July 10, 2016

Nathan is driving along and he gets a phone call. Because it’s 2005 and not 2016, he answers it. It’s Taylor! She asks him what’s in a gin and tonic. Haha, she says that gets drunk dudes all the time! She’s in Athens, Georgia working at a bar called the Swinging Donkey. Haha. Nathan is driving through Alabama. Taylor says he must be on his way back from seeing her sister. I think it’s kinda sweet that she keeps up with Haley’s tour schedule…or does she? She hopes that Haley is right there next to him…Of course she knows Haley isn’t there, but we all know Taylor likes to withhold information. But I think it strange she would hope Haley would be with Nathan anyway. Let’s not forget that this is only a problem because Nathan is bitter about a decision he made ON HIS OWN to not go to High Flyers. We hear some Devil Went Down to Georgia start up and Taylor has to go. He asks why and she says don’t ask. Of course, we’ve all seen Coyote Ugle so we know exactly what it is she has to go do! They hang up and he smiles. Cad.

As it turns out, the apartment door does lock! Lucas has to use a key to open it. He is with Jake and Peyton and Jenny. Nathan said it was ok to use as a hideout. It’s a complete pig sty, but it’s better than nothing. Of course, Nikki’s been there, but I guess she’ll never think to look there. Jake is thankful since he doesn’t want to involve his parents. Probably because involving his parents would be the smartest most exact right thing to do. Shut up, Jake!

Lucas goes to the dealership. He goes into Dan’s office to drop some papers off for signature. He stares at the ceiling. Dan walks in and sees him, but plays it cool, even gives him a couple days off to practice his basketball skills. He heads off for a meeting and Lucas pulls the blinds down and climbs up to the ceiling. He finds a duffle bag full of cash and a ledger. He goes to the Cafe to talk to Andy about what he found. Andy is totally into this and wants to help Lucas bring Dan down! Children.

Darby from Anna’s old school comes to visit. It’s Sprague! She was on Joan of Arcadia which makes her awesome people. She looks even less like a high schooler than the rest of them. Innyway, she’s the girl the rumors were about. Anna is surprised to see her but she tells her to come in anyway. It’s safe since her terrible brother is gone.

Oh, look, it’s Jake thinking he knows better than a high power lawyer. And Peyton’s with him. Don’t bother bringing your parents, what do they know? If he gives up Jenny, the lawyer can get her back in 2-3 months, but if he doesn’t give her up, he goes to jail until he does. Hey, Jake, shut up.

Nathan goes to the Swinging Donkey and flirts with Taylor. He has no plan and Taylor says she’s watching over the apartment upstairs and he’s welcome stay with her. He says sounds good in a way like, yeah, and we’ll do it.

Nikki shows up at Peyton’s house. She’s looking for Jake. She wants to meet him at 6 at the River Court, no cops, no lawyers. Peyton walks outside and wants to cut a bitch when Nikki warns her that the cops are with her. She says when Peyton is caught with Jenny, she’ll be arrested.

Anna is walking with Darby and she thinks everybody back at school knows about her. Darby says no way, she only outed herself, not Anna. She says people are divided on it, but at least you find out who your real friends are. She says it’s been hard at school since Anna left, but she doesn’t regret coming out. Lucas comes up to them and Anna introduces them. Lucas can’t tag along at the moment, but he can hang tomorrow.

Bevin comes to visit Brooke at Casa de Squints. She wants her to go to a cheer squad party. The cheerleaders think Brooke’s been drifting and they miss her. Doubt Theresa does! Brooke says she can’t because she has to work at the Cafe. Bevin pleads please. Brooke says she thinks she can do both!

Jake finds Nikki and she is surprised. He says he’s better at it than she is. I mean, no kidding, though. He’s right about something for once. He says he wasn’t gonna fall for her meet at the River Court scenario. She tells him that Jenny isn’t really his. He doesn’t buy it and no matter what, Jenny will always be his daughter.

Back to Nathan and Taylor. They are drinking and drinking. Oops, there’a the famous chords of Charlie Daniels. She notices he’s not wearing his wedding ring and he says neither is Haley. She’s about to tell him about something that happened before she called him, but she gets called away to go dance on top of the bar Coyote Ugly style, naturally.  Nathan enjoys it and they get him on the bar.

