July 27, 2016

Keith got arrested last episode. He mocks the whole thing while he’s in there though because he knows Tree Hill police are a joke. They just rolled into town and they’re already corrupt. They just arrest guys that buy the same booze that poisoned the mayor because the mayor says so. It’s like, that wasn’t even in the report and if there really was suspected criminal action like that it would be the real police detectives investigating it, not Dan. He gets out and goes out with Karen because I now she’s into him.

Dan’s a total creeper. He harasses Haley at school again. She gives him You’re a creeper face. He tells her that Nathan’s been paying Chris for her music help and since he pays Nathan’s allowance he’s actually the one that foot the bill. Not really how it works Dan, but whatever. Haley gets a little upset and tells Nathan that he needs to be honest with her. Instead of saying did you think all that studio time was free, he says I was trying to do something nice. He goes up to his dad in the hallway and finds out that Dan is there for Political Science. Nathan decides to skip class.

It’s a game day though and Whitey benches Nathan. Dan has a fancy scout coming, but Whitey don’t care. That’s a crazy policy. He skipped one class and his parent knew, but he went to all of his other classes. Idk. But don’t worry, Whitey always pretty much knows what he’s doing. The guys are in the rickety old gym they cleaned up and they are finally playing like a team. They do pretty well in the first half. With 9 seconds left in the second half, the team is down by 1 I guess because two points wins it. Nathan didn’t get to play at all, but Nathan is a better man than his dad and decides to give Lucas a helpful tip. He tells Lucas to make a player go right to the dead spot. It works, Lucas takes the rock to the hole more or less and the Ravens win it! Crowd goes wild. Of course, Haley notices Lucas’s spectacular play and knows he’s not taking his meds. He’s also not covering up his tattoo anymore, but nobody cares!

Peyton and Ellie have made great strides in getting a lineup for their benefit album.

All of this is interspersed with the kids going to see the college counselor to discuss where they want to go to college. Peyton doesn’t think she wants to, but then Ellie convinces her that if you can go to college, you should go to college. Ellie tells her that maybe she’d be doing more than making ends meet as a freelance writer if she’d gotten to go to college. It’s sweet. Ellie’s dying. Not so sweet. Brooke is afraid of thinking that high school is ending because she’s so great at it. She’s also not so happy with Face Part because he’s being friendly with Rachel and Rachel is awful! Rachel submitted Brooke’s designs knowing that it’s the same day as the Secret Sparkle Classic. Lucas tells Brooke she’ll be able to do both. Brooke is up to the challenge. Nathan says that he doesn’t have to think about where he wants to go, college come to him. He softens during the meeting and says his dad has always had him on track to go to Duke and then the NBA. The counselor asks how he’s so sure he can do all that and his dad couldn’t. Nathan says he’s better than Dan. He also tells her that for his whole life that basketball trajectory was all he thought about, but then Haley came along. Haley wants to go to Stanford, which is around 3,000 miles away from Duke. She and Nathan make amends about their attitudes towards each other the other night and start to talk about where they might go to college. Nathan says he doesn’t have all the answers right now.

After the game Nathan and Haley chat before they leave the gym. She says she’s sorry about being a hothead, you know, being herself. Nathan says he’s sorry because he doesn’t want to tell her not to go to Stanford because I then he’s telling her not to follow her dreams again. And he says if he tells her to go to Stanford then it means he doesn’t want to be with her and that’s not true. He says he just doesn’t know what to say. She says to tell her he loves her. He says of course he does! Awww. Meanwhile, the fancy scout stops Lucas to talk because he was impressed with his play. Lucas says he also needs to talk to his brother and calls Nathan over. Haley looks on all, I did that. Later in his office, Whitey tells Nathan that he his proud of how Nathan helped the team and he can make phone calls too. Nathan asks Whitey to put in a call for a scout from Stanford. Whitey laughs because these kids are cray and says he will. And it’s funny because Haley might be thinking about applying to Duke. Those two!

Lucas goes to dinner at the Cafe with Keith and Karen. He leaves Brooke all alone in the parking lot. Why couldn’t he invite her?! Sheesh. Poor Brooke. Innyway, while Lucas and Keith and Karen are eating dinner, Dan the creeper is out in his car watching them through the window and giving some major meaningful stare. Keith goes out in the rain and tells his little brother to get lost, this is not Dan’s life. The Keith that came back from the disappointment that was Jules is way hotter. He may be born to lose, but he’s also born to Nightbreed. See what I did there? Whaaaaa? Roll credits.

Brothers talking to a scout. Awww…

Until next time…tooda loos!