July 13, 2016

Lucas and Nathan go to the apartment. There is a huge sign on the door that says NOTICE TO PAY RENT OR QUIT. Or quit? Hasn’t he already pretty much quit paying rent? It should be PAY RENT NOW OR WE’LL THROW YOU OUT ON YOUR ASS! Innywho, he has a stack of bills to pay. He hasn’t because usually Haley takes care of all that bit of business, but she hasn’t been around lately. Of course, Nathan also now has a $100,000 hospital bill. Lucas says it woulda been cheaper to hit the breaks and then flat out asks Nathan if he was trying to kill himself. He thinks Nathan should see someone if that was his intent. Nathan tries to throw out the fact that Lucas knew about Deb taking pills for no reason. Technically, he only saw her do it once, so it’s not like he knew knew. You know? In any case, Lucas doesn’t want him changing the subject. Nathan says he screwed up and lost control of the car, that’s all.

Later at the dealership, Brooke comes to visit Lucas. She has pieced together a bill of sale from the paper shreds. Lucas pulls her into a room without a camera so that they can look at it. Lucas says thanks and Brooke goes shopping.

Lucas is sure getting around today. After work he goes to finds Peyton at TRIC. She is fussing around with some CDs and Lucas wonders if any are contenders for the next all ages night. Peyton misses Jake. So. Lucas tells her that Nathan is having money problems and maybe she can help think of a way to help him. Lucas then tells her that she was right, he was being a crappy friend, but he wants her to know he intends to make a better effort.

The kids, minus Nathan, are at the Cafe brainstorming ideas for fundraising. Peyton doesn’t think that TRIC would be a good place since that’s where Haley met Chris and Nathan probably hates that place right now. They decide on a movie night at the River Court, but since it looks like rain they’ll have to have it at TRIC. Lucas is tasked with convincing Nathan to go.

Nathan is talking to bill collectors. We all know how those conversations go! He’s hopping around on one leg because he doesn’t have Bluetooth so he has to hold a phone in his hand to talk. Crazy! This is a good news conversation because it’s about his hospital bill and as it turns out, it’s already been paid! He thinks it was covered by the insurance. Look, I’m sure when Haley was around, she made sure their insurance was paid. However, I seriously doubt any insurance they could afford would fully cover a $100,000. Dum dum. Be that as it may, the bill is paid in full. Ugh, Dan walks in. Nathan, lock your door! Dan thinks he should move back home. Nathan just wants to move forward. Dan hands him annulment papers. Nathan’s not into it. Dan leaves the papers with him and skedaddles.

Brooke and Lucas are taking a stroll on the boardwalk talking about the bill of sale. The bill says the lady paid $9000 cash for a used car. However, after Lucas investigated during his epically busy day, he discovered that she actually paid $12,000 cash for the car, so Dan pocketed $3000. Brooke doesn’t think that’s too profitable a scam. Lucas says it depends on how many scams like this Dan is running. I’m confused on why it matters. That’s why you accept cash, right? And isn’t it Dan’s small business. Who is he stealing from if not himself? The government can’t really make you report cash. And how does Lucas know that Dan won’t report it when doing his taxes? It’s not like Dan hasn’t been paying bills and employees. What’s the big deal. Mind your own business before you get some Loser killed!

Lucas is back at the apartment to explain to Nathan why he’s living at Casa de Scott. Nathan’s like, So you just wanna take down Dan? Why couldn’t you have just said that earlier? Lucas didn’t know how Nathan would feel about it. Nathan says to proceed with his plans. Lucas then tells Nathan that he saw Deb use once and she told him to mind his own business. Nathan’s cool with it since he and Dan should’ve noticed. Nathan wants to be kept posted on Dan. He tells Lucas that the hospital stay is paid for so he doesn’t really need a fundraiser anymore. Lucas says you have other bills and no job and everyone wants to help anyway so…Nathan says to rig a dart board with Chris’s face and he’ll be there!

Brooke and Peyton are shopping. Brooke’s rich again! Peyton thinks she should slow down, but Brooke is like no ways! Then they talk about how she and Lucas are just friends and nothing more even though she obvy wants to be. It’s really weird and Zzzzz….

Haley is backstage of wherever and she has a question for the tour manager. Before she asks he tells her that she has to get rid of her fluffy top from the night before. Haley doesn’t even acknowledge because she’s super used to people dogging on her style choices. She tells him that there are some things going on with her husband and she needs some time off to go see him. He tells her that he can’t stop her, but he may have to replace her. Fair enough. He says that he thinks she’s talented and he will work hard to make her a star, but she has to decide if that’s what she wants. He leaves Haley to contemplate her future.

