July 17, 2016

One important previously that I think I forgot to mention about last episode…Lucas is in possession of the “For everything you’ve done” note.Why and how did he get it? It’s only slightly burned around the edges, perfectly legible. Loves it!

Lucas is setting up for a party on the beach. He found a bunch of rocks and is making a circle with them. FIRE!

Meanwhile in Gloom Town, Brooke has decided that she and Peyton need to have lists of the guys they can date so as to avoid overlap this year. She thinks Junk’s name is Garbage and Peyton informs her otherwise. It’s pretty funny. And she ends up compromising and trading Dave Grohl for Anna. Yeah, I think that’s the last we ever hear reference to Anna. Idk. Peyton does say this weird thing where she complains that she gets a married guy and a fugitive. Um, I thought she LOVED Jake, now he’s just reduced to fugitive. Hahaha. Shut up, Jake. Unless I’m missing someone on her door that could be considered one. Meh, either way, Jake can still shut up.


Over at the River Court, Lucas finds Nathan and is all, You’re back! Nathan still doesn’t want to talk to Lucas. They play a game of one on one to see if they can be friends again. Lucas gets his ass handed to him. It’s not really fair since Nathan JUST got back from a fancy camp. Nathan takes off and Lucas is left to be sad…and really winded…bad heart and all.

Title sequence. They added new images for the season…did not omit one of a certain character that is now a regular. Ugh.

Brooke brings Haley some coffee. Haley must be depressed if Brooke’s already had a full morning and Haley’s still in her jammies! The bed to the drawers is all the space Haley gets and she still has to pay half the rent. Humph. Brooke thinks Haley is being naive for thinking her marriage is still savalgable. SPOILER ALERT: It totally is! To cheer her up Brooke takes her to see the new setup in the living area. It looks great! And, yeah right she did that all in one night and is still up and at ’ems chipper in the morning. To be 17 again! They talk about Peyton and Brooke does not inform Haley that Peyton hates her guts right now. And it’s not because Haley’s hair is better. Pretty hair. Peyton’s flyer for the end of summer party comes in the email and well, look at it. Okay.

Peyton has made her way to a restaurant by the shore that apparently offered free wifi. Innyway, she’s waiting for Ellie I guess because when she sees her she goes to confront her. She gets all Peytony and asks for the sob story. Ellie disappoints her saying it’s really not complicated, at the time she loved drugs more than Peyton. This dose of reality actually renders Peyton speechless for like 5 seconds. Then she asks why Ellie is just now coming around, just to make peace with herself? Ellie says she crawled out of her hole a long time ago but Larry wouldn’t let her see Peyton. Peyton doesn’t believe her. She then admits to stalking Peyton by telling her that when Peyton was around 10 she saw her sitting with a little brunette girl under a bridge [This story tidbit of a revelation is IMPORTANT!]. Yep, when all you wanna do is eat and get some peace, offer up a new target to Peyton.

So he’s way more believable as a hot dad than the other guy. Just sayin’. Innyway, Peyton goes to confront Larry because she has NO respect for adults, not even her dad. She yells and hems and haws about him not letting Ellie see her. Since he is an adult and her father, he just remains all cool and calm and says yeah, it was my decision I’m the dad. Peyton can’t even so she stomps off to Gloom Town.

In Gloom Town, Larry tells her she is not allowed to stomp off and huff and puff while he’s talking to her, he is still her father. She then says he’s not really her father. OUCH! Peyton, you are awful! Larry is obviously very hurt by that and Peyton is on the side of instantly regretting it, but doesn’t back down from her anger. She is totes committed. I get it. Larry holds it together and explains that they made an agreement with Ellie a long time ago that she wouldn’t try to contact Peyton. He and her mom had always meant to tell Peyton and leave it up to her whether or not she wanted to meet Ellie. Then her mom died and Ellie came around, Peyton wasn’t even 10, it hadn’t even been a year since the accident, and he decided that it would just confuse things more for Peyton who was already in a tough place and still kinda is. Plus, he was and is in a tough place too. Peyton wasn’t the only one who lost her mother, he lost his wife! Peyton then wonders why he didn’t tell her now or any time since then. He says that now it’s up to Peyton and leaves it at that.

