July 9, 2016

So a lot of things happened previously…Some important stuff not covered…Haley was told by the tour manager to take off her wedding ring so people think that she and Chris are or could be an item. She doesn’t want to but she does anyway. During the interview they are asked if they are a couple and Chris says the music doesn’t lie and puts his arm around her. She is very unHaley and just sits shocked face instead of throwing his arm off and saying in your dreams. Nathan is watching the interview and is not happy with what he sees. Lucas thinks it’s Dan that somehow ruined Keith’s wedding. Karen says that she had found out about the whole thing and went to Jules and threatened to tell the truth. Dan and Lucas look at her like everything is her fault. Ugh, those guys are jerks. Brooke tells Lucas that her dad got a job in Californina, but she doesn’t want to go. Nikki is back to ruin lives. Nathan is burning the wedding wall and his mom finds him and gives him a fat wad of cash to go get his wife. Eye roll.

Ugh, the episode starts with Jake and Peyton and Jenny and Nikki in the dark outside of Gloom Town. Apparently, Jake missed a court hearing and now Nikki gets full custody of Jenny. Um, I don’t get how a court hearing like that could go on without confirmation that the order was received. Not only that, who are Jake’s parents and why do they hate him? Their house would’ve been the address any mail went to, why wouldn’t they tell him about the court date? Of course, the kids refuse to hand over the baby and Nikki says she’ll be back!

Lucas drops Brooke off at her house. He tells her she has to stay. Oh, look, this episode was directed by Paul Johansson! Brooke is sad because she’s finally friends with Lucas again and now she has to leave. Why is that significant? You were barely friends with him for less than a Semester, maybe slightly more than a Quarter. She goes on to say that she really liked being the girl behind the red door. To which I’m confused again. Aren’t they all the girl behind the red door? Again, what’s the significance?

The next morning Lucas goes to see Keith only to find his mom already there waiting for Keith. Lucas guesses Keith is probably at a bar getting drunk. Karen wonders why Lucas didn’t tell her about what was going on. He says because he knew she would tell Keith, basically he knew she would do the right thing. He’s sorry he hurt Karen. Um, how about being sorry you hurt Keith you selfish Jerkface. He says it’s been really hard having to live with Dan because he thought it would be the only way Dan would leave Keith alone. Um, Lucas, you’re and idiot. Karen wonders how he found out about the arrangement. At that exact moment, Keith walks in and hears. He’s all, Whaaa? Karen says that Jules was paid by Dan. Keith is bewildered that the only people he cares about would know about something that gross and not tell him. He leaves and they have guilt face.

Anna is putting some clothes in a box for Goodwill. She finds an undershirt with red paint on it. She knows. She goes to Felix’s room and says she won’t be needing a ride after school because she’s hanging out with Peyton. He acts all smug and despicable saying how  romantic and stuff. Anna says Peyton’s not gay and he says everyone at school thinks she is. Um, they don’t. She says it’s because you spray painted her locker and throws the evidence at him. He freely admits it. Then he goes on to say that Peyton is always jealous of him hanging out with Brooke and that she does have a crush on Anna. Anna is like, No to all of it. He says that at their last school the rumors started about this and no one cared they weren’t true and Anna cried all the time and they had to leave. He says he painted DYKE so that no one would look in Anna’s direction. Anna says she’s my friend. And he’s all, You haven’t hung around her since because she’s scared to be associated with the rumor. He then hands her back the evidence and says better Peyton than Anna. He leaves thinking he has the last word. Anna has, Imma get you in trouble face.

Keith shows up at the dealership to confront Dan. Of course, Dan tries to deny it…at first…but we all know he’s full time meany to Keith for sure. He admits he did it because Keith slept with Deb and then he calls Jules a whore. Then we are treated to why Lucas is so good in a fight because Keith takes Dan down like nobody’s business. He is pulled off by some guys and Dan says he’s fired. Keith goes and gets the thing that tires go on and throws it through Dan’s office window. Dan is pretty shaken. Keith says Congrats, he ain’t got nothing left to lose, but Dan does.

Peyton and Brooke are walking the halls of Tree Hill High discussing Brooke’s having to move. Peyton suggests they get her a webcam so it will be like they are living together. Brooke then thinks they should live together. Peyton’s all, Yeah, that sounds awesome since Brooke does spend most of her time there. Which is true, she shows up to Gloom Town a lot. She borrows Peyton’s cell to call her parents. She can’t use her own because it’s pay as you go now and she hasn’t paid. Anna comes over to talk to Peyton and tells her that it was Felix that spray painted the locker. Peyton takes it in stride and says she’s not all that surprised. Anna apologizes, but Peyton says it’s Felix that should be doing that. Anna says not to hold her breath. Peyton says he owes one to Anna because it was her he was trying to hurt even if he doesn’t know it.

Oh, look, our friend Nathan is driving in the rain. He has flashbacks to moments we have never seen. He is back to the day of their wedding reception. Haley is taking a shower and making them run late. He gets in there with her and they are happy.

