July 22, 2016

So this one is written by the creator and directed by Dan.


Tim approaches a table of cheerleaders to know the results of the Fantasy Boy Draft. He’s a obnoxious BUFOON. He proposes that the girls take their pick on a date and pay. This infuriates Brooke and tells Tim no one picked him!

Haley asks Nathan if it’s ok. Ugh. He says sure.
Lucas goes up to Brooke to ask when he’s supposed to pick her up. She says she picked Chris. He’s all, Whaaaa?
Peyton goes to ask FP, but he can’t because I he has to do something I doubt he ever does again or even did before. She says that’s what they’ll do then. 
Chris Keller shows up to the apartment to pick up Brooke, but Brooke as NO intention of going on a date with him.
Lucas is adorable as he turns Rachel down because he wants to go see Brooke. He knows she has NO intention of going on a date with Chris Keller.
Nathan thinks that if Brooke’s not gonna go through with the date, then maybe he and Haley don’t have to either. 
Haley unwittingly screws over her BFF by finally playing the I do everything you crazy people want me to do so now you have to do something for me. 

Lucas sees them all pile into a car for a double date and Rachel says I told you so. Only neither one of them knows what really happened and Lucas really was right.

Before we talk dates, let’s just run through Deb and Karen’s crazy night. They have decided to go deface Dan’s campaign billboard. They make it all the way up there. Deb spray paints on it, “IS AN ASS” and Karen spray paints a mustache. A bird flies by and Karen spazzes and drops the can and the ladder falls into a tree. They have no way down and the road is closed at night for construction so there is no one around. They have some time to talk and Karen comes to the conclusion that she can’t go negative she has to stay the good path. Deb comes to the conclusion that she should never have agreed to the campaign because Dan’s a liar and he’s never going to leave Nathan alone. Deb strips a bit to make a rope to get the ladder back. Before they go though, Karen decides that they can’t leave the billboard that way so they tear off “IS AN ASS”.

Oh, those two!


Skills goes over to Bevin’s for their date. Her parents are away for the weekend so they have the house to themselves. She has him sit with her in the living room and watch The Notebook. He’s doesn’t really watch it at first but then she kisses him and promises more if he watches the movie. Of course he gets really into it and ends up loving the movie. So their date goes really well. But he’s been Notebooked! I don’t know if that was really a thing, but the kids in Tree Hill think it is. Dan was in that movie. He plays the hottie that Joan Allen really wanted.

Mouth takes Peyton to an old folks home. They go visit a man named Mel that calls him Joe all night. Mel informs Peyton that he used to be a race car driver whose nickname was Fireball. Peyton decides it would be a great idea to take Mel out on the town. Mouth is not in agreement. Instead of telling Peyton straight up what’s going on he unwillingly goes along with it. They take him driving at a go kart place and old Mel still know how to race cars. He’s great! They have a lot of fun. Afterwards at the track, Peyton and Mouth talk. She complimenting him or something and he brings up how he could be Senator McFadden and then says that Brooke sorta told him that one. That’s IMPORTANT! Peyton thinks this will be a night for the old guy to remember. Mouth says Mel most likely won’t remember a thing because he Alzheimer’s. He says Mel was married for 50 years and doesn’t remember his wife. Mouth says they better get back. Later Mouth tells her about how Joe is his dad but they had a falling out Mouth goes to visit his grandpa since his dad doesn’t. Peyton says something tacky like it would be good to get to forget and not have to live with regrets. Mouth reminds her that Alzheimer’s takes the good stuff too. They had a nice bonding time because they are trying to make him not pointless but it will never work!

Haley and Nathan and Brooke and Chris are walking on the beach. Chris wonders why and Nathan says it’s where he and Haley got married. Haley reminds them that she hadn’t planned on the extra company. So this is dump on Haley season, right? Which means that the beautiful and untouched bit of paradise with the purple flowers that they got married on now looks like…

…a beach house development. Brooke says she sorry and guides Haley to the mall. Nathan stays behind and gives meaningful stare towards the dig site.

