July 24, 2016

This show is about Nathan and Haley. Like all of the titles reference them. Just sayin’. Now where to begin…Not with previouslies or a title sequence because the is episode is jampacked!

We open on Peyton at the cemetery and someone is behind her…it’s herself dressed as the Angel of Death from the costume party. She hears a knock at the door and wakes up.


Haley, at the apartment, answers the door wearing a Suburban Filth tank. Oh, it’s the store manager and the cops. The lady says the shirt belongs to SF and the cops handcuff Haley saying that she’s in possession of stolen property. Haley says she just needed something to wear to bed and has no idea what they’re talking about. She angrily yells out to Brooke. What I think is weird is Haley could’ve bought that shirt, it doesn’t have any distinguishing markers to say it wasn’t purchased. The store clerk only witnessed Brooke and Peyton so technically, it would seem…

…not all three of them should’ve been arrested. But what do I know. Haley is really very upset with Brooke because she’s a nerd. She tells Brooke she wants to beat her up right now which appalled Brooke. It’s pretty funny. Peyton pulls Haley away and tells both of them that she explained everything to the cops and all they have to do is pay for the clothes. Of course, no one has any money on them. Brooke can’t call her parents because they’re in California, Peyton’s dad is at sea, so that leaves Haley who decides to call…Nathan. What? Call Karen or even Deb! An adultlike person of some kind. Nathan doesn’t answer and she ends up having to call Lucas. Brooke is upset by this because she’s afraid that when Lucas gets the cash from the apartment he’ll find her stash of letters. Haley’s all, Tough tits. And Peyton says it would be the best thing for everybody if Lucas found those letters.

Lucas does eventually come to pick bail out the girls. However, they are told he only paid for Peyton and Haley, so Brooke has to stay behind. Haley and Peyton get on his case wheat they see him and he says that he did pay for Brooke, he just told them to hold Brooke a little longer. Can you believe it? Cops allowing themselves to get entangled in teenager drama! Lawless town. Lucas says that he’s done every crazy thing Brooke wanted him to do, even allowed himself to be clowned at the costume party and all he gets is her in bed with Chris Keller. Haley is peeved over this whole situation and continues to be still because she has to get to the studio and doesn’t really have time to wait for Brooke. Ugh, Lucas! So now she’s just mad at everybody. Peyton says to go with Lucas and she’ll wait for Brooke.

Meanwhile, Nathan is at the studio on the phone with Chris who is asking for more money. Nathan is confused since he already gave him all the money! Chris sneaks in to face Nathan and says that he lost all the money playing poker. Needless to say, Nathan is not happy. Chris says he can get the money back from the guy he lost it to, but the place is 80 miles away and he needs a ride. Nathan says no way. Chris knew he would, butt then informs him that if he doesn’t get the money then they won’t be able to buy Haley’s masters. Ugh. Nathan begrudgingly agrees to take Chris wherever it is he needs to go to get the money.

While in the car though, Chris breaks the news to Nathan that they actually have to play poker to get the money back. It’s $100 buy in and he has $500. Nathan is upset by this news and then wonders how Chris has $500. Chris says he got from Dan to seduce Haley, but not to worry, he didn’t do it or intend to. Nathan hates everything about this trip.


Is that VHS or Betamax? Haha, jk, the tape just looks so small in his hands. Innway, it’s Election Day and Karen did run an ad that includes the locker room footage. Dan is at Casa de Squints to show Karen some interesting footage of his own. It’s from a convenience store security feed and it shows someone Karen cares about buying stuff that could’ve been used to try and kill Dan on the night of the fire. We don’t see who he is talking about though, only Karen does.

Who could it be? We know it’s not Lucas or Haley. So the only people left are Deb, Keith, and Andy. It’s probably Keith though since they have her obsessed with him lately. Later she’ll tell Lucas that whoever it is that tried to kill Dan, she’s worried about what might happen to that person. After the election is over, she calls whoever it is on the tape and leaves a message about wanting to know if they tried to kill Dan.

Lucas is in his bedroom on the edge of his bed looking at his phone. He deletes Brooke. Real Mature. Brooke walks in to apologize but Lucas decides to be a real Jerkface instead. Like he’s so perfect! She tells him that she was just afraid of getting close to him again. He tells her she doesn’t have to worry about that now. Ouch. Nothing she says will soften his stance and she leaves. Lucas goes and spends the rest of his day with his mom at the election site.

Haley is still at the studio and she’s still peeved about life in general at this point. Someone comes in on the phone and asks her if she’s seen Chris. She says he’s supposed to be there now, but he’s not. The guy tells whoever on the phone that they need to get in line, Chris owes him more than he owes them for some Batman costume. This startles Haley and it colors that kiss the night of the costume party a little differently.

Haley walks into the apartment wearing an awesome sweater! Both she and Brooke are mopey and she asks Brooke where they went so wrong. Brooke says Chris Keller. Haley wonders when they started to allow boys to dictate how they feel. Brooke says since she was 9. Haley is all, well it stops now. She says that Brooke has way too much talent to just sit around and pout. She says she’ll help Brooke with a website and they can sell the clothes themselves. Brooke can’t believe Haley is so kind. And Clothes Over Bro’s is born.

Ok, so we have all the setups of the episode. How does it all end? It’s crazy! Just crazy.

