July 19, 2016

We start out with a best buddy montage of Lucas trying on costumes while Haley yays or nays. It’s super cute and super fun. Lucas might be settling on a Jack Sparrow getup, but he wants to know what he should wear for sure. He tells her that costume party is a great opportunity to convince Brooke to be exclusive. Haley says she will do some investigating. Which brings us to…

More Embarrassing Moments for Haley

1. Haley tells Lucas that Brooke likes Tommy Lee. So Lucas goes to the party at TRIC dressed as Tommy Lee. Peyton points out that Brooke hates Tommy Lee. Brooke tells Lucas he is so gullible, that she hates Tommy Lee because he’s 40 and still looks gross, I guess. Well Brooke, considering how Lucas feels about Dan he doesn’t like sexy Devils, but there you are dressed like one! She pretty much rejects Lucas and then throws a pout when a girl dressed like Pamela Anderson comes and swoops him away. Unfortunately, this is not the last we’ll see of that girl. All of this to say that Brooke lied to Haley in an attempt to clown Lucas. It’s just weird because it’s like in that instant Lucas and Haley are outsiders again, even if they don’t see it that way. Sure, it’s a little more embarrassing for Lucas, but still embarrassing for Haley by proxy. Or maybe I just wanna say by proxy.

2. At the party, Karen confronts Haley about borrowing money from the till at the Cafe. It’s actually Lucas borrowing money from the till and putting it back after payday, which Haley saw him do, but she takes the fall anyway. Karen says she wishes Haley would’ve come to her and Haley promises it will never happen again. She then says she’ll take the tray of drinks Karen has and walk them around as a payment of interest. Karen says ok.

3. Which of course leads to Haley tripping because of her shoes that have been bother her all night, falling flat on her face and dropping all of the drinks. A lot of kids laugh and no one moves to help her up. I totally get laughing when someone falls, but if you’re in the vicinity, you aren’t allowed to laugh unless you make some movement to help the person up or at least ask if they’re all right. She just kinda stays their, clearly mortified and surely in some kind of pain, but fortunately uninjured. That was a bunch of glass she just broke, luckily she’s not a bloody mess! Innyway, Nathan, dressed as Batman, swoops in and picks her up.

4. Nathan takes off his mask to reveal himself. He tells her nice costume and when she asks if he likes it he says no because it’s not really her. She says she just wants him to want her again. He says that’s not the problem. Then he says a sexy makeover won’t fix them. Haley says she looks ridiculous and Nathan makes to reword, but Haley just can’t anymore and runs off. He does not follow her.

I mean seriously, nobody has to go through this. They will all make mistakes both big and small, but trust me, only Haley will have to pay for hers in such a long drawn out and embarrassing fashion. Poor Hales.

Other Stuff that Happens

Dan, upset with the Mayor defying him at the School Board Meeting, catches him in a compromising position with some prostitutes. In the middle of the freaking morning! Dan comes into the room with a video camera and tells the mayor to resign the bid for re-election and endorse him for mayor instead. The mayor agrees so that Dan won’t release the tape.

Dan finally agrees to sign the divorce papers as long as Deb signs an endorsement for his mayoral bid. Deb says there’s no way he’ll beat the current mayor. Dan says that guy is no longer running again. Deb says whatever and signs the paper so that she can finally have her freedom. After she signs the endorsement, Dan hands her the divorce papers, only he has her look at his signature date. He has post dated his signature for 60 days from now. He wants to put on a show as the perfect family man and he’ll need Deb to do that. Poor Deb. Later Deb decides to buy a whole new wardrobe and get a trainer. She throws all of Dan’s stuff out, his clothes, his bed, everything. He goes to bed in her room and she tasers him! He gets her back by putting glue on the phone and blowing an air can thing into the phone. They’re ridiculous! I mean, yeah right Deb wouldn’t feel the tightening of the glue on her skin. Whatever!!!!!!

Brooke makes a sequined and feathered sexy devil costume. The big thing, she doesn’t follow the pattern only it still looks great! OMG. And so it begins, Brooke is well on her way to building her fashion empire. Oh, SPOILER ALERT!

I’m not so sure if Brooke made Haley’s costume or if she just picked it out. Innyway, Brooke has Haley dress like Sandy at the end of Grease. Haley is not comfortable in it AT ALL. Brooke picked the costume though because she thinks it the quintessential makeover to impress the guy of your dreams moment or some such. Haley doesn’t even know if Nathan is going to show up to the party. Brooke, of her own accord, goes to visit nathan to make sure that he shows up to the party. Later, after Haley runs from Nathan at the party, she goes to the backstage area to take off the wig and just get ready to leave. Brooke finds her and tells her she’s missing Fall Out Boy. Yeah, Peyton also managed to book Fall Out Boy at the height of their popularity. Nope, we never learn how she does it. Innway, Haley says that the whole thing was a mistake. Brooke says that it worked since Nahtan talked to her. Haley tells Brooke that she thinks she looks like an idiot. Brooke says well now that she messed up her hair. I actually think Haley looks better without the wig, but whatevs. Haley says, “This Grease thing is a lie. I mean, what, you turn into some spandex wearing cigarette smoking hussy and you get your man? That doesn’t work.” Brooke then says, “You were smoking?” Haha!  Haley goes onto say that she’s just a tutor and a nerd. Brooke calls her a rock start. Haley says she’s not that anymore, she’s just Haley and that should be enough. She says she’s done playing games and is going home. As Haley is leaving, Batman swoops in and kisses her, then leaves without saying a word. Haha. Lucas goes to see her at the apartment to make sure she’s ok. She is happy because Nathan kissed her. She takes this opportunity to confront Lucas about how she covered for his taking money from the Cafe. He tells her he needed to buy medicine for his heart because he has HCM.

