July 23, 2016

The fallout from last episode is not good for Brooke. Lucas is really very upset and refuses to hear her out. He even paints over his red door with black! He tells Peyton that he’s disappointed.

Brooke tries to be cheery and goes to Suburban Filth fist thing in the morning to see what the next steps are now that her clothes are being sold in the store. She wants to know if she gets a cut. The manager says Brooke signed a waiver when she was hired that stated stuff about how being an emplyee made all of her designs property of the company and she’d see no profits just the good feeling of having a line sold at SF…oh and the 10% employee discount, of course. Brooke is not happy and huffs off.

She doesn’t go to school which conscerns Peyton since it’s the first game of the season and Brooke never misses game day. Missing school means she can’t cheer at the game. I think it also means there’s a player that didn’t get his locker decorated! Except for Brooke does show up once the hall is cleared out, goes and opens her locker and then leaves.

Petyon goes to find Haley, presumably to berate her some more for stuff that isn’t her business. Nope, just to ask if she had any idea of Brooke’s whereabouts. Haley acts annoyed by Peyton’s presence, she already has her guard up, much like the first couple of times they spoke in season one. She says that Brooke left early and must just be late. Peyton says she wants Haley’s help to find Brooke. Haley is can’t believe it and snots back, You want my help? Peyton “jokes” that Haley is the queen of cleaning up a mess after royally screwing it up. Haley is not amused, but says she does have one idea.

They show up at the apartment after school and I guess Haley had the right idea since they aren’t exactly surprised that Brooke is there eating an entire chocolate cake by herself. Peyton makes a funny and Haley says they missed her at school. Brooke just doesn’t know how she’s going to deal because she can’t even face the locker that Lucas decorated for her and he won’t take her phone calls. Well, he was in class. Brooke doesn’t even think Lucas will care about what she has to say. Peyton says something about how no one in the town deals with their problems head on as she sits next to a person who has been trying to do just that. Whatever, Peyton. Haley then tells Brooke all Lucas sees are boys on Brooke’s wall and in her bed and it’s not how really she spent her summer. See, this is the equivalent of Lucas going to Nathan and being stop messing with Haley only girls aren’t so surly. Peyton says yeah, you spent the summers writing letters to Lucas. Brooke is upset that Haley told and Peyton says she’s surprised Brooke didn’t. Brooke informs that she didn’t tell Haley she Winona Rydered them from under the bed. Haha, that means she didn’t really steal them Brooke, it was just a game, remember?! Peyton says she just needs to stop hiding and go talk to Lucas.

On the way to the game Peyton goes to pick up Haley from the studio. While there Chris hits on Haley again because he can’t help himself being himself and Peyton goes up to him and slaps him. During the drive to the game Peyton tells Haley that she’s just been really upset with people always leaving and that she’s just taking it out on her because Haley’s the only one that has come back. Yay, finally, end of that bit of crazy.

So what are the boys up to so far? Well, Nathan goes to see Chris at the studio to pay for the last half of Nathan’s studio time. Chris for some reason thinks Nathan is there to get on his case for sleeping with Brooke. Nathan is all, When are you going to stop being awful? He startles Chris and it’s pretty funny, then he leaves without giving Chris Andy money. The next day at school he’s nice to Haley and says while it’s still weird that she’s a cheerleader, she did a great job decorating his locker. He smiles and is sweet. I can’t believe they just had a quick chat in which he didn’t try to hurt her feelings for no reason.

Lucas on the other hand is having a pretty miserable couple of days. He has HCM. Brooke slept with Chris. Dan goes to the River Court to bully him and tell him to pass the ball to Nathan. Then he and Nathan have an argument in the locker room that Nathan kind of wins. Nathan is a dum dum, but he’s having a lot of success recently throwing back whatever anyone says to him back at them.

In the locker room before the game Whitey gives the boys a pre-game speech and lets them know that it’s his last season.

Game time! The cheerleaders, sans Brooke, do a little dance routine before the team comes out. Are they a drill team or cheer squad? Rachel leads the dance. Oddly, it’s kind of ok since Brooke can’t dance, it’s weird. FP announces the starting lineup and then Chris Keller to sing the Anthem. We don’t get to hear his whole rendition because we are taken out front to Dan waiting for Deb to arrive. When she arrives he reminds her that as part of their deal she has to walk in with him at major events. Deb says she had to pick up shards of glass from the vase that nearly hit her head when she opened the front door. Oh yeah, the vase. We were shown that bit of rigging when Chris went over to Casa de Scott to see Nathan about getting the rest of his money. Chris is currently Dan’s favorite person for breaking Nathan and Haley up with just one kiss. He asks Chris what his business is and Chris tells him. Dan says he didn’t realize he’d be producing Haley’s next album and gives Chris the $500. Chris says that he’s producing the album, but he know Dan would want to since it’s going to be great. As Chris starts to leave Dan asks him if he’d like to make some real money. Oh, what’s that Dan up to now? So that’s the story of the vase and the overall shenanigans going one with Dan and Deb. Now back to the game.