After getting out of jail Peyton spends the whole day in Gloom Town talking to herself. I kid you not. She talks to hers costumed self ALL DAY. Brooke does pop into the room for a spell to jack Peyton’s sketch of them shooting Lucas’s heart because she wants to use the heart for her fashion line that Haley convinced her to start. Peyton’s all, ooookay. Brooke leaves and Peyton starts to look for Ellie’s bracelet as she had just noticed she was missing it. However, by the end of the episode she is able to let go of the ghost because it’s not really the bracelet she needs to find, it’s Ellie. Once she finds where Ellie lives, the ghost disappears. This is what happens when your costars get married and co-opt your storyline. Also, and I can’t say any of this is for sure is what happened, but this could be what happens when you don’t perform as well in focus groups as what was supposed to be your supporting female cast. I mean, the scene with Brooke and Haley could’ve gone the same way with Peyton present as well. Poor Peyton.

Nathan spends all day with Chris. Of course, Chris loses everything again, even the car, because he’s terrible at poker. They are on a river boat and Nathan gets accused of cheating. He is, he just didn’t know it. Chris starts a brawl, grabs the money and they run and jump off the boat. They make it to shore, but Chris lost all the money in the river. He didn’t lose his guitar though! He did manage to grab the keys before they fled, so that’s something. Nathan punches Chris in the face for various reasons. One of which is Chris tells him that he kissed Haley the night of the costume party. He bribed the costume store clerk to tell him what costume Nathan reneted so he could go mess with Nathan. But then he saw what happened between Nathan and Haley and Haley was so sad that he decided to help them out. He kissed Haley for Nathan. In a way, Chris has his heart in the right place for these two. They have a big blow up and they come to an understanding so they can get back home even though Nathan is really very upset they won’t be able to get Haley’s masters. However, once they get back to town, Chris walks out of the studio with Haley’s masters. Nathan wonders how he got them. Chris doesn’t want to reveal his secrets. But when Chris picks up his guitar case it pops open and there is no guitar in it. Nathan can’t believe that Chris would sell his favorite guitar like that. Chris says it was waterlogged anyway. We all know that it’s because he loves Nathan and Haley, they’re like his only friends. He walks off because Chris Keller’s work is done. Nathan can’t believe this guy exists.

Despite Karen’s best efforts, she can’t compete with Dan’s master manipulation and Dan wins the election. He is now Mayor Dan Scott. God help us all. We know that TV mayors are right up there with the President so this could be really bad. During his celebratory speech he calls for Deb to stand with him, but she’s not there. Why? Deb was there all day, but she left because Lucas saw Deb the night of the fire and knows it was her. He went up to her and handed her the note he pulled out of Dan’s hand that night and tells her that it’s the last shred of evidence. He says she can go and be free.

Brooke spent all the rest of her day working on designs. She has a fashion show ready for that night. She brings over Peyton and Haley to see.image She shows them tshirts and sweatpants and jackets with new logo and has some of the cheerleaders model her dresses. And Haley has setup ClothesOverBros.com which at one point was real and you could buy the shirts. I never did, but I could’ve if I wanted to. This show. I think you can probably get similar stuff at CafePress.com though. It’s all nice and wonderful and they have a good time together. It’s nice when they manage to have a good time together. Later Brookie again credits Haley for getting her to start the line. Haley says that she feels like a fraud though since she told Brooke to put herself before boys and then she secretly spent all day thinking about Nathan. I say she’s in a different situation being MARRIED to Nathan and all. She says that now she thinks it was Chris that kissed her the night of the party and now she also thinks that Nathan’s just trying to be civil before the divorce is final (which remember, they have to be separated for a year first). Brooke doesn’t think that’s true. Brooke says that while making the clothes did make her feel good, it didn’t fill in the void left by Lucas. They are both kinda in the same place they started, except for Haley now has a nice new sweat jacket!

Brooke goes over to Casa de Squints to see Lucas and cries and gives him the 82 letters she wrote to him this summer. She never sent them because she was afraid to want him again after how  hurt her the first time. She spent her summer wanting him. She leaves, but Lucas catches up to her. He forgives her for sleeping with Chris and once again repeats that he ‘s the guy for her. They profess their love for each other. p
It would be really sweet if I didn’t know the future. But it is what it is and hopefully Brooke will get to be happy for awhile. No more crying, she’s supposed to be the fun one!

Meanwhile, Haley is over at Casa de Scott because Nathan called her to come over and talk. He tells her that he spent the day with Chris and got her song from the studio and it’s really good. She’s all, okay. Then he goes on to tell her that he called her because she’s the only person in his life he can talk to when life gets rough and it’s pretty rough right now. He wanted to make sure he could still call her. She sits down on the edge of the bed with him and says that he can always call her, always and forever. Haha, they will rarely have straight face when saying that, or I will rarely have one when I hear it, idk. Innway, his mom has left without him maybe for good and Dan is the mayor. His life sucks right now. She assures him that she’s there for him. Then she asks him if he kissed her the night of the costume party and he tells her that he did. Then he kisses her. She says that he didn’t because that kiss wasn’t half as good as the one he just gave her. He’s relieved to hear that. She gets up to leave and then Nathan calls her back and asks her to stay the night with him. She’s was hoping he’d say that.image I’m sure you can guess what happens. They do it. When he takes off his shirt she discovers that he wears his wedding ring on a chain which makes her smile. Awww. We’ll give them some privacy and roll credits.

OMG, we just had a WHOLE episode without Mouth or Rachel and it was FANTASTIC. I wish that the writers had noticed that.

Until next time…tooda loos!