Meanwhile, Lucas is on a date with Rachel. They are at the River Court eating pizza and drinking beer talking philisophicaly about love or some such. Innway, since at this point IRL The Chad and Sophia are still bangin’, Lucas insists that Brooke is The One. Rachel is not so convinced, but Rachel has no real purpose other than to be the character that Brooke Davis was probably actually conceived to be. Plus, Rachel, like Mouth, WILL NEVER BE CORE 5! Rachel decides to play a drinking game that involves Lucas shooting a ball in a hoop. I know Rachel is supposed to be smart, but here she’s not very smart. Lucas is the starting shooting guard for a basketball team that doesn’t suck. Unguarded, that guys going to make all the shots.

Over at the mall, Haley is miserable sitting on a bench. Brooke has been shopping and goes to sit next to Haley. She says that it’s not the magical night Haley was hoping for. Haley disagrees as a night in a crowded mall with Nathan ignoring her and Chris Keller stealing change from the fountain is exactly what she hoped for. She says that it was supposed to be a dream nigh, not a nightmare. Brooke says to keep the dream alive and goes over to talk to Nathan in the arcade. She unplugs the game and fusses at him. She wonders why he hasn’t beat up Chris so that she can go home and why he came if all he was going to do was ignore Haley. She says Haley still loves him all he has to do is take her back. He throws the same sentiment out to her about her and Lucas. Brooke has no comeback. He says it’s not easy getting back in the ring with the one that knocked you out in the first place. Yeah, sorry, your situations are NOT the same. I mean kind of, except for you’re married to Haley and you’re giving mixed messages like for reals.

Haley walks over and sits next to Chris at the fountain. She gets the change from him and throws it back in the fountain. He asks what she wished for and she says that Nathan would bludgeon him. So violent are these Tree Hill kids. She and Brooke were actually wondering why Nathan hadn’t yet. Chris gives her two options, one is that Nathan is afraid of him which makes Haley laugh, the other is that Nathan doesn’t care which makes Haley grump face. Chris says let’s see which one and puts his arm around her. All of a sudden she has developed reflections and does what she should’ve done the last time and flicks his arm off of her. He tries again and again she says stop it. Nathan sees this from the arcade and angrily approaches. Haley gets up and says she told him not to. Nathan gets all up in Chris’s face and Chris says he just though someone should be nice to Haley tonight. Seriously. Brooke asks Haley what she’s doing, she was basically giving Chris a lapdance. Haley says she wasn’t doing anything! Except for being a woman, so of course she’s going to be accused of asking for it. Ugh. Brooke says except Chris Keller and run away with him. Haley sees now, even Brooke is on that train. Brooke decides to just walk away from all of it and go home. Haley chases her down and brings up that Brooke’s playing games with Lucas and really she spent all summer writing letters to him. She found them under the bed when she was trying to navigate the tiny bit of space she pays HALF the rent for. Chris smells a cat fight so he and Nathan stop posturing at each other. Brooke turns the corner and they all follow. Chris says the night is young and Nathan says it will be over if Chris touches Haley again. Nathan is so weird. Brooke tells everyone to stop and look. Somehow she is just now seeing that the Suburban Filth has mannequins wearing her designs. SF corporate loved her sketches so much that they fast tracked them straight to a window display! They go back to the apartment to celebrate.

Back at the apartment Brooke and Chris are on the couch drinking champagne toasting to various forms of what they’re celebrating about. Over on the balcony, Nathan tells Haley she looks nice and wonders if she sees any meteors. Haley remembers the night of the meteor shower being perfect. I remember it being one big lie. Seems they both forget they each told one that night. Nathan forgets that Haley’s not all to blame for their recent troubles, but Haley’s a girl so the creator wants us to think it’s all her fault. Back to the scene. He wishes that they could’ve spent their date not going down memory lane and instead been more in the present. He has a terrible memory again as he was pretty much ready to bail before the date even started. Nathan is so full of crap!