Lucas and Andy are at the Cafe scheming. I still don’t get the big deal. Over at TRIC kids are pitching in to help Brooke and Peyton decorate for the big event. Nathan shows up and talks to people. He asks Peyton if she believes dreams can be a sign about how every choice you make shapes your future. Um, you don’t need a dream for that. Dum dum. He goes on and on about how if he had chosen to go to High Flyers or never met Haley or some  such nonsense. Peyton totes gets it. Peyton flat out asks him if he tried to kill himself. He says he doesn’t know if he aimed for the wall. He just knows he was thinking about Haley and how off track they got. He knows what’s important now, his mom, friends, basketball…Peyton wonders if Haley is important to him. He neither confirms nor denies, he just thinks all the energy they spend trying to keep their marriage together could be better spent. Child. He asks Peyton about Jake. She says he doesn’t want to see her right now. He says Jake will change his mind. He asks her about TRIC. She says she’s probably done with bands because brining in musical acts has caused too much trouble. Child. Nathan says the Chris and Haley thing wasn’t her fault. He says she should follow her dreams or some such so that she doesn’t become bitter and destroy everyone around her. He doesn’t say like me and how I intend to destroy Haley at every turn well into the 3rd season.

It’s party time! There’s a fun interaction between Lucas, Junk, and Nathan. Junk gives his donation and asks for soda and a snack, he asks if they have any Crackerjacks. This pains Nathan. Lucas says don’t mention CrackerJacks. Junk is all, Ok. Children. All of them children. Peyton introduces the start of the evening saying they’re going to start with a couple of cartoons. Then a be careful while driving video starts up. It’s pretty gruesome. No worries though, Nathan’s into it. Crisis averted.

Nathan and Peyton are sitting in the back with the bucket of money going through his bills. Lucas and Brooke bring them refreshments and hover and then leave. Peyton says how great Brooke has been and Nathan says Lucas has been really helpful. Then they both commiserate on how their person is also kinda overly over. They appreciate them, but jeez! Lucas and Brooke are off watching the film. Lucas starts being cheesey and thanking Brooke for being so awesome about everything. They share a connection stare of unrequitedness.

Karen is at home looking at a photo album. Nathan reads a letter from his mom on the stairs outside of TRIC. Haley pulls her wedding pic off her mirror and stares at it. Nathan goes back inside and sees everyone has someone to hang out with, except Peyton and he crutches off to the apartment. Lucas looks over and sees Peyton kinda crying. He gives her some chocolate and says not to give up on Jake. They hug and Brooke looks over and is suspicious that Lucas is not over Peyton.

Peyton goes to the apartment to visit with Nathan. He tells her that the letter from his mom was one of apology as part of recovery. His mom apologized for taking pills to avoid reality and she wants the three of them to be together again. It’s IMPORTANT! Peyton says she wants to believe in people and maybe his dad can change. Nathan’s not so sure, but he really wants to know what Peyton thinks. She drops the dead mom card. She hands him a letter from the insurance company saying the premium hadn’t been paid. Ugh, he knows how that hospital bill got paid.

He goes to see Dan at Casa de Scott. He’s upset because Dan paid the rent too. Dan acts all innocent saying that Nathan is his son and needed help. But Nathan know Dan doesn’t do anything for love! Dan says he knows he’s responsible for all of the horrible things in their lives but it’s grown into an addiction he can’t stop. Nathan says if he wants to stop being a Jerkface then he should just do it! Dan thought Lucas moving him would help him be better, but he just realized he did him and Karen a favor by not raising him. Then he fake cries and Nathan’s not buying it. Dan actually thinks he’s being sincere which is just crazy because Dan wouldn’t know sincerity if it goosed him. He can’t believe Nathan would not fall for this and then goes on to tell him how family does for each other which Haley doesn’t seem to understand. Nathan says to leave her out of it, only he can talk crap about her! He says he told her not to come and Dan says he was right to do that. Dan says Nathan and Haley have a chence to make a clean break and be who they were meant to be. Nathan tries to crutch away, but you know, crutches so he doesn’t get anywhere before Dan grabs him and tells him, Don’t become me. Nathan’s all, Pshaw, NEVER! Dan says it will if he makes the wrong choice and then spends the rest of his life wishing he was a different man. Again Dan, if you really wished that, then you would be, instead you become worse!

The next day Karen is at Casa de Squints typing an epic email to Keith. It’s like a full 10 sentences. She builds him up even though we all know he’s a loser. Lucas is over at TRIC cleaning up. Brooke walks in and he says their another broom or something. Brooke thinks he’s joking. He probably wasn’t, but since he thinks he’s in love with this lazy cake he plays it off cool and days he was. She really has no intention of helping and sits down. He sits with her and says they did a great thing for Nathan and thanks to Brooke’s allowance they were able pay off all of the bills. Brooke says it wasn’t an allowance it was a lot of stuff she didn’t get to buy. She did keep some cute wedges though. She wanted to spread the karmic wealth. Lucas asks how she is without Felix. Who? Lucas thinks there’s a guy out there for her somewhere. She thinks there might be, but she’s scared to open up her heart. Zzzz…

Over at the backstage of wherever, the tour manager tells Haley that Gaving DeGraw’s manager wants her as a solo act. He wants her to record a demo. Haley says she’s thought about it and this is going to be her last show. TM thinks she’s making a mistake but she thinks the mistake was leaving her husband in the first place. Child. He tries to convince her, but she says sorry and walks away.