Meanwhile back at school, Brooke is not getting the answer from her parents that she wants. Lucas comes and sits next to Anna on the bench and they watch Brooke on the phone. They discuss how he hasn’t told Brooke how he feels. He’s not sure he should since she’s moving. Anna says she deserves to know. He’s all, That’s your brother’s girlfriend. Anna says she likes Lucas better. Don’t we all, Anna, don’t we all?  They giggle. Peyton goes up to Brooke and finds out that their answer is no because Peyton has no parental supervision and they think Peyton is a bad influence on her. We all have a good laugh with that one. They happen upon Nikki who is looking for Jake. They say they have no idea where he is. They trade tacky banter. Nikki leaves with her entourage of cops. Peyton thinks that Jake is going to run again.

Oh, a Felix scene, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. He walks into the Principal’s office all confident. Um, who the heck walks into the Principal’s office that way? NO ONE wants to be called into that office. If the Principal requests to talk to you, it usually means you’re in TROUBLE. In this case, it’s exactly what that means. Felix didn’t think anyone would care that he did it, well, Anna proved that theory wrong!

Back to Nathan driving and driving into Atlanta. He flashes back to a moment when Haley’s parents had sent a postcard from there. Haley is sad because they are gone. He says they’re in Georgia, hardly gone. He shows her a map to let her know they are only like 5 inches away. She gives him an I love you dum dum stare. No, what actually happens is he insists they road trip to Atlanta right then and there. She says no, they have no money and they have to go to school. He says that she’s a year ahead and he married his tutor. She thinks it’s a sweet gesture, but no. He says he can’t give her everything, but he can give her this. She says he’s all she needs, but they are totes going. She’s excited and they are happy. He kind of almost smiles at this memory.

Felix and Anna are arguing at home. He thinks that their parents will have to buy the school a new wing to get him out of this mess. Anna rightly says that he is missing the point. He says that he was just looking out for her. She says he was looking out for himself because he can’t stand the thought of people thinking he has a gay sister. He’s all, Whatever, no one is going to care that I did it. She challenges that untruth by raising him a Brooke. That gets him.

Oh, look, it’s Brooke. She drives up to her house and a girl is standing outside by a FOR SALE sign. The girl thinks Tree Hill is the sticks and wonders what they do out there for fun. Each other. J/k, j/k, sort of. Innyway, Brooke puts on a fake hick accent and tells her dumb stuff, it’s actually pretty good. The girl apologizes, she’s just bitter about having to move. Brooke can relate. Felix walks up and the girl thinks things are looking up. Girl, run! So this girl won a television competition on The WB called The Starlet. Faye Dunaway was one of the judges. One of the prizes was a role on One Tree Hill. No one has ever seen or heard from her since.

Lucas goest to talk to his mom at the Cafe. He’s worried about Keith and says he should’ve told him. Karen says his heart was in the right place. Karen wonders when he’s coming back home. He says he’s not, he has to stay because he is Dan’s one weakness. He thinks if Dan can do this to his own brother, he must be capable of more bad things. Karen gives him child you never learn face.

Back to Nathan driving and driving. He uses his cellphone to call their house phone. Oh, he’s back to using a little flip phone. So, he starts to smile listening to the outgoing message. He flashes back to when they recorded the message and it’s funny. They were happy. Back then driving while on a phone was not something on anyone’s radar as a no no. How times change is such a short amount of time.

Back at the Cafe, Peyton and Jake and Jenny are sitting at the counter. Jake doesn’t want to get anyone in trouble. Andy says running isn’t the smart thing to do and offers to pay for a good lawyer. Jake says thanks, but there’s no guarantee he’ll win. Andy says it’ll give him a chance and goes to make the call. Jake tells Peyton that if there’s even a chance Nikki could get Jenny, he can’t take it. Shut up, Jake.

Karen goes to visit Keith to apologize. He is too and closes the door in her face. She catches it and storms in anyway. He thinks she’s done enough. She tells him about the PI that Andy hired and they found out the day of that Jules and Dan were involved in a scheme. She had NO idea before that. Keith says it doesn’t really matter now. Um, yes it does, especially if you’re mad at her for a reason that’s no real. Loser. She says it does because Jules might actually love him and couldn’t he still love her. He doesn’t know, but he’d like a chance to find out the truth. She gives him the Emily Chambers file. As she leaves she says that Dan is a monster but despite his worst intentions she has the person she loves most in the world, maybe Keith can have that too.

Back in Gloom Town, Peyton is sulking. Brooke tries to cheer her up with funny stuff and brings up Felix. Peyton tells her about Felix. Cut to Brooke banging on Felix’s door to end things with him. He wants to explain, but she doesn’t care. She calls him the grand wizard. That’s dark. He says he was in a bad place at the time and he’s sorry. She’s not having it though because we all know he’s just sorry he got caught. She angers away and he’s left all alone.