It’s time for tips off and Lucas looks over to Chris Keller and hallucinates him and Brooke making out in the stands. He misses the tip and the other team score immediately. The team overall plays like sass. The one good play is when Lucas calls for the ball and then moves out of the way when Nathan throws it so that it hits Chris smack in the face. It’s pretty funny. In fact, so funny that my twin sister couldn’t stop laughing and lost her train of thought. I guess it was unexpected! It even made Nathan smile. Well, the team ends up losing their first game, only scoring 39 points total, 16 of which were scored by Nathan. So, no undefeated season. Well, they had one of those and then lost in the first round of the playoffs so big deal. Whitey does let them know how disappointed he is by not even talking to them and going straight to his office. For some reason Dan goes into the locker room. Oh yeah, he just wants to bully teenage boys. He tells them how pathetic they played and what a joke they were and how his mistake (Lucas) is the punchline (because Lucas played pretty terribly). Nathan tells Dan, You’re the joke. Dan doesn’t like a comeback so he grabs Nathan and pins him against the lockers. Whitey comes out with a baseball bat and tells the overgrown man child to scram. Dan leaves and Whitey tells the guys they have practice at 5am and to hit the showers because they stink. They really did play not very well at all.

Lucas is leaving the gym and Brooke is waiting, but he decides to give her the cold shoulder and ask Rachel for a ride. Brooke is sad face. In the car Lucas and Rachel talk. He tells her his head wasn’t in the game. Rachel says he needs to move on from Brooke. He asks if he should move on to her. She say she just wants to move on to what makes him happy and grave the opportunities in front of him. He says he’s not sleeping with her tonight. Rachel stops the car and says that’s not what she meant and it’s her not sleeping with him. She also sticks up for herself and says that she’ll also not be used to make Brooke jealous anymore. She then kicks him out of the car and drives away. Haha, he’s got a long way to walk! Jerk! But at the same time I also want to whatever Rachel. They have her being like this feminist voice or whatever all while she calls all the girls fat as a put down. It’s like which is it? Do you stick up for women or just yourself?

Brooke is on the bleachers and Peyton goes to join her. So, I’m not really sure what the deal is with the cheerleaders. They are leaving late and coming from somewhere, but they are all still dressed in their cheerleader uniform. I don’t get what they went to go do for so long. Innway, she notices that Brooke obviously didn’t talk to Lucas. Brooke just doesn’t understand why she keeps not appreciating what she has once she no longer has it. Peyton says that everybody does that, Lucas did the same thing to Brooke not so long ago. Brooke is also upset about the SF business. Peyton says she thinks it’s time they go visit their friends at the mall. Brooke doesn’t want to talk to them, but Peyton says talking to them is not what she has in mind. They head out…hmmm.

Out front Haley is waiting for Nathan. He’s actually nice to her again! She says that she just wanted to make sure he was ok since the team lost. She says she thinks he played great though. He thanks her. He says he’s not really ok and then says that he does this thing where he walks home after a bad game to take his mind off of it. But he says it in a way that’s not dismissive of her, which is different for him lately. She smiles and says ok, but that he can call her later if he wants to talk. They go their separate ways and Haley’s phone rings right away.image It’s Nathan! They turn around and she goes to walk with him. They just walk side by side. Squeeee! Of course, how is Haley going to get home?

Meanwhile, their friends are being bad stealing the clothes Brooke designed. Somehow they have managed to defrock all of the mannequins and clear all of the tables without anyone stopping them. The manager lady comes out and points out to them that they are stealing. Brooke says like they stole from her and to just think of it as her using her 10% discount 10 times in a row. Peyton and Brooke flee with their pillow cases full of stolen merchandise. I guess Brooke’s mom wasn’t so far off base when she called Peyton the bad influence.

FP goes to Casa de Squints to see Karen. He calls her Mayor Roe and Karen thinks he’s the only person that will ever call her that. He’s not so sure and show her that he has captured footage on his phone of Dan pinning Nathan to the lockers. OMG, will she use it?!

And now we are at the river with Lucas. He is all disheveled having walked miles to his destination. He takes his pill bottle out of his pocket, looks at it and throw it into the river as his voiceover says something. Child. Roll credits.

Yeah, so I didn’t really cover a chunk of the episode, but whatevs. It’s all just blah blah blah. Imagine eveything I talked about taking place in a different setting the day before.

Plus, I’m hungry.

Until next time…tooda loos!