July 25, 2016

Ok, so there must’ve been some sort of break between this and the last episode because the previouslies is like a music video -set to Fall Out Boy’s Sugar We’re Goin Down- that’s a rundown of the season so far. Also the title cards are fancy looking.

We open where we left off with Haley and Nathan doing it and Lucas and Brooke making out on the bed. Lucas has a voiceover about living in the present while he and Brooke go for a walk. These kids and their walks.

The next morning we see Nathan and Haley asleep. Nathan is wakes up to the sound of his phone ringing and reaches over Haley to answer it. Whoever he talks to he has to go meet them. And like Brooke has mentioned before, Haley sleeps like a dead person, so she does not hear any of this go down.

Over at the apartment Lucas is also getting a phone call. He tells Brooke it’s Peyton and he has to go see what she wants. Brooke is all, Whaaa? Lucas is all, Don’t forget we’re going to trust each other this time around. Um, Lucas, Brooke has never betrayed your trust (sleeping with Chris Keller was not a betrayal of trust as there should’ve been no expectation of her not sleeping with him) and last time she trusted you COMPLETELY which is why it hurt so bad when you cheated on her with her best friend. Long story short, Lucas never learns  so off he goes to see what Peyton wants. She tells him she’s got a work to do anyway, Mouth setup a website to sell her clothes. Well, I guess they need to find some way to make that guy not useless. Lucas is happy and they part ways for now. Brooke gets her laptop out to check on sales. And, well, sales are a little too good as she wasn’t prepared for so many dress orders.

Meanwhile, back at Casa de Squints, Haley is finally awake and notices that Nathan is gone. Dan walks in and is a total creeper. Haley tells him as much and he tells her that Peyton was pleasant in the morning. She gives him a look that says You just became an übercreeper. He slyly picks up a note left for Haley and tells her that he’s waiting on the Annulment papers. imageWe don’t get to read the note, but it has her name on it and a little heart. Can you imagine Nathan drawing a little heart on a note? Haha!

Lucas shows up in Gloom Town and Peyton notices he hasn’t changed. He’s all, Long story. She says that he had promised her he’d go with her to see Ellie. She’s found Ellie does he want to go? Lucas is all, K.

Nathan is on the road and his mom calls. He says he’s on the way and she gives him directions of where to go specifically. He rejects a call from Haley. Back at the apartment Brooke is freaking out because she only made 4 dresses so far and she has over 40 orders for dresses. Haley is all, What did you think was gonna happen? Brooke thought people would order other stuff. Brooke asks Mouth to make it stop.

Lucas and Peyton are on the way to River City. Peyton asks about his long story. He tells her that he and Brooke became exclusive last night. Peyton freaks out and tells him to call Brooke to say that they have plans. If not for this moment it seems that Lucas was never going to call Brooke to tell her he was going out of town with Peyton. She says that she never would have asked him to come if she had known he just started a real relationship with Brooke. He says that he wanted to go and likes being that guy for her. Whaaaa? Luke, you should like being a good friend, but this really seems like she should’ve called the person that she calls her BEST friend. These two are the WORST!

Brooke picks up at the apartment and she asks where he is. He tells her they’re going to see Ellie and Brooke is piznastys but she tries to play it cool. Haley asks if Lucas is coming because I they need all the help they can get. Brooke says he’s with his other girlfriend. Ugh.

Lucas and Peyton pull up to Ellie’s house. Peyton is so weird, she’s all, I should do this by myself. Whaaaa? She really has a way with screwing over her BEST FRIEND, Brooke.

Nathan finds his mom in a motel. He’s confused and wants to know what’s going on. She tells him being married to her father has turned her into a despicable human being. She says she’s never been a strong person and now she needs to try so she won’t be returning to Tree Hill. Nathan has it rough, man.

Peyton is snooping around Ellie’s and then Ellie walks in and greets her. They chat. Zzzz…Ellie is pretty. She’s Laura Palmer. Bit a trivia. Peyton tells Ellie that she has a friend that is a really good musician and she wants to put her record out but she doesn’t know how and think Ellie might be able to help. Ellie is happy to see Peyton.