Brooke walks into Casa de Squints very late. Karen is waiting and is all, What the what? Brooke is drunk and never showed up for work at the Cafe. Karen wants the money back that she advanced her. Brooke says she’s already spent it. Karen grounds her and Brooke disputes, but we all know Karen. Brooke goes to bed.

Andy and Lucas are sneaking into the dealership. The bag of money in the ceiling is gone! Back at the car they are disappointed. Andy thinks Dan knows and the money’s been moved. Andy says they should let it go because if Dan knows then Lucas may be in danger. Lucas thinks he’s safe because he’s Dan’s son, Andy says look what Dan did to his own brother. He thinks Lucas should move back home. Lucas says they are too close. Andy says if Karen asks, he’s not going to lie to her.

The next day at Casa de Squints, Brooke is getting ready to go out. She lies to Karen that she’s going out for a run. But Karen is not a dum dum and reminds Brooke of her grounded status. She hands her a list of chores to do. Brooke is confused, but Karen makes it clear that she can leave or she can live by her rules. Plus, Brooke still owes her money so she needs to work at the Cafe as well. Karen’s awesome.

At school in Whitey’s office, he’s talking to Peyton and Lucas. We don’t see the conversation, just that Lucas takes Whitey to the apartment to talk to Jake. Whitey wants Jake to give Jenny up and take his chances with the system. Then Jake tells this bogus story that is so out of left field to make Nikki a bad guy. It’s a story about how he had Nikki watch Jenny for one night and Nikki went to a bar and left Jenny in the car. He said the baby was shivering and the window was frosted over. What? Yeah, right! That for sure means that the cops just got to Tree Hill. There’s no way that the kid was in the car that long in any era that someone doesn’t see and call the cops. And if Jake was ever into doing the right thing he totally would’ve called the cops that night and it totally would’ve made the papers. No way no one in this small town doesn’t know about that happening. No way! Damned lawless town. Shut up, Jake.

Anna and Darby are talking in Anna’s room. They are still talking about coming out. Darby says that her parents didn’t take the news too well, but they didn’t kick her out or anything. They are still trying process what this means for their hopes and dreams. She says that she knows they still love her though. Anna thinks Darby is braver than her. Darby says no, but she’s here to help her understand that everything’s going to be ok. It’s a long drive back so she’s going to skedaddle. It’s night, not the best time to get on the road, but whatever. They share a meaningful hug and Darby leaves.

Meanwhile at the Swinging Donkey, Nathan and Taylor are playing a little arcade basketball game. They’re both shooting and flirting. He says if he makes the next shot they go upstairs. He makes it and they go upstairs. They’re about to make out when Nathan stops himself because he just can’t. She tells him that Haley called her after he left Austin. He asks if she was going to tell him before or after they had sex. She tells him that she knew that was never going to happen. She says she knows he’s lost and lonely and she’s really good at making people realize just how lonely they are. He implies she’s a whore. Because Nathan is a jerk! She tells him to go to bed and leaves the room.

Over at Casa de Scott, Dan is shredding some documents in his home office. And an epic literary battle begins! Lucas is returning The Hound of the Baskervilles and Dan is surprised that he’s a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle. Lucas is like, Since I can remember. OMG, GMAB! Why, that book could’ve totally been assigned reading! Plus, it’s Sherlock Holmes, he’s very much ingrained in pop culture. What a couple of dum dums. Innway, Lucas says every kid wants to be Sherlock. True. Dan says he’s always been partial to Professor Moriarty. Lucas can’t believe this guy is for real! He reminds Dan that that guy’s the villain. Dan says that’s one interpretation. Um, no Dan, that’s the ONLY one. Lucas says thanks for letting him borrow it and skedaddles on out of there. Dan gives evil I totally know what you’re up to stare because he is the DEVIL!

Lucas walks into the kitchen of Casa de Squints and finds Brooke cleaning the floor with a sponge. He laughs. Brooke says she’s on number 4 which is to mop the kitchen floor. Lucas laughs because she’s using a sponge and then shows her what a mop is. He takes the evens and gives her the odds and helps her do the chores.

