July 15, 2016

Oh look, it’s episode 23. It’s like having a bonus episode! And boy is it even crazier! I LOVE THIS SHOW!

The Top 10 Most Important Things that Happen in this Episode. 

[The rankings are based on how much of the storylines they will drive into Season 3 and to some extent Season 4.]

10. Karen leaves for New Zealand. She’s headed to the airport and calls Andy only to find out that he hasn’t checked in there yet. What? I guess this makes Andy a suspect.

9. Peyton packs up the apartment for Nathan who is moving back into Casa de Scott. They flirt, it’s stupid. She also helps Brooke pack up to leave. At the end she is at the beach and Lucas comes up to her and says it’s just going to be the 2 of them. They hug. Earlier, Lucas had also seen Brooke off and revealed to Brooke that he has feelings for her. Brooke is upset by this news because she just can’t with Lucas right now and his strangeness. She confronts him again about Peyton’s Box and he says the box is a reminder of how badly he messed up with Brooke and if given a second chance he would never let go of Brooke again. Brooke leaves in a huff.

8. Nathan finds the Annulment papers in Lucas’s stuff while looking for whatever Lucas has on Dan. He gets mad at Lucas for lying about going to see Haley and lying about laying off of Dan.

7. Deb is out of rehab. Whitey tells her Nathan isn’t going to High Flyers because of her. She finds Nathan at the River Court to remind him that his dad is a lying liar who lies and her pill addiction is not because  him. She tells Nathan to go to High Flyers. She also tells him that he misunderstood her letter about them being a family again. She only wants to be family with Nathan, not the DEVIL!

6. Lucas tells Deb about the ledger. Deb confronts Dan about it and he tells her that the business is owned by her so if she turns him in she’ll go to prison too. I’m confused because I thought her dad offered the seed money and Dan paid it back in full. Crazy show. Deb pulls out some pills and looks at them. Is she going to partake? Because of her convo with Dan, Deb says to Nathan that they won’t be leaving Dan just yet, the timing is off but that no matter what happens Nathan has to go to High Flyers.

5. Nathan tells Lucas that he doesn’t want to be his brother or his friend anymore. He doesn’t like that Lucas lied to him. Awwww, sad face.

4. Peyton is set to be interviewed by a person named Ellie Harp from Alternative Press Magazine. Ellie is impressed that Peyton was able to book so many high profile bands like JIMMY EAT WORLD. Seriously, they never explain. Also, why isn’t Peyton being hounded by the press? Only later she finds out that the woman isn’t a reporter for that magazine or any magazine at all, she’s actually her mother. Whaaaa? Her name is Elizabeth and that’s where Peyton got her middle name. Huuuuuh? She kicks that lady out because earlier she received a creepy email from someone with the IM handle of WATCHMEWATCHU and Peyton thinks it’s Ellie even though the lady has no idea what she’s talking about!

3. Haley returns. She shows up near the end at the doorstep of Casa de Scott. Nathan is going to get his last bag out of the car, but when he opens the door Haley is standing there and says, “Hi.” They share meaningful stare.

2. Dan reveals to Lucas that it was all a setup. The ledger and the money are fake. He was testing Lucas’s loyalty. He shows him that the bag of money is just funny money. He tells him that the bank account was real but now it’s no longer and he can forget about Dan buying him anymore pills. He tells Lucas that he could’ve had it all, but now he’s nothing. Lucas says if that’s how Dan really feels then Dan is no longer anything to him. Dan says that’s not true. Dan’s such a sadistic bastard!

1. Before Lucas showed up at the dealership, Dan had received a bottle of wine(?) and a card that reads, “For everything you’ve done.” Later that night he sits at his office desk to drink some. He reads the card and all of a sudden he feels funny. He touches the rim of the bottle and powdery white stuff comes off on his fingers. He reads the card again and he gets blurry vision and can’t function so he knocks the bottle of alcohol falls to the floor and it shatters. I think he was reaching for the phone which we know is futile anyway in a lawless town such as Tree Hill. Someone walks in but he can’t make them out because of his blurry vision and they throw an activated lighter into the puddle. The last we see of Dan he is passed out in his chair as the dealership burns around him. We see the fire spread from the floor to the window in a woosh through where Dan is sitting. OMG, DAN IS DEAD! Or is he? Roll credits.

He’s melting!

When it’s all said and done they make Andy a suspect, Whitey a suspect, Deb a suspect, Haley could be interpreted as a suspect but not really, and Lucas is a suspect. Everyone has a reason to want Dan dead, but who dunnit?

Until next time…tooda loos!