July 12, 2016

Right away we know this episode is ALL a dream. Nathan’s voiceover is referencing a Douglas Adams quote about life being someone’s dream and wondering if that person is enjoying it. Um, yeah right Nathan would be thinking of a Douglas Adams quote! Couldn’t they have found a quote about dreaming by an athlete or a rapper. It just really takes me out of the whole thing. Sheesh.

Innyway, he’s in surgery and dreaming. What would Tree Hill be like if Dan had chosen Karen over Deb? Well, Dan would be a pushover and everyone would be complete jerks, except Nathan, Deb, and Haley, of course. None of it is true and the whole dream is to bring him to one conclusion…He loves Haley and he should go to High Flyers. That’s it, he’s that not complicated.

I actually really like this episode!

Top 5 Ways Nathan Comes to the Conclusion He Still Loves Haley

5. Each time we see Haley she is wearing a ridiculous item from Season 1. Yes, he loves her even though she wore that hideous knit cap, that ugly poncho, some ridiculous broach of stangeness, and that dreaded red coat she always wore.  Seriously, he’s like obsessed with this chick.

[OMG, I just realized Haley is destined to grow up “poor”.]

4. He dreams that she’s his best friend, not Lucas’s. Everyone else is different. Karen is a ruthless Cafe chain owner who is cheating on her husband Dan with Kieth. He is the successful dealership owner that is gross. Lucas is just really mean to everyone. Dan is still too invested in basketball, but really he is a bit of a pushover and apparently an alcoholic. Deb is stable and she owns a fun bar called Deb’s Den. Why she chose to live in Tree Hill, no one knows, it’s a dream, it doesn’t have to make sense! But Haley still dresses funny, works at the bar, and is an awesome friend. Just one thing, she’s tone deaf in this dream world. Meh. Also, she encourages him to play Lucas because he deserves a shot at High Flyers. She champions him at every turn!

[Yes, Peyton is more or less her same drab self and Brooke is still her fun self. But whatever, he’s not into them, he only wants to talk to Haley. Fact.]

3. He imagines her conversation with Peyton pretty much the way it went down when it was about Lucas. He wasn’t even there for the original conversation, but he know her well enough to know how a convo like that might go down.

2. He still sits with her by the water and gives her the bracelet out of the CrackerJack box. Awww.

1. He wins against Lucas and when everyone leaves it’s just him and Haley. She gives him the bracelet and it turns into a wedding ring. She tells him how much she loves him. She disappears and he calls out for her. He wakes up.

Top 5 Ways Nathan Comes to the Conclusion He Should Go to High Flyers

5. Whitey wants to endorse him for the camp, but he wants to see him play on a team first.

4. Whitey allows a one on one game instead of four on four because it’s a dream, but even in his dream Nathan still thinks himself more than the team. Right?

3. After Nathan wins, Lucas tells him that he deserves to go to the camp. We know he’s starting to wake up now because that catches him off guard as odd.

2. When Haley gives him the bracelet and it turns into a ring, that can be interpreted as him thinking he should go because Haley ended up going on tour. For some reason he thinks that them doing their own thing for one summer means the end of their relationship. Such a child. Idk what any of that has to do with the topic, but I think it fits well enough. Also, you know, Haley encourages him to try!

1. The whole freaking dream revolves around getting a shot to go to High Flyers!

Nathan wakes up calling out for Haley, but Lucas is what he gets. He tells Lucas that he thought he’d died and gone to Heaven. Only Heaven was a place where Dan chose Karen over Deb and Haley was tone deaf. He realizes it was just a dream. He also tells him that he beat him at one on one. Lucas agrees that it was just a dream. Haha. Lucas tells Nathan that there were no skid marks on the track. Nathan knows Lucas is asking if he did this on purpose, but he doesn’t get to answer because Deb walks in and Lucas leaves to give them some privacy. He tells Deb that he loves her. He apologizes for being a big time Jerkface lately! He says he knows she’s been trying to be a good mother. She tells him that she hasn’t been a good mother but she’s looking to change that. She tells him that she needs to heal too (because of her pill addiction…shhh). Nathan has no idea what the frick she’s talking about, but he’ll support her, whatever it is. He asks her if she ever thinks about what their life would be if Dan had chosen Karen over her and not been a part of their lives. Deb says all the time wonders why he would ask that. He doesn’t get to answer because Dan walks in to tell him he’s glad to see him awake. Creeper. He leaves and Deb holds Nathan’s hand.

Music Video Time! Brought to you by Ray LaMontagne’s Hold You in My Arms. Brooke has almost finished one whole sheet of paper from the shredded bits. But it’s certainly an important page she stumbled upon! It’s an invoice for a car. She is like, Whoa! Karen is in the hospital waiting room trying to make a call from her cell and crying. Whitey is all, Sup?  She says Keith’s voicemail is full. For some reason she thinks he needs to know or would even care about what happened to Nathan. He’s an absentee uncle to Nathan, why would he all of a sudden care? She starts crying on Whitey’s shoulder because she can’t leave Keith a message and she misses him. Whitey misses Keith too. Dan drops Deb off at a recovery center. She looks back and he tells her not to worry he’ll be there when she gets out. Um, yeah, not comforting you sadistic creeper. Brooke and Peyton and Lucas are sitting with Nathan. A nurse comes in and tells them visiting hours are over. Before Brooke and Peyton leaves he tells them he knows they both want him. They laugh a little and Brooke tells him in his dreams. Haha. After they leave and the nurse turns his lights out, he picks up the phone. He calls…Haley! She is in the airport, she is relieved to hear from him and she asks what happened. He says he’s going to be ok. She’s glad and says she’ll be home tomorrow. He tells her not to. She says she has to. He says she doesn’t because they both have to go after their dream or they’ll both end up regretting it and hating eacher other. She says never! He says yes, they don’t know that they won’t. He says whatever choice they make today will effect the rest of their life. He tells her not to come home. She wants him to listen to her for once, but he won’t.

How could you phone? Why?

He tells her not to come home because he doesn’t want her to. There he goes making ALL the decisions about how their relationship should play out again! Ugh. He hangs up the phone. Haley stares at her phone. She’s heartbroken. Nathan has once again evicerated her for no reason! She’s all alone in a crowd of travelers. She picks up her stuff and starts off to the next part of her journey. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!