Lucas knows someone in River City. She’s an old friend from Tree Hill. That Lucas, befriending the ladies. The girl asks how the big shot Raven’s basketball player is doing and then says he’s probably dating some bitchy cheerleader. Lucas gives a You caught me stare as we cut to…

Brooke being bossy and frantic. She yells at Haley and then at the squad. Then Bevin comes in with kids: her little brother and sister and cousins. Then Rachel walks in and Brooke says she’s not supposed to be there. Bevin says Brooke told her to round up the squad. Brooke says she didn’t mean Rachel and then tells Rachel she needs to go because she missded the tutorial. Bevin missed the tutorial too. Haley doesn’t want this to go on much longer and says that they can use ALL the help they can get. Brooke thinks they should show the kids how to make the dresses to, which no one agrees with but looks like they’ll have to along with it. Brooke says that they are going to show the kids how to make dress up. Oh, Brooke.

Back at Evan’s Motor Lodge, Nathan says he can’t  drop everything and move away. She says she doesn’t want him to, but she does want him to work through things with Haley. He notices that Deb is jumpy and wonders why. She apologizes and tells him the truth about how she tried to kill Dan at the dealership. Nathan is not happy with this news. He is confused that she didn’t have the courage to leave Dan but did have the courage to kill him. He storms off.

Back with Lucas and the girl in the park…He tells her that he’s dating Brooke Davis. She says how awful Brooke was as a Freshman. He says Brooke is not like that anymore and she never got as bad as the head cheerleader that really taunted them. The most important bit of this conversation involving a person we will NEVER see or hear from again is this…she asks him now that he’s part of the crowd that makes people afraid to go to school, who is watching out for those people afraid to go to school. Lucas says it’s not like that. That’s important due to future events. At least that’s the only bit I can gather that gives any reason for Lucas to be having a conversation with someone we will NEVER see or hear from again.

Back at he apartment Brooke is still being a bit of a tyrant. Rachel sits and talks to Mout. Two utterly useless characters being totally useless. To break them up, Brooke goes and tells Mouth to watch the kids. He thought that was Haley’s job, but she says it’s his now. Then she goes to Haley and tells her to go buy more fabric. Haley thought that was Mouth’s job. Brooke tells Haley to just do what she asks. Haley knows Lucas never called back now. Brooke acts like that fact doesn’t bother her and wonders why she brings it up, they have other things to worry about right now. Haley says she just wants to know what would make a guy up and leave you first thing in the morning. Brooke has no idea that the same thing happened to Haley so she thinks Haley is talking about her and takes offense. Haley looks exhausted and sad.

Ellie and Peyton again. Zzzz…Oh look, Ellie keeps a room full of records too. Zzzz…Ellie wonders why Peyton thinks she can help with the record. Petyon says reasons. Peyton asks if Ellie is in remission. Ellie says she’s going to be just fine which if you’ve ever watched even a second of television means that she’s not fine. Peyton doesn’t watch TV, she listens to music. Ellie turns down Peyton’s request to help her, but says she can keep looking around at the records and stuff.

Ugh, back to Lucas. Zzzz…River City is really upsetting the balance of this episode. Oddly, it’s an episode that included Mouth AND Rachel. Maybe they’re upsetting the balance of things! So, they are still walking around the park. The River City version of the River Court. She can’t believe he drove all this way with Peyton! Two guys come up and recognize Lucas as a Raven. The girl challenges them to a game of two on two. They clobber those fools!

Nathan is sitting on his car in the parking lot of the hotel. Deb goes out to talk to him. He wonders how it’s come tho this. He tells her that he’s thinking about them going as a family to the Hawks game for his 13th birthday. He says as he replayed the memory he saw his mom’s face and realized she was never happy. Of course, he could just be projecting what he knows now onto the memory. He says that he knows Dan is a bad guy, but that deep down all Dan wants for him is to be the best that he can be and that Dan doesn’t deserve to die for that. Then she tells him how 2 years ago Dan turned away recruiters from Oak Lake, the number 1 basketball academy or some such. Nathan doesn’t believe her, but she says it’s true. She had told Dan that she was going to take Nathan and he was going to that school. But then Dan said that if she took him he would find them and he would kill her. She says Dan will never let him go. I can’t believe the backstory they are giving the Scotts right now. It’s like, Whaaaa? That wasn’t indicated in Season 1 or even 2 at all. This ish be cray!

Blargh, Lucas thanks the girl for reminding him about playing just to play and have fun. He talks about how they used to spend time and the River Court. He’s talking to her like she’s Haley. What happened to it used to be Haley and him against the world? This chick hasn’t even asked about Haley. Does he cheat on his best friends too? OMG, this guy is such a two timer, he just can’t stop! Haha. She says that he’s change, but it seems like for the better. He then says that she’s changed too. She tells him not to be a stranger. He says phone goes both ways. She says she didn’t say keep in touch, she said not to be a stranger. He says ok and then gets in the car to drive away. Whaaa? We NEVER see or hear from her again.

