July 18, 2016

Ok, so it’s happening a lot now. I can’t stop watching OTH fan vids! There are some that were just posted last month! That’s how timeless One Tree Hill is. We all know the secret to it’s timelessness…Naley, as well as it’s general metaphor for life as well as the single greatest life lesson…Secrets always come out so stop trying to keep them! Duh!

Haley’s 8 Most Embarrassing Moments this Week

8. It’s the first day of school and people are already looking at her like she’s some kind of a freak show! [She thinks Nathan isn’t, but no worries Haley, he’s always lurking!]


7. She goes to school dressed like this. I mean, that bow clip isn’t even doing anything!
6. She goes to school dressed like this. Even Lucas is all, Girl, what are you wearing?

5. They call her rock star, Avril Lavigne, and Kelly Clarkson. Which there isn’t anything inherently wrong with being called all of those things (I’m actually a fan of all 3!), it’s just that she’s not really rock and her name isn’t Avril or Kelly! What really gets her mad is when the mean girl calls her a bitch. Which Haley really isn’t that at all! The girl comes up and shoves Haley so Haley fights back because she and Lucas are scrappy coming from the wrong side of the tracks and all. Whitey catches her and gives her a detention slip for calling him Whitey. What? He wants her and Nathan to talk but it goes about as well as the first detention.

4. Speaking of the first detention. She got it for going to see Whitey even though his office is in the Boys Locker room. Whitey kicks another kid out and allows talking. However, it really didn’t work as we find out when Haley tells Lucas the next day that Nathan didn’t even look at her except for when her stomach made a funny sound. Gah, nothing like that EVER happens to Brooke! Poor Hales!

3. Seriously.

2. And then there’s that time that Nathan asks to go for a walk and talk and tells her he wants a divorce instead of an Annulment. For realskis?!

1. And of course, some guy shoulder punches her in the boob when she walks into school. Boob hits are always awkward and the worst! He just walks right into her on purpose. It’s so mean! Poor Hales.


Other Stuff that Happened

Epic! Dan is the ultimate creeper Jerkface and if this wasn’t such a lawless town he would’ve been behind bars at least for the night! Oh, he thinks Lucas is the one that tried to kill him but Peyton reveals that Lucas is the one that saved him! Blargh?!
Dan let Lucas go and we are treated to some flashbacks. Dan was on the floor, his back on fire. Again, ANOTHER missed pants on fire opportunity! Ugh. And since no one in Tree Hill has heard of stop drop and roll or fire extinguishers, he uses his black hoodie that he never wears -musta been new- to somehow snuff the fire off of Dan’s back. Innyway, he pulls Dan outside, takes the note, and then he hears sirens so he’s all, That’s my cue to get the hey outta here! No mention of damage to his system by smoke inhalation. 
He tells Dan that he should’ve let him burn. Dan says a stronger man would’ve. Lucas gives good Is this guy for real? face. 

See, Dan followed Lucas and Peyton to the gym after the School Board Meeting. Yeah, Lucas is totes asking for trouble by hanging out with Peyton without Brooke, but this is a fantastical land of contrivances I wouldn’t want any other way! So, the basketball team and other kids went to wait outside of the meeting to support Whitey. Dan wanted to get Whitey fired and gave a pretty good speech, but Karen’s was better. Karen got to speak at all because the Mayor, who is also on the Board, allowed her to even though she isn’t on the Board. Dan tried to stop it, but the Mayor defied him. That’s IMPORTANT! Not as important because it was never a possibility to go any other way, Whitey was not fired. But that’s how both Dan and Lucas could be in the same place at the same time without too much Whaaa? to handle.


Lucas tries to make it more and more clear to Brooke that she gets no lovin’ from him until they are exclusive. But he’s really sweet about it. Later we see Brooke has written him a letter and then we see that she’s actually written him lots of letters! IMPORTANT!


On the first day of school Lucas has tricked out Brooke’s locker with pictures of them together and some other decorations. SPOILER ALERT: Yeah, don’t get too attached to them. What else? Face Part ruins everything. He ruins what could’ve been an epic face off with a tirade about being dumped by Erica Marsh. Which, seriously, who cares? Not even the two sides of Peyton/Nathan and Brooke/Haley care. They just sort of stare and then walk off all, He’s NOT even Core 5. So pointless!

Another pointless thing. This takes place when Podcasts were first becoming a thing. So of course Pointless and Peyton are ALL about it.


Something weird happens during one of the detentions. Haley has revealed earlier that she is behind and needs to work double to catch up. Nathan initiates talking about a rumor going around that Haley knocked out that girls front teeth or some such. Haley is upset that they hate her and don’t even know her. Nathan reminds her that they are in high school and missing the game winning shot can bring on it’s own kind of ire from the student population. Haley is about to talk to him some more, but he shuts it down and puts in a dig that they can’t talk because he no longer has a tutor and needs to study. He has books out, but then Haley just mopes and rests her head on her backpack. Why isn’t she working?! Is she not really as far behind as she claims? Is she just that superior academically to her friends that she doesn’t want to let on JUST how superior so they won’t see what a nerd she is and start to distance themselves from her? Idk. We may never know.

Nathan goes to the Cafe looking for Lucas to tell him to go to the School Board meeting. Karen reminds him about their conversation at the River Court and asks what he’s gonna do now that Haley’s back. He says something dumb about how the guy Haley left isn’t there anymore or some such nonsense. Karen gives him Poor Nathan face. He then reveals to her about Dan trying to get Whitey fired and that’s why she shows up to the meeting.

Peyton is still mad at Haley. Peyton’s storyline is also Zzzz…so Ellie reveals to Lucas that she has cancer and that’s why she was buying marijuana. Ellie doesn’t want Peyton to know because she doesn’t want that to be the reason Peyton talks to her or some such. He tells Peyton later anyway. At one point the dad has let Ellie into Peyton’s room to look at sketches. Peyton gets cray angry and goes to the traffic light where her mom had the accident. Her dad finds her there and they have a heart to heart.

An IMPORTANT bit of plot as well is Lucas and Haley’s predictions. We are told that at the beginning of every year they go to the roof top of the cafe and write down their predictions  for the year. Haley sees that the golf course is gone and Lucas says it’s because he was a lazy sow that couldn’t be bothered with the upkeep if she wasn’t coming back or something like that. There is a loose brick up there that reveals a hole that they put a little tin in that is filled with papers with their predictions. It’s so sweet! By the end of the episode we see Lucas write he will try with Brooke again, I think, we never really see the last of it I don’t think. And Haley predicts she and Nathan will be together again. I mention this because this whole predictions thing will come up again. I like the best friends stuff they throw in for these two and it actually has an impact on future events!

They are NOT back together, but Nathan walks with Haley so that people will stop picking on her…and because he’s obsessed with her! Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!