July 26, 2016

So the Tree Hill Ravens are losers again. Not surprising since, surprise, their guru is back. Yep, turns out Emily Chambers is no Jules and Jules is no Karen.

Top Things About Keith’s Return

1. Turns out that Deb may have known where was this whole time. Keith tells Karen about the day of the fire. See, Keith was in town that day, Karen did not see a ghost. He heard she was going to New Zealand to be with Andy. So he went and got wasted. He bought the same kind of alcohol used to drug Dan that night, which is why Dan thinks Keith tried to kill him. Dan is a dum dum, Keith is obvy hammered on that tape, but whatevs. He went back to wherever he was staying and is joined by Deb. She tells him that his face is a butt. No, he tells her that he wants to kill Dan and we see that he has a gun. Deb says not to, Dan’s not worth it or some such. She takes the gun. She comes back later to tell him that the war was hers to fight and she burned him up in a fire, but then somebody got him out and she doesn’t think they saw her.

2. Karen decides she wants Keith. Yeah, right. Well, she does and they are making out on her front porch when some Tree Hill police officers com and arrest Keith for attempted murder. They have no proof, but Dan said so and he’s the mayor! Lawless town.

3. Keith is still a Loser. I’m sure of it. Nice guy though.

Other Stuff…

1. Lucas and gives Brooke back the letters. She wants them back because he keeps quoting from them. They have a date night because she thinks he got her into a fashion competition for teenagers called Rogue Vogue. He tells her that he loves the girl that wrote those letters because she is open and honest and cheesey. Brooke let’s him keep the letters. At the end of the episode Lucas mails her a letter.

2. Ater their loss Whitey decides that the boys need a change of venue. He has them clean up an old field. Nathan refuses to help because he thinks it’s stupid or some such. Eventually he comes around and decides to paint and help the team. Lucas and Nathan are getting along at this point and Lucas shows Nathan a dead spot on the court.

3. Rachel is actually the one who submitted Brooke’s design sketches to the competition.

4. After the loss Haley is happy because Nathan is going to need consoling. Of course, it’s Dan that meets him first out of the game. Nathan just can’t even right now. Dan says that history has a way of repeating itself and highly implies to him that Haley might be trying to trap him. Nathan just doesn’t believe it. Dan says that the tactic worked on him with Deb. Haley finally catches up to him and Dan is in ultimate creeper mode and walks away. Haley asks Nathan if he wants to go over for some dinner and stuff. He looks over at his dad and then says he’d love to. OMG, what is it with this guy? Can he only like Haley if there’s someone he knows will be upset by his being with her? Poor Haley. Or not considering what it will get her in the future. Dragons.

5. At the apartment Haley and Nathan are having a good time until she slices her finger on a cheese grater. Seriously. Nathan goes to get a Band-Aid but mostly he just looks for Haley’s birth control. He flat out asks her when he gets back with her Band-Aid. He asks if she’s on the pill. She says she is now, but not the other night when they did it. Nathan says he has leave and goes. Haley says they need to talk this out he can’t walk out like he always does. He says he has to before he says stuff she doesn’t want to hear. Such a hot head. One day she’ll just take this as the way of things. The next day Dan puts the idea in his head again. And again Nathan goes over and confronts Haley wondering if she’s trying to trap him with baby. Haley is appalled that everyone thinks she wants to be a teen mom. Nathan wants to see the pills so she shoves them at him and says to keep them she won’t be needing them anymore.

6. Peyton and Ellie get band to sign on for their benefit CD. Yay!

I think right now I want to go sleepy times. It’s been a long day. Sorry for any incoherence.

Geezer love!


Until next time…tooda loos!