July 25, 2016

Ok, so I finished this season awhile ago, but I just didn’t know how to put into words how I felt about it. Plus, I’ve been busy and I’ve gotta keep up with OTH since that’s an ep a day. So anway, I found Season 5 to be dull, not that funny, and just off. Maybe it’s because it followed the near perfection of Season 4 and maybe it’s because it just sucked. I kinda wanted to quit the series altogether, but I feel the pull to finish. I usually don’t stick with sitcoms to the finish. I don’t know why. I’ve been known to stick with some hour longs to the bitter end. I rarely say uncle on dramas, but I can’t think of a single 30 minute comedy I’ve actually finished. Well, maybe Saved By the Bell. That counts. Crazy. Ok, does Nurse Jackie count? It’s 30 minutes and popped up in comedy categories, but I myself wouldn’t categorize it as such. Which, by the way, if you didn’t watch Nurse Jackie, go and do so now. But let’s put things in perspective…I finished Dawson’s Creek, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Joan of Arcadia, Beauty and the Beast (the new series finishes up this season and I’ve watched all of the episodes), Popular, I’ve stuck with Reign, Tru Calling, Haven (and that last season was dreadful and the finale pretty much ruined the series for me), Chuck [Actually, sorry I brought this one up. That last episode still really messes me up for most of that series as well. I want a Chuck movie to fix that mess!], and a ton more. Granted, most of my favorite shows were only on for like one or two seasons before they were wrongfully cancelled. So, to sum up again, finishing How I Met Your Mother is going to be a great feat for me.

But it gets hard when seasons like Season 5 happen. It started out cute enough. It turns out that Ted started out teaching to the wrong class. Should’ve known an architecture class wouldn’t be in such a big room. But it kind of took a nose dive from there. The characters just seemed really off. The jokes weren’t as funny. The show felt more mean spirited rather than friendly.

I hated that they spent a whole episode trying to convince Robin and Barney that they really like eacher other – Lily locked them in a room together to discuss their relationship-  only to spend the entirety of the next episode breaking them up. It was stupid and lame.

It wasn’t without its moments. Lily and Marshall are still a couple, but that couldn’t always save it. I still don’t know why anyone is friends with Ted though. He’s such a douche. At least Barney is open about who he is. Ted tries to act like he’s superior. It’s grating. And while they point it out to him this season…a lot…it’s just dullsville when an episode revolves around him.

They didn’t have as many high profile guest stars this year. The guest stars they did have didn’t play as significant a role as the ones in Season 4. However, Jennifer Lopez was on and she was good and the episode was good. Last season I liked all but two and it seems like this season I disliked all but two and hers is one I liked.

Significant things that happen this season. Robin and Barney break up and deal with it in different ways. He goes back to being Barney and she secretly has a hard time moving on from it. When she does finally work out her feelings she dates her co-anchor only for him to turn around and break her heart. Poor Robin. Ted buys a house that becomes the house he’s sitting in telling his kids the story. He also meets the roommate of the mother in question, he of course, just didn’t know it at the time. He also unknowingly returns the yellow umbrella. At one point Barney and Ted try to make a case that they love Robin more, but they’re drunk at the time and nothing really comes of it. The only thing that sticks out is Ted has the blue French horn again and I don’t remember him getting that back. Also, Stella’s husband got a movie made called The Wedding Bride which is pretty much the story of Ted and Stella, only extremely skewed out of Ted’s favor. And Marshall and Lily decide to have a baby. Slap 4 happens at Thanksgiving again.

And while the musical numbers that pop up were really good, I’m not that into them. It’s just that for a show like this, it breaks the reality they’ve created. Not like the show depicts reality, just the reality the show has created within it’s universe. Musical numbers were not established before this so to see them pop up this far into the show’s run just makes it seem like they’ve run out of stuff to do.

It’s just a strange season overall. Hopefully Season 6 will bring it back to form.

Season Notes:

Best Episode: S5 E17 ‘Of Course’ – Definitely the best episode of the season. The season finally clicks and has a good run to the finish. This is the one that has Jennifer Lopez. Robin is tired of how insensitive Barney has been since the breakup. She decides to do something about it and when Barney gets it, he makes her a promise. It starts out with him being questioned by the police after being pulled out of the Hudson River. It’s really funny and sweet and what I’ve come to expect from this show. Too bad it took so many episodes to get back to that point. Plus, we get the “Bang bang bangity bang” song out of it.

Worst Episode: S5 E5 ‘Duel Citizenship’ – In this episode Barney goes to get Robin from Canada and tries to convince her to become an American citizen. And Robin goes through a nationality identity crisis. But what I hate most about this episode is that Ted and Marshall plan a road trip to go to some pizza place they used to road trip to in college. The place is about to close and Ted feels they need to go one last time. Only Ted hates that Marshall invites Lily along. Ted becomes a total annoying asshat, more so than usual, because Lily is with them. I just really didn’t like the idea that Ted would be that put out by Lily’s presence. And then, during a later episode, is shown to be the one in the group that tries to include everyone, even strangers, in big events. It’s really weird and off. And as much as I dislike Ted, I found it very unTed. So, worst.

Rating: 2.8/5 Just ugh with this season. Just ugh.

Until next time…tooda loos!