July 20, 2016

It’s been a day people!

In this one…

Midnight Madness starts the basketball season for us. Dan is there to retire his jersey even though that was already done years ago. Karen decides to run for Mayor against Dan instead of him running unopposed. Whitey says he endorses her! Lucas and Nathan bring out a brawl over Nathan’s treatment of Haley. Lucas doesn’t like that Nathan brought Chris Keller to town in order to test Haley’s love. How does he know? Well, Haley refused to work with Chris until Nathan came by the apartment and said she had to in order for him to see if she had any feelings for Chris. OMG, Nathan is such a jerk!

imageThe cheerleaders also fight because the girl that dressed up as Pam Anderson, Rachel, is in their class and is trying to take over the squad. She’s new to school, just moved to Tree Hill. For some reason the squad thinks they need her even though she just tried out for the team without anyone else but Peyton and Brooke around to witness. Well, some of us that don’t drink coffee would not have fallen for her attempt to win them over. Haley is on the team because Brooke begged her to be, much to Peyton’s chagrin. Whatever, Haley’s the best dancer!

Peyton thinks Ellie is lying about having cancer. Ellie comes to Gloom Town to show Peyton an article she wrote. An article for what? I don’t know what. Peyton notices the drawing done by Ellie and loses it. Again, Peyton is awful and her storyline is weird. She kicks Ellie out of town. She discovers that Ellie didn’t lie about having cancer and then feels kinda bad. But not before she gives her a hateful drawing.


Lucas tries to use Rachel to make Brooke jealous, but he’s not that into it. Despite his best efforts at letting Brooke know he wants to be exclusive, Brooke still acts all heartbroken and like, Whaaa? Lucas is confused and so am I. Whatever, Brooke. I try to be on your side, but on this one, no.

Haley tries to talk to Nathan about the kiss she thinks he gave her at TRIC the night she was leaving the costume party. She never really says anything specific so he thinks she’s talking about when he swooped in and picked her up off of the floor. He tells her it was a nice moment, nothing more and walks off. Haley is confused. I’m confused as to how Nathan can think that they shared a nice moment that night considering he insulted her yet again and she ran off crying yet again. Nathan is not just a dum dum, he might also be The Worst.

Dan and Deb still shennanigan!

I think that’s the big stuff! 🙂

Happy Day 50!