July 8, 2016

It’s Keith’s wedding day! However, it’s not really about him, now is it? A lot of stuff happens around him though.

Keith gets left at the altar and somehow it’s Karen’s fault. Figures.

Nathan can’t get his crap together and is a drunk and somehow it is all Haley’s fault. Figures.

Deb gives Nathan a wad of cash to go get his wife. Ugh. Haley can function just fine on her own, maybe you should worry that your son can’t! He’s just a little beta puppy to her alpha dog.

You know what, Haley hasn’t done anything wrong. Nathan needs to stop being a big jerk baby like his dad.

Karen really didn’t do anything wrong.

You know who is in the wrong at this point? Dan, Nathan and Lucas. They’ve done nothing but try their darnedest to hurt people’s feelings, tell lies, and keep secrets.

And Dan is the DEVIL!

One Tree Hill gets their fancy on.

Until next time…tooda loos!