Lucas goes to see Brooke at the apartment. They flirt and then Haley walks in and Brooke goes to get ready to go setup the beach for the party with Lucas. Lucas also came to see Haley who asks him about the whole nonexclusive arrangement he has with Brooke. He tells her that right now it’s on Brooke’s terms and he’ll keep her posted. Then he tells her that Nathan was in a really bad mood at the River Court today and thought that might have something to do with Haley. Actually Lucas, Nathan’s been in a bad mood for like over the last 15 episodes because of his ego! Haley is surprised to find out Nathan is back in town, goes to get her purse and tells Lucas to tell Brooke she’ll see her at the beach. Oh, Haley.

Haley goes to Casa de Scott and Dan let’s her in the house. He says he has her black gloves, leather, right? Haley is confused and says she doesn’t own any gloves. Haha, Dan, so silly, no way she was the one, she’s the nicest kid in town! She says she’s just there to see Nathan and he feels the need to confirm that Nathan didn’t tell her of his return to Tree Hill and says how proud he his of Nathan. He offers her a drink while he pours one for himself. He checks the rim of the bottle with his finger first though. It comes up clean. Haley is more confused he’s even there since Deb said he moved out. He says their marriage is over and now he and Haley have something in common. She has tired of his yuckiness and asks for him to tell Nathan she’s there. He tells her Nathan’s not home and she looks at him like, You jerk, and leaves. Dan is such a creeper.

Larry goes to the docks to confront Ellie. She says her situation has changed and now she’d like to get to know Peyton. He tells her to stay away, she made a decision a long time ago and now she has to live with it.

Over at the beach Lucas and Brooke have finished setting up for the party. Lucas says he’ll pick her up later, but Brooke says she’s heading down with Peyton and will be hanging out with other guys. Lucas thinks she’ll change her mind about their situation soon enough. He makes his way to the Cafe and Karen is embarrassing trying to learn the new lingo. It’s pretty cute. Karen isn’t sure Andy is coming back because he wants to start a family and she doesn’t want anymore kids. She thinks Andy deserves to have what he wants. Plus she says there’s Keith to consider. What? She thinks she saw him before she left on the day of the fire. Lucas is all, hmmm. He leaves to go get ready for the beach party.

Haley finds Nathan in the workout room at school. She wondered if he was just gonna pass her by at school. He wasn’t sure she’d even be at school. He says he just can’t right now. She walks up to him and says he can’t talk to her? Haley, Nathan is a dum dum, he has a hard time pulling together full sentences. When he does, they’re usually pretty hurtful so maybe steer clear for awhile. She fiddles with her ring and hopes to see him at the party. She tells him he’s changed and he says he has her to thank for that. Haley leaves sad face.

Ellie is at the docks buying drugs! Lucas sees and Ellie sees him. Oops, caught!

Brooke goes to see Peyton in Gloom Town. Peyton has a crate of records because she has to be the DJ since Face Part is still so heartbroken over Erica Marsh. Eye roll. So pointless. She tells Petyon not to be mean to Haley.

On the beach they have Tim acting like a BUFOON! Seriously, why did they devolve his character? It gets less and less funny!

Dan is at his beach house looking at the fire report. It says the case is closed, ruled an accident or some such. Um, did they not find the lighter?! Lighters are not easy to ignite, doubtful he could accidentally start it while passing out. Lawless towns just can’t be bothered.

Brooke kicks off the party marking the beginning of their senior year by lighting the fire. She is Student Council President after all. Peyton starts up a lame song. Ugh, Peyton, ugh.

Dan goes to see Karen to apologize for raping her in the face, but not really. He’s really there to accuse her of lighting him up. He then tells her he has a list of suspects. She kicks him out and then says she’s sorry that his would be assassin failed, maybe next time they won’t. She’s pretty scary, but she didn’t do it and she doesn’t know who did.

Meanwhile back at the beach, Haley and Lucas are sulking. Haley because no Nathan, Lucas because Brooke has decided to be not exclusive with the lifeguards. Lucas goes to talk to Peyton because the music is so downer. She says she doesn’t owe Ellie anything and thinks she can’t trust anybody in her life. Still, she feels bad about freezing Ellie out and thinks she might try to talk to her again. Lucas gives away with his face that he knows something so he has to tell her that he saw Ellie buying drugs at the park. Brooke walks up and says to please play something that doesn’t want to make her shoot up and die. Peyton spins another record and Brooke is happy, but Lucas cringes because he knows that Weezer’s We Are All on Drugs is starting up. Haha. Brooke goes back to the party and Peyton goes off to go be Peyton somewhere else for a bit. Lucas is a bit tickled by the whole thing. Later, Brooke comes up to Lucas to ask if he’ll go skinny dipping with her. He looks up and sees Haley sitting and being sad so he asks Brooke to give him 20 minutes. She says 15 and then she goes to someone else.