We see Anna practice coming out to her parents in front of her mirror. Her speech includes telling them the rumors at her old school were true and she’s been having a hard time coming to terms with who she is. We move into the living room where she is actually telling them and saying how she never wanted to disappoint them, but she can’t keep disappointing herself and hopes they still love her. We don’t get to really see their reaction.

Then we are subjected to effing Jake talking to Jenny about how what’s about to happen is the best thing for her. Peyton walks in and says she’ll leave with him. Jake won’t tell her where he’s going and she can’t go. It gets all overly dramatic and supes cheesey. Blargh!

The next morning, Nathan is packing up his car to leave. Taylor says she’s not surprised he’s trying to leave without saying goodbye. Nathan says he didn’t think she’d want to see him and he’s sorry about what he said. She says he gets one free pass. He says he did have fun. She tells him that all the parties start to blend together and she wishes she could start over but she can’t. Nathan says she can. She says no, it’s too late for her, but it’s not too late for him, he has no label put on him yet. Yeah, he kinda does. She says he can be whoever he wants to be. He says without Haley. She tells him that if Haley’s not going to be there for him he’ll have to be there for himself. He’s not sure that he can do that. Eye roll. She says he can and he will, he just has to wake up every morning and live his life. He asks what should he do if Haley comes back. Taylor says that’s his decision. They hug and she tells him not to go dancing on any bars. He says he won’t if she won’t. She says she’ll try and gives meaningful stare. Next time we see Taylor she’s still a bit of a mess that does her darnedest to upset her baby sister. Hey man, that’s how she rolls.

Ugh, Jake. He shows up at the police station to turn himself in.

Anna shows up at Casa de Scott to tell Lucas that she told her parents. At the end of their talk they told her they love her and that’s all she wanted to hear. She told them that she wanted to go back to her boarding school. She tells him to tell Peyton she’ll call her soon. He says he will. I don’t think he does. They exchange words of kindness and start to play one last game of horse.

Brooke is working at the Cafe. Bevin comes to tell her about a can’t miss party that’s happening. It’s a Courtney Ryan party and Brooke agrees that it’s a total can’t miss. OMG, I actually know someone named Courtney Ryan. That cracks me up for some reason. Brooke starts to hurry bussing tables. Karen is watching from behind the counter. That Karen, nothing really gets passed her.

Lucas is at the dealership during operating hours this time. New security cameras are being installed. Dan says too many people have the pass code to the main alarm so the cameras should help. He says outside the family you never know who you can trust. Dan says he got Lucas a book, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. He has marked his favorite story and wonders if Lucas has read it. It’s called The Final Problem. Lucas says he read it a long time ago. Dan says the story wasn’t really popular with readers, but that he likes it because Doyle was tired of writing the character and knew when to end it and had Holmes plummet to his death. Lucas says that once again, Dan has missed the point, Holmes takes Moriarty down with him. Doyle wrote the character as sacrificing himself to stop the bad guy. Dan thinks that’s one interpretation. Lucas can’t believe Dan exists. We see a guy still working on installing the camera. As Lucas leaves, Dan creepily says to him, I’ll be seeing you.

Music Video Time! We see Anna leave for boarding school. Bye Anna. Unfortunately, no one will miss you. But no worries, you’ll get a gig on Friday Night Lights and lots of other stuff. You’re good looking and likeable and your hair will always be beautiful.

We see Jake getting arrested. We see Peyton at her house? Nikki comes in with cops to seize Jenny and search the property, they have a warrant. They uncover a baby carrier to reveal a basketball. Nikki is upset. I’m upset because this whole storyline is bogus and stupid. We see that Brooke didn’t go to the party she is at Casa de Squints washing the dishes. Karen is surprised to see her there. Brooke says she’s grounded. Karen says not anymore, she thinks Brooke has learned her lesson. Lucas is at Casa de Scott in Dan’s office taking out the shredded paper from the shredder and putting it in a trash bag and taking it with him. Nathan walks into the apartment and he has a message on the home phone. It’s Haley but he just erases it and puts his wedding ring on the phone cradle. Peyton goes to visit Jake in jail. They are on those phone things and he’s in an orange jumpsuit. He says he couldn’t tell her the whole plan but that Jenny is somewhere safe. They profess their love for each other. Eye roll. Whitey is driving Jenny somewhere. Roll credits.

That’s one interpretation face. 

Until next time…tooda loos!