Meanwhile at the apartment, Brooke is still on a tear. EVERYONE is sewing but her! Ain’t that just like a boss. Rachel did a great job on the dress she sewed. She knows and then tells Brooke she bought it this morning. Brooke is all, You came to sew your own dress? Rachel’s all, Yep, liked the design, didn’t trust you to make it. And then she leaves. These chicks are nuts. Brooke then starts yelling at the room and Haley tells her to stop it. She says that everyone has been working hard all day for Brooke and Brooke’s done nothing but be a jerk. Brooke says they haven’t gotten enough done and this is her dream, blah blah blah. Haley tells her that no dream is worth changing yourself into a tyrant over. Brooke looks around the room and everyone looks miserable. Brooke gets it and tells Mouth to shut the website down and give everyone their money back. Mouth says they spent most of the money on supplies. Brooke says it’s her problem and she’ll finish the rest herself then. She sends everyone home and apologizes for how she treated them. She gives the kids CDs, Haley’s CDs. Haha. Brooke is sad face.

OMG, they keep insisting on this Ellie and Peyton stuff. Zzzz…Peyton goes to get some water while Ellie goes to look for a tshirt. She discovers that all of the cupboards are bare and there’s nothing in the fridge. She also finally notices the lack of furniture in the house! She knows now that Ellie has come to River City to die. Ellie asks Peyton who the hell she thinks she is. OMG. Peyton thinks she deserves to know the truth. Ellie gets all upset and tells Peyton that she has no furniture because she’s alway on the road and doesn’t keep food because she eats out. Then she gets hurtful and says for the last 17 years she’s had the added benefit of being alone. OUCH. I totes see where Petyon gets it from. She’s so Ellie, it’s nutso. Ellie thinks Peyton came out of guilt and she doesn’t want that around right now. Peyton says that she did feel bad and want to come see Ellie. She also wanted to make that record to sell for cancer research. She cries and huffs away. I really hope Lucas is back because that would make things supes awkward if he’s not. Ellie stays in the kitchen all upset because she knows she lyin’ ’cause she dyin’.

Deb and Nathan are in the car saying goodbye. She says she’ll never leave him for good. He says he doesn’t do so well on his own. She tells him that it broke her heart when he emancipated himself, but she knows now it was his strongest moment. She hopes she can find that kind of strength. He says he doesn’t want to be alone. She says he’s not, he has Haley and he needs to go deal with his marriage before it becomes a cartoon. He says ok and they hug. Deb gets out of the car and Nathan drives away. They are sad face.

Lucas and Peyton are headed back to Tree Hill. Peyton is sad, she doesn’t think she’ll ever see Ellie again. Yeah, right. Zzzz…

Back at the apartment Brooke is doing NOTHING on the couch. She gets a phone call from Luke saying that they aren’t going to make it back tonight. Brooke’s mind goes there, but then the door knocks and it’s Luke. Haha, he fooled her! She’s happy to see him. She says she needed her boyfriend. He says to put him to work, but she doesn’t want to work anymore. Like she worked at all! He says he has something he needs to go do. She’s all, Ok, whatever. But fooled her again as what he has in mind he wants to do with her. So silly, until it’s not. OMG. They leave to somewhere.

Music Video Time! Ellie is at home and let’s the phone go to voicemail. It’s her doctor wanting to talk to her about her decision to stop treatment. She doesn’t want to hear it so she puts Haley’s song on full blast. It’s Halo! Such a good song. While it plays, we see Dan in the Mayor’s office. We see Haley deciding not to call Nathan. Ellie turns up at Gloom Town. Ellie thinks the song is good, but it needs background vocals. Peyton reminds her that it’s just a demo. Ellie tells Peyton that it’s just a business arrangement and Peyton invites her inside Gloom Town. Peyton is all smiling. Haley is dressed for bed and she answers the door. It’s Nathan, thank God. She asks what’s up and he says he just wanted to see her. She smiles and invites him inside. Awww, they’ve got their arms around each other. Lucas has taken Brooke to the River Court because it’s where he’s from, it’s his world. Brooke is all I’ve been here, but ok. She goes to sit with Mouth and he plays with the guys. Roll Credits.

I would imagine that if that came after a hiatus I was probably all, That was dullsville. It’s always fun to rewatch OTH and while this episode has it’s moments, you have to admit, it was kinda Zzzz…

Until next time…tooda loos!