Nathan talks to his mom on the phone and tells her everything is going to be fine and he’s sorry that he shut her out. He says he loves her and things are gonna be different when she gets back. He’s going to make sure she gets the life she wants.

Haley is getting off the stage and going to her dressing area when a stagehand stops to tell her that a tall dark hottie is waiting for her. OMG, the only hottie on this show is Dan. Haley thinks it’s Nathan though. She’s disappointed when it’s Mr. Scott. He says he wanted to see what all the fuss was about so he decided to catch a show. He says that clearly she’s going to be a big star so he wants her autograph. As he says this he presents the annulment papers. It’s actually pretty smooth. Haley is shocked. He says that it will mean the marriage never happened. She says her marriage is none of his business and Nathan is going to be furious when he realizes Dan is going behind his back. Dan turns to the last page to reveal that Nathan as already signed it! He’s not hiding anything from him. Dan tells her that it’s over and Nathan asked him to come deliver the document. Once again Nathan has torn Haley’s heart apart for NO REASON.

Lucas goes to visit Nathan at the apartment. He tells Nathan all the bills are paid and once Andy finds out where Dan is stashing cash they can bring that sucker down. He’s surprised to see that Nathan is packing. Nathan tells him he’s moving back into Casa de Scott. Lucas thinks that’s a bad idea. Nathan says that they’ve been kidding themselves and the marriage was never going to work. He doesn’t want to turn into some bitter old man that punishes Haley for NO REASON, or what he coulda been. SPOILER ALERT: Seriously, he’ll be a jerk to her for a longer than necessary time. Lucas says this isn’t Nathan talking because Nathan loves Haley. Nathan says it’s not enough because instead of making things better it just got in the way of their dreams. Actually Nathan, it hasn’t. You got in the way of your dreams. You made the decision to turn down High Flyers ON YOUR OWN!!!! He says he needs to focus on basketball and his mom’s recovery. Lucas says not to let Dan win and he’ll do whatever her can to help. Nathan says to stop going after Dan. He thinks his mom wants to give Dan another try and he owes it to her to try. Lucas says he’ll back off, but you know he totes won’t! Just as well, Nathan is and IDIOT. Dum dum.

Brooke is talking to Peyton on the phone while she clears some of Lucas’s stuff out so she has more room. They talk about Jake. Shut up, Jake! They have a cheesey convo about hearts. She tells Brooke to call Lucas and ask him to the movies. Brooke calls Lucas who is on the boardwalk and she’s about to ask him, but then a box falls over and it’s full of stuff from when he wasn’t with Peyton. Yeah, a keepsake box full of mementos of a girl he NEVER dated. Loser. Brooke gas sad and decides never mind, she doesn’t have anything to ask him after all. She’s glad she’s his friend or something.

Hm, did this thing just break?

She hangs up and he stares at his phone. Brooke quiet cries. Andy walks up to a befuddled Lucas. They made an appointment to discuss Andy’s findings about the cash. As it turns out, all of the cash is going into a college fund for Lucas which is at like $94,000. Andy says they can stop now and leave it alone since obviously Lucas is the benefactor of all these shennanigans. Lucas says to keep digging. Told you he lied to Nathan.

Haley has her annulmnent papers out as she fiddles on a keyboard. She is still backstage of wherever. The tour manager is surprised to see her there because he thought she was going to see her husband. She says, “What husband?” TM leaves and Haley starts to quiet cry. Poor Haley.

That night at Casa de Squints, Keith has responded to Karen’s email. His response is simply, “Thank you.” That BASTARD! Loser.

Nathan is moving into Casa de Scott. Lucas asks if it’s really what he wants and Nathan says yep. Dan is excited to have both his boys under his roof. Only not so fast DEVIL! Lucas is going back to Casa de Squints. Dan thinks it’s lame. Lucas and Nathan share a meaningful nod.

Over at Casa de Squints, Karen and Brooke are setting the table for Dinner. Lucas walks in and Karen is exstatic! Karen wants set some new ground rules since Lucas and Brooke have a history. Brooke stops her right there and says that they are just friends. Ouch, rejected in  front of his mom. This deeply hurts Lucas and Karen knows this is awkward. Lucas takes his stuff to the living room to quiet cry. Awww.


Our besties are not having the best time ever.

Until next time…tooda loos!