July 28, 2016

HUGE storm happening in this one. It knocks the power out and forces everyone to live in a house and start getting real. Well, not everyone’s in a house, but it still works.

Let’s just say Dan is a creeper nut and decides to use the HUGE storm and the power outage as the perfect opportunity to break into Keith’s place. We don’t know why, but you’d think he planned the whole thing. Like he has one of those storm machines that the government uses to manipulate the weather to level towns and stuff. He finds a key and it belongs to a safe deposit box that has the ledger Lucas found in the ceiling. Whaaaa? I would say that Dan’s whole storyline is bogus, but I think there’s a lot of truth to it.

Face Part goes over to watch a movie with Rachel but the power goes out and he’s just stuck with her in her room. Zzzzz…to useless characters being boring.

Brooke and Lucas are having a date night at the apartment. Lucas gives her a letter. Oh yeah, it’s Lucas’s turn to write Brooke letters. Well, he ends it with a line he used in the letter he wrote to Peyton that he never gave her, but Brooke found in the closet. She goes out into the rain/lightening storm and she yells at Lucas as to why she can’t stand him right now. She asks him how come he doesn’t want Peyton anymore. He avoinds answering the question really, he only admits that he cares about Peyton and he’s in LOVE with Brooke for reasons. He does some smooth talkin’ and looks really good in the rain. Brooke takes him back and they do it. Run, Brooke, ruuuuuunnnn!

Keith and Karen geezer love in the Cafe. It’s not the most sanitary thing and it’s not like they have a lot of privacy in front of all those windows! But this is Tree Hill, the ENTIRE city has no power and no one is one the roads. It’s crazy!

Haley braves the storm to get to Casa de Scott. Nathan is surprised to see her since this is a a crazy HUGE storm. She says that they really need to talk about college. Plus, I’m sure Brooke kicked her out of the apartment for the night. She tells Nathan she wants to go to Duke because Nathan deserves to be coached by Coach K. Nathan says she doesn’t want her to go to Duke because he doesn’t want her to. The power goes out. Her scarf can’t decide if it wants to be loose or wrapped around her neck. A lot like that time her messenger bag couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be on or off. Haley tells him she’s noticed that he likes to pull the rug out from under her a lot. But that’s not what’s happening this time since we know he wants to consider Stanford as well. They talk and talk and talk. He tells her he has memories that stick out about every item of clothing she’s wearing and how she’s done her hair. Haley is nervous that now she’ll have to look super cut all the time. After awhile Haley says she really wants to address the whole college issue. Nathan thinks they should just apply to both. There, problem solved. Also, Haley asks him why Chris Keller. Nathan says because he messed up the first time around and wanted to make it right. Plus, we all know that he and Chris are now best friends. And it’s not really the story he was peddling at first. Innyway, she tells him that when she thinks about the tour she’s not proud because he wasn’t proud of her. Nathan is taken aback and runs out into the HUGE storm to the car. She follows him. He has kept a shoebox of clippings from articles of Haley’s time on the road. He says he was in a crybaby mode, but he was proud of her. It’s getting all wet, but she says it’s ok because he has her. They kiss and they make out on top of the car while Tyler Hilton’s version of Missing You plays. Major Naley moment, people. Major Naley moment! Later in bed she’s worried that she should leave because she doesn’t want to wake up and find Nathan not there again. No worries Haley, he changed the locks, Dan can’t get in anymore! Oh and did I tell you that Nathan knew without looking that she was worrying. He says do you think I have to see you with my eyes to know what’s going on with you? He tells her that he’ll totes be there in the morning. And he is, only he’s hung a line at the foot of the bed and is hanging the clippings to dry. Awww…OH, this is the episode when Nathan stops being a teenager. Seriously. He’s unreal from here on out.

Ellie’s about to leave Gloom Town when the power goes out and she has to stay one more night. They have conversations about music and life. Peyton likes Led Zepplin. Zzzz…They go for a drive in the rain with the top down. Ugh, that’s going to stink! imageThey have a really great night. The next morning Ellie tells Petyon to call her when the CDs come in and they will listen to it together. Time passes and the CDs do come in. It’s called Friends with Benefit. It really did get released for charity and it’s awesome! Peyton drives them out to Ellie’s. Only we’ve already seen that Ellie dies before Peyton gets there. She puts a picture of her holding Peyton, the back of it says Last day with Peyton, inside the pocket of her leather jacket. She dies. Peyton arrives later and finds Ellie. She drops the box of CDs and cries. Poor Peyton. She like has to do that thing where she puts her hands on her face so you think she’s crying, but really she’s not. But good effort I guess. It’s a sad moment. Not gonna like, this episode actually gets me a little misty.

Next we see Peyton at school and Brooke and Lucas go over to comfort her. Well, Lucas waits for Brooke’s permission. It’s sweet, no worries. We see Nathan and Haley filling out college applications and checking the Married box. Zzzzz…We see Dan be awful. Then we go back to Peyton. She drives out to The Meadow to spread Ellie’s ashes. Ellie told her a story about a music festival she went to there and how it was a magical night. And the PSA at the end about breast cancer stays on there and that’s pretty cool. It also mentions the CD and that part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. Roll credits.


Until next time…tooda loos!