Back over at the River Court, Rachel is done with her beer thanks to Lucas’s mad skills. She proposes a game of stip basketball. He declines. She tells him to take his shirt off and he hesitates but she assures him she’s not going to do anything to him. She ties the shirt around his eyes so that he can’t see and tells him that if he can make the shot blindfolded the Brooke is his destiny. He makes the shot and she tells him it went in. He takes his blindfold off and Rachel has stepped down to her panties and has the basketball in front of her chest. She tells him nice shot and bounces it back to him and says make it take. Have some self respect Rachel. Lucas covers her up and gets her clothes back. He tells her not sell herself short like that. She goes on and on ranting about how guys are confusing because if girls give it up they don’t give it up guys pressure them and if they do they have self image problems. Rachel forgets one key factor though, Lucas doesn’t want anything like that from her. She’s using these tactics for a guy that has ZERO interest. She says that at her last school they called guys like Luke gay. She goes on some more about how nonexclusive dating would be a dream come true for most guys, but in Tree Hill everyone’s already tragically hung up on someone and it’s hard for a girl. Lucas says not if you’re The Girl, which Rachel isn’t.

Brooke catches that and says Lucas is the guy for her. Chris is still there trying to flirt with her. Brooke kicks him out, but he goes to the restroom first. Over on the balcony Nathan is still thinking up ways to upset Haley. He says that he doesn’t blame her since she didn’t want to get married anyway. She says that’s not true. He says that if they hadn’t gotten married she could be big star right now. She tells him of the night she left the tour. Chris was singing a cover of Missing You and there was crowd sing along and the house lights went on and she saw the crowd and she had a breakdown on stage. She realized that all of that was not enough to fill the hole Nathan left in her heart. She tells him that being with him has made her life so much more. Nathan is kind of blown away by this. He can’t believe someone could string together all of those words and sentences and it be kind. Haley is alway telling him nice stuff even though she could really let him have it too. She wonders if he’ll go to the last place she wanted to take him. They go.

She takes him to the roof of the Cafe. He thought they were going to play mini golf, but she tells him that it’s all gone, just like their wedding site. Nathan says he knows the night wasn’t what she wanted it to be. She laments that he was right, she had unrealistic notions about the night hoping that he would say everything would be alright at least for the night and she would end up in his arms. He’s awkward. She’s all, ok, dum dum, moving along. She tells him about the prediction game she plays with Lucas. She wants to show him hers. He says no because it sounds like a wish and if you tell a wish then it might not come true. I agree, it would be would be super awkward to tell him her prediction considering it’s that they will be together again. Plus he already knows that what she wants anyway.image It’s just a way to get Nathan up there so that he will make his own prediction which he does. Haley asks how he knows she won’t just go up there later and read it. He says he’ll have to trust her.

Rachel takes Lucas to the apartment. She tries to convince him that he’s crazy for thinking he’s met the one. She rightfully reminds him that rumor has it he once had the same feelings for Peyton. Lucas says he made the shot and he is convinced that Brooke is THE ONE.

Haley puts the tin back in the wall and thanks Nathan for the night. She says she and Lucas planned to meet up to talk about the dates. Nathan says he’ll take off. He tells her not to worry about the beach or their wedding spot. She tells him that she just hates it’s all gone, the beach, the trees, the little purple flowers. As she says that he puts a little purple flower from there in her hand. He says, “The roots are still there. It just takes time. Don’t say I never gave you anything.” Um, SQUEEEEEEE! Ok, I know I’ve been annoyed with Nathan for awhile, but sometimes when that dum dum has enough time to think and choose his words, he does a damn good job. They hug.

Lucas finally makes it into the apartment and goes to Brooke’s room. He’s adorable!
But then this.
So this. 😦

Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!