So Peyton has this whole weird storyline going on in which her dad has a change of heart. He parents that Peyton probably has a lot of questions that would’ve been easier for her mom to help her answer. Peyton didn’t get a chance to ask her mom a lot of the questions she has now, but she has a chance with Ellie. After the party Peyton goes to talk to Ellie. She says she just wants to remember her mom or something. She says she wants to know if everything about her is actually Ellie, that she at least wants the art thing to be something she got from her mom. Ellie’s all, The drug thing is all me, your dad was right to send me away 7 years ago, but I can’t draw so that you got from your mom. So she tells Peyton she’ll tell her everything she wants to know, she’ll answer every question. Of course, Ellie is lying, she can totally draw as evidence by a her drawing of Peyton in the Angel of Death costume that we see her working on later. When Peyton gets home, her dad is waiting up for her. He thinks it’s good she talked to Ellie. She says she didn’t ask who her real father is because she already knows. Awww. Blargh! Peyton’s storyline is always so weird. Just wait, the craziest bit of business is yet to come!

At the party, Peyton and Face Part do a dance to help cheer each other up. It’s actually pretty good and a cute moment. Only, it might’ve been better with Haley since she’s obviously the better dancer of the girls. [Poor Brooke really can’t dance at all.] And I’ll admit, Minkus can dance. Ugh. There, I said it. Jake still can’t sing, though!

Did I ever mention that Brooke has a job at a place in the mall called Suburban Filth? Because she does and that’s IMPORTANT!

Nathan goes up to Peyton at the party and they chat. Peyton says she hates to say it but his wife is looking pretty sexy. Nathan says Haley always looks sexy. Haley goes over to talk to Peyton and Nathan walks away. He’s unrecognizable since he has on a Batman costume. Haley wonders if Peyton is talking to her yet. Peyton says not really but Haley’s talking to her so she listens. Haley says she doesn’t know why Peyton is so mad at her. Peyton says she’s tired of people leaving and then coming back and pretending that nothing happened or some such. Haley says she’s not pretending anything…She really isn’t. Plus, how can she when no one will let her forget what she did?…Haley apologizes for not keeping in touch but it was hard to do that on the road. Peyton says it’s not about her, she’s not that needy…Um, I beg to differ…She says it’s what Haley did to Nathan by being away and not calling. Haley says she did call in a way that she’s tired of people saying she didn’t. I mean Nathan KNOWS she called and he still says she didn’t. He’s a dum dum, though. Peyton says it all boils down to she just doesn’t like what Haley did. Peyton does tell Haley that Nathan thinks she looks sexy so she might have a chance. Haley’s all, Nathan’s here?

Before the party, Brooke goes to Casa de Scott to tell Nathan he better show up to the party. She also says that Haley’s songwriting skills are suffering and Haley keeps accidentally covering other songs. Later Nathan looks at pictures from High Flyers. He stops on one of him and a girl sitting next to each other. He calls someone on the phone and says they should meet after the costume party, but Haley can’t know. They want us to think he’s calling another girl to hook up or something, or that maybe he had an affair…but don’t be fooled, he’s just calling Chris Keller. He meets up with Chris after the party and tells him he wants him to help Haley with her music. Nathan says she loves music and he loves her. [Yeah, he wears his ring necklace not under his shirt when he’s at home. What a goober.] Chris is wondering why him and Nathan says that Haley’s music came a long way with him. Chris is skeptical that Nathan can trust him. Nathan doesn’t, but he knows that Haley does. Does she? He says that if Chris touches her he’ll crush him. Chris agrees to the deal. Oh and Nathan mentions reading a letter from Chris at camp, it was the perfumed one! Oh, Chris Keller. At the end of the episode Chris Keller is revealed to also have a Batman costume. Haha, Nathan did not kiss Haley, it was Chris. Roll credits.

Greatest Line of the Episode: The setup, Brooke walks into the room and Haley asks how the rest of the night went. Brooke says that Lucas tried to make her jealous by spending most of the night with that chick, but two can play at that game. Haley then says, “Brooke, be careful, his heart’s more fragile than you think.” Brooke looks contemplative and sad. Neither one of them busts out laughing! Hahahaha. Oh and that’s followed by a scene showing that he has one of Brooke’s feathers and he places it in like a keepsake box. OMG. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

I think that’s all the necessary info. It was a fun episode.

Until next time…tooda loos!