Lucas finds Nathan at the River Court to ask him why he’s not at the party. Nathan turns it back on him and wonders why he sucks so bad at basketball right now. He also wants Lucas to mind his own business. Lucas says Haley isn’t going away and he needs to forgive Haley and work things out because she loves him. Nathan asks if that’s supposed to make everything ok. Lucas says it is. Nathan thinks Lucas is an idiot. Lucas takes the ball and yells at Nathan and wonders why he even bothers to try reasoning with him. He tells Nathan he’s not going to let him mistreat Haley. He calls him a Jackass and walks away.

Lucas makes it back to the beach but he is too late, Brooke is already with the lifeguards in the ocean. Haley walks up to Lucas and says at least Brooke won’t drown naked. Lucas is pained to see his missed opportunity. See, he doesn’t want to be nonexclusive. Haley goes to sit by the fire and is accosted by Tim who tries to give her his guitar and make her sing When the Stars Go Blue because the sky has blue stars or something. She refuses, but Tim insists. Nathan walks up, takes the guitar and throws it in the fire and keeps walking. Everybody cheers that the guitar is no longer and Tim is happy to see Nathan is back. Haley looks over to find Lucas because now she knows where he disappeared to.

Brooke walks up to Lucas and they chat, but then she gets called away by the lifeguards and he lets her go. Haley goes to the DJ station to talk to Peyton. She tells Peyton she left a million messages. Poor Haley has no idea that Peyton hates her for no reason. I don’t think that Haley is ever afflicted with this hate for no reason thing so she never expects it. Peyton says she’s been around and Haley starts to kinda get the blow off vibe. She tells Peyton that she might need to join her in drinking because she’s had a bad night, Tim’s been bugging her to play and Nathan won’t talk to her. Peyton says, “It’s not like you don’t deserve it,” which totally takes Haley by surprise. Peyton spins When the Stars Go Blue and walks away. Pretty cool, Haley’s on vinyl! Nathan walks up to a dumbfounded Haley and asks to talk. She walks with him. He apologizes for not letting her know he was in town and tells her the fate of her keyboard and the wedding wall. She’s sad face. She asks what they are now. He can’t answer that, but she can and she wants them to be together. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever be ready to be together again and wonders if their relationship is even worth fighting for. She thinks it is because she loves him. He’s awful and then starts to walk away. She calls to him and says she isn’t going anywhere. In that instant she reminds me a lot of Elisabeth Shue in Cocktails. She just does, it’s weird. Nathan says ok and continues to walk away. Haley is left sad faced.

Well, at least they have each other! 

Music Video Time! All American Rejects, Move Along. I like this song! Lucas asks to walk with him and she does. But first Lucas needs to go tell Brooke who is currently flirting with lifeguards that he’s the guy for her and she’ll realize it soon. This surprises Brooke and brings a pleasant smile to her face.

Brooke is intrigued by Lucas or is she just intrigued by the fact that Lucas and Haley can be just friends. Probably a little of both. Nathan is so obsessed with Haley he can’t even.

The lifeguards step away and Brooke and Nathan stand next to each other as they watch Lucas and Haley go for their walk down the beach. Peyton had gone to find Ellie and gives her a present…she gives her the cocaine vial from the 5 minute drug addiction. She is so petty, she doesn’t even know what drugs Ellie was buying! Ellie looks at her all wide eyed and Peyton leaves without even giving Ellie a chance to say anything. Back at the beach Lucas tells Haley it looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship…again. They smile, it’s a cute moment. Dan walks towards where the teenagers are because he’s a creeper. But then he brings Music Video Time! to a screeching halt because…

When he looks up…
he sees this which…
reminds him of seeing this the night of the fire which…
causes him to do this which…
doesn’t phase him because…
he can’t stop looking at Lucas do this and then…
we roll credits on this.

Until next time…tooda loos!