At Casa de Scott Lucas tells Dan that he’s going to stay. He says Dan left Keith alone so he’ll uphold his part of the bargain as well. Lucas is really kind of awful to think that not telling Keith was a good idea. Just really awful. Lucas also adds that Dan is paying for his HCM medication and he’d like to not die. Dan asks about Karen. Lucas says he, along with Dan, is her least favorite person right now. Even Dan knows that’s bullcaca. Dan says he’s glad to have Lucas stay. Lucas leaves the room and Dan has like remorse face? Or a my neverending scheme is stil working face?  Idk, Dan is a mess of a man.

Back to Nathan on the road. Oh, it was just a blip. We then see a blip of Lucas in his car watching as movers move stuff out of Brooke’s house. He drives away and we are back to Nathan smiling and flashing back to their wedding day. He carries her over the threshold of their apartment. At some point he was able to decorate it with flower petals and candles. No one else would’ve since no one else knew. Those candles were lit for awhile, good thing there was still an apartment to go home to! They go to their bedroom to do it for the first time. He says if she’s still not ready they don’t have to, it’s not why he married her. She’s like yeah, but no worries, totes ready. They are happy. He’s finally made it to his destination. He walks up to a tour bouncer and says he’s there for Haley Scott. The guy’s never heard of her. He asks for Haley James and the guy asks if he’s on the list. Nathan’s all, better be, I’m her husband. I’m sure he eventually gave the guy his real name because he was granted backstage access. He goes into her dressing room and sees their wedding picture on her mirror. He of course glosses over that and other tour pics to the ones of her and Chris performing together. Haley walks in and is surprised to see him. She asks what he’s doing there. He says he wanted and needed to see her. She’s relieved to hear that and gives him a hug. He tells her that he loves her and married her to spend his life with her and he’ll wait for her or go on tour with her, whatever she wants. She doesn’t exactly give him an answer he wants to hear. He looks back at the mirror and she promises she’s not with Chris, it’s never been about that. He sees she’s not wearing her wedding ring. She insists she loves him but she thinks they rushed into things and it’s hard. She doesn’t think she can be who he needs her to be. He just wants her to be his wife. A stage guy says she’s up. She tells Nathan to stay and they’ll talk after the show. She says she loves him and hugs him and goes on stage.

Felix goes to Anna’s room to tell her he’s being sent to Military School. She says good! He says he’s always been there for her and she just turned her back on him. She says he wasn’t there for her and he ruined her friendships or something by labeling Peyton something she’s not. He says, Who cares? She gets angry because he still doesn’t get it! She tells him that what he did was a hate crime and he aimed it at the wrong girl. She tells him that she’s the one who likes girls, not Peyton, so he should be writing slurs on her walls and spray it on her. He plays dumb. She admits that the rumors at their old school were true. He wants her to shut up. She tells him that he hasn’t been protecting her, he’s been making her afraid to be who she is and she won’t be afraid anymore! She says she’s gay and asks if he still has her back. He stares at her and leaves the room. That was actually a pretty powerful scene. Tear.

Lucas and Brooke are walking in the dark. Long story short, they are walking to his house. He had Karen talk to Brooke’s parents and she will be staying in his room for the summer. All of her stuff is already in the room. He says they didn’t want her to, but his mom can be very convincing. Don’t we know it! They hug. Everyone’s happy.

Peyton and Jake. Zzzz…

Music Video Time! West Indian Girl’s What Are You Afraid Of?. Haley’s set is done and Nathan has left.

Karen comes in to lay down some ground rules. Brooke is thankful that she’s letting her stay. Karen starts to tell her the rules and Brooke hugs her and says it’s like having a real mom. Hopefully, Karen remembers what it’s like to have a real teenager. You know, they don’t always follow the rules.

Lucas happens upon Keith leaving town. Lucas says Jules loves him. Lucas is such a dum dum. Keith says Lucas should have told him, he’s always honest with Lucas. True. He asks Keith where he’s going and Keith tells him he doesn’t know. Lucas wants to know if he’s coming back. Keith doesn’t think he has anything to come back for anymore. Lucas has sad face.

We see Felix cleaning out his locker all alone at nighttime. [I would say this is bogus, but back around that time I was able to get into my high school no problem at night. There was a door that was always unlocked, that would not be the case anymore though. They have since installed keycard entryways that are switched off at night. Crazy times we live in.] He stops to look at Peyton’s paint stripped locker. And then he walks away out of our lives FOREVER!!!

Lucas goes to the closed dealership, for whatever reason, and sees Dan putting something in the ceiling tile above his desk. Haley gets off stage again, probably from duetting with Chris. She goes to put her guitar away and her wedding ring is in the case. She picks it up and twirls it around in her fingers. We see Nathan doing the same thing in he car with his. She puts hers back in the case. We see Nathan put his in the coin holder/ashtray of the dash.  We see her guitar go in the case and then back to Nathan driving. End music video, roll credits.

Get out of town, Jerkface!

Until next time, tooda loos!