, “Thank you…Dad.” Dan’s heart is full. Lucas is equally committed to bringing down Dan. Lucas is really more like Dan than Nathan is. Really, all Nathan got was the jokester part, as far as his personality goes. Lucas can be scheming and vicious! Dan looks back at the jail and sees Karen walking out. They have a stare down. I love soaps!

Ugh, more of Peyton’s entry. Zzzzz…

Lucas finds Nathan staring at the wall in the apartment. Lucas tells him that Haley loves him. She may’ve kissed Chris, but she married him and that’s gotta mean more than a confused kiss. Nathan thinks maybe he was the confusing part for her. Lucas says no, she fell for him when he was a lesser guy and maybe Nathan should hold onto his love for Haley even when she’s lesser. Makes sense. Nathan considers it. Lucas wants to take his little brother out of that apartment for a little while.

Felix comes to see Brooke. He’s not going  to be on the show much longer and no one will care that he’s gone, so moving on…

Lucas and Nathan are at the River Court. He asks Nathan if he remembers what he told him about coming back to basketball after his accident. Nathan shrugs and Lucas says he told him there was no secret, he just had to start taking shots and sooner or later it would get easier. He uses that as advice for Nathan now. Nathan looks like he’s going to start trying to get out of his funk.

We cut to Anna’s new video clip. She goes on and on. It’s actually not so bad, but she’s going to leave soon and no one’s really going to care. Poor Anna.

Ugh, Peyton and Jake. More of his video clip. Shut up, Jake!

Andy says his PI has something on Dan.

Lucas and Nathan are now playing basketball. We see more of Lucas’s clip. He talks about his brother going through a tough time. He talks about how he and his mom are going through a tough time and he wants her to be happy but he also has to get close to his dad. He has to get close to that guy so that he can tear him down and set his loved ones free. He looks pretty scary psycho at this point and surely whoever watches this later will be all, Egads! And then go look him up to see if he murdered his father or what!

We are watching the old video clip from the beginning. The guy starts talking about Camila so we know that it’s Whitey. We see him watching the clip in his office and tearing up. He talks about how he hopes to have lots of kids with Camila and teach them stuff. As Brian (Whitey’s actual name) says those things we see all of the pictures of Whitey’s basketball teams. He never had kids of his own, but he has gotten to help raise some nonetheless. It’s actually really sweet. We see a title card that tells us this episode is dedicated to Mark Schwann’s dad who had just passed